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Memorial created 06-3-2008 by
christy vodney
Greta Abigail
August 4 1998 - June 2 2008

Just a couple months before she died with all her

In loving memory of my gret monster, She was taken too soon but she was my "baby" for almost ten years; even if it was she was with me another ten it would be too soon. She was my little angel and my life saver, my best friend, and always the best listener you could ask for. My life will be so empty without her by my side or under my feet and she will be sorely missed! GRETA MOM LOVES YOU AND MISSES YOU SO MUCH- THANK-YOU FOR ENRICHING MY LIFE FOR SO LONG,,, A KISS BETWEEN THE EARS ON YOUR WAY TO HEAVEN- XOXOXOXO.



My beautiful angel!!

Greta was not your typical Labrador, she hated water, was scared to death of kids and  strangers and was fondly known as my "Labrador Evader" since I would throw a ball and she would look at me in typical greta fashion as if to say  " What, you want me to do what again?", I don't think she ever retrieved anything in her life unless it was a piece of food that hit the floor and was within reach! I truly believe that part of her personality was stemming from the tumor that had apparently been on her brain for so long unknown, she had small seizures at a year of age that were caused by an extremely low thyroid level. Unfortunately myself and my vet never connected that there might have been another reason for the 2 siezures she had as a puppy other than the low thyroid level, appparently this monster was lurking in her brain even then. She never had another seizure until 2 weeks before her death.  The summer before she died she continually lost alot of weight and started vomiting alot. We did alot of camping in outr motorhome and tried to keep her comfortable as they tried to figure out why my baby was wasting away to nothing- she had gone from a healthy 90 lbs. to 65 lbs. in about 3 or 4 months, mom sure was upset. Thank- You God in November 2007, two days before thanksgiving I got my answer, my little girl had gall bladder disease-Imagine that!!!- even better she would be Okay, though her gallbladder was 5 times the normal size fromt the disease, the vet deemed her healthy enough to make it through the $3,000.00 surgery and probably live another 4 or 5 years. The surgery would be quite invasive as it would require opening her all the way up (17 inches, I believe it was about 57 stitches on the outside) but my angel would be okay! she did very well, and then May 2oth she went to the Vet for an infection of her anal gland, she was really freaked out as this was a new vet that she did not care much for- he was kind of rough- we went home that night and she had a horrible Grand Mal seizure at 10:30 that night,  I called the vet the next morning and he said it was probably the medicine that he had prescribed for her do not give it to her again-- we went for our walk that morning and in the middle of the street she had another-OMG, what now? that night I believe was when she had the stroke because I woke up the next morning and she wasn't quite able to walk, dummy me I thought she had pulled a muscle during her seizure as it was so violent, she continued to worsen and the vet and I put all of her symptoms together , excessive drinking, panting, slow hair growth, seizures, thyroid issues, bloodwork  etc. and came to the conclusion she had a massive Pitiutary tumor from Cushing. She had had a massive stroke that night I thought she had pulled a muscle-- my baby was suffering and would never recover, what could I do ? Two days before my 40th birthday I had to do the hardest thing I imagine I will ever have to do, I had to let my baby go, as many times as she had been there unselfishly for me, I had the do the most selfless thing I could do--- I had to cut the leash the kept her bound to this earth--I had to let her be a young dog once again, and so it was--June 2nd, 2008


She was so tired all the time in the last year from the cushings




Some of Greta's nicknames, and yes, she would come to all of them.......Gretmonster, sugarbutt, GiGi, GiGa, mamababy, the giganater, Funnyface, sweetpea, babygirly, gigaweeja and many, many more!!! Greta was a very intellegent dog that understood alot of words as well such as Bye-Bye, Grandma's, Daddy, Aunt Janet, Babies, cookie, potty, mommy, ear, walk, night night, Ellie Bear ( her best friend), park, right, left, paw, necklace (collar), bandanna, and probably others I can't even think of right now. It wasn't unusual to have to spell things around her because otherwise she would get overly excited. She was never without a bandanna around her neck, fondly known as necklaces to her, if I had to put them in the washer to be cleaned she would even wait patiently in the laundry room for them, if they were left in the laundry basket, she would even pull them out and bring it to me to put it back on! She was a wonderfully intellegent dog that is greatly missed!!

Peek a boo
Mommy and her beautiful girl.

beautiful soph

This part was added a week and a half after she died I think of her several times a day, I miss her chasing her squirrels, and just hanging out by my side. Cushings is a terrible disease for a dog to be diagnosed with, bigger breeds in particular tend to get the tumor in their brain as in what happened with my baby, but she was brave to the end she just grew very tired I truly believe she hung on as long as she did for her mamas sake, I love you baby girl--- everyone here misses you so much!!!!


cat yoga

Hi my sweet baby,  I am writing this you you on Fourth of July, one of the greatest holidays our country gets to celebrate! You always hated the fireworks and the fuss, the only thing you enjoyed was the goodys from the grill and trust me, you definetely got more than your share.  Angel, I am looking at this as truly YOUR independence day, no more pain, no more feeling bad. I picture you with all of your wonderful friends and how much fun you must be having now. Please do me one more favor baby- promise me you won't forget about me- I will never, ever forget about you ----my sweet baby girl---HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY SWEETHEART, I LOVE YOU---- kisses between the ears.  Mommy

Mom and soph
Greta at the Bridge, compliments of Carole.

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