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Memorial created 03-28-2008 by
jules s
October 31 1993 - March 28 2008

As the night began to fall. This 28th a full moon will appear. Letting me know you are near. The total emptiness hit me.

The 1st year mom was numb in a haze. Stumbling through.

The 2nd year mom was numb with an aching deep within. Stumbling through.

The 3rd year mom was numb, crying became the norm. Stumbling through.

The 4th year mom tried to keep going but always fell short with quiet resolve. Stumbling through.

The 5th year mom is without a heart. The words 5 years .. cut through my soul. I never thought I'de make it this far without you...wishing I had not.

Never thought I would have to say stay. Never thought you'de ever leave my side and go away.

Stumbling through.


I sit in your rocking chair and listen in the dark. Listen for your purr.

Listen for your walk. Stumbling through.

Kissing your cheek each morning and night. I beg of you stay until my end.

I play my guitar and wait for you to touch my face. Stumbling through.

I know you visit. In times of the deep abyss... I want to try less. I feel my pillow indent I know you have laid your chin upon my head to rest. Stumbling through.

I talk to you aloud. I talk to you constantly. Knowing you can hear and I don't care if others think I'm heart has no fear. Stumbling through.


Though we are in different realms you still are here that is very clear.

I want to be in your realm to have you kiss me back. Hold my hand with your paw. I'de always kiss your head and say " never leave me " you'de nudge under my chin like you knew what I was saying. Stumbling through.

What kind of life is this? Not having you.. to be able to see you each day. It's no way to be. It's just me breathing. Stumbling through.

Blowing drying you and keeping a mother's watchful eye. What I would not give to have you on my shoulder again. Stumbling through.

My world is still built around you. It will always be. Filling your dishes. Brushing you. Playing the guitar for you. Calling your name when I get into the truck. Telling you to stay close in crowds. Stumbling through.


Waiting in the darkness for any sign. Trying to go on when I want it all to stop...including time. Searching for a reason to get up and continue.

So mom will watch with you in her lap tonight a moon that is full with a heart this broken and empty.

Knowing you are upon my shoulder yet I can not see you. This life seems so cruel. Wanting to know where you are at all times not just for a few seconds.

Mom will sit at the piano and play this song for you tonight. Knowing you will keep our promise of never leaving...never letting go.

I will wait for the wind. Wait for me to say good bye to this realm..

Waiting for my last breath, waiting for the wind to lift our glider upward

just us two together again.

I will no longer wait for a cold spot or a sound I will be with you always it's where my heart can be found. Packaged Deal... forever bound.

All My Love Always



Thank you to Lauvern for always creating gorgeous pictures. For being our rock.

Thank you Kim for your friendship.

Thank you Mr Charles for always holding us close.

Thank you Nadine for always writing Butler a beautiful story.

Thank you Laura for keeping us in your heart.

Thank you Linda for always writing loving poems.

Thank you to all who continue to visit Butler.



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