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Memorial created 05-21-2008 by
Stacy Allen
Minnie "Minn-Minn" Allen
May 18 1998 - February 6 2008

The day I brought you home--1991

I was living with my high school sweetheart at the time and our dog, Bandit, was incredibly lonely when we were at work, so we decided to get him a playmate!  I remember the day when my now ex-boyfriend's sister and I went to pick out a kitten at our local humane society.  I was actually looking at another baby in the cage, when I saw you in the far corner.  You climbed over all of the other kittens in the cage in order to get to me first! Well, Becky and I looked at each other and thought, this is the one.  This baby would be outgoing enough to take on a 100 pound dog all by herself!


Such a tiny kitten--1991

Even though you were so much smaller than Bandit, you certainly put him in his place!  You ruled our household.  You even learned how to act like a dog.  Whenever we would call to Bandit, you would come running as well.  It was like you wanted to know where your brother was going and didn't want to be left behind.  It literally broke my heart when you and I had to move out of the house we shared with Bandit and his daddy, but you were game to try anything.


Smokie loved the bathroom sink at Mom-Mom Dolores' apartment--? year

Our next stop in our adventure together was that we moved in with my mom, Mom-Mom Dolores.  She and her kitty, Baby, lived in an apartment with only one bedroom, so Smokie and I moved in to the dining room that we converted to a bedroom.  Smokie and Baby were never friends.  In fact, it was a common occurrence to see both cats racing around and fighting in the apartment at all hours of the day.


Smokie often hung out on the steps--? year

A few years after moving in with Mom-Mom Dolores, I met my now ex-husband.  We bought a house and we all moved in together.  While living in the house on 18-1/2 Street, you had to endure meeting another doggie, Samson.  Unfortunately, by the time he came along, you didn't remember how much you loved dogs.  The entire time you and Samson were brother and sister, was definitely a Samson loves Smokie, but Smokie hates Samson.


Fern Avenue--2002

When we moved into the house on Fern Avenue, you were comfortable enough with Samson that you would venture downstairs a lot.  You loved sitting in the window in the living room.  Another favorite activity was licking out the dog food cans after we fed Samson.


You loved sleeping on top of dressers!

As you grew older, you were more cranky, especially when I had to adopt Mom-Mom Dolores' two babies, Mickey and Minnie.  I think you probably felt overwhelmed with all of the other animals in the house.  As if Samson the dog wasn't bad enough, you now had to endure two more cats!

Right before I left Daddy in July, 2005, I decided that it was time to let you go to Heaven.  Your weight was terrible, and you threw up constantly.  I believe I did the right thing by you, at 14 years old, you lived a very full life.  You were a world traveler, since you lived in four different homes with me.  Until we meet again...I love you, Mo!


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