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Memorial created 06-3-2008 by
christy vodney
Greta Abigail
August 4 1998 - June 2 2008


I had the difficult decision to leave a long-term relationship and move to another location with Greta leaving behind another beloved pet named Sabbath, a kitty that belonged to my ex-boyfriend that I and greta dearly loved.  Greta seemed to Grieve for sabbath almost as much as I did even though she was jealous of any and all attention that didn't directly go to her. Shortly after we moved, approximately a couple weeks Greta and I were at Petsmart shopping and I had her on a Flex-lead, one of the leads that can extend about 20 feet or so. I was looking at things on the shelf and I had a man come up to me and say "It looks like your dog wants to adopt that little kitty" he was laughing hysterically because they were kissing through the wire cage. He was telling me that the cat normally did not come close to dogs and here it was purring and rubbing on Greta and they were actually exchaing kisses. The really odd thing about it was that this cat had been attacked by a dog and had to have its tail amputated at the base because it was so infected when they had found it on the streets. This man worked with an adoption agency with Petsmart. I tried pulling Greta away and she would not leave the kitty alone. He asked me if I was looking for another pet and I told him no that I could not afford it right now and I had just move. A few days later I came back and there was the same cat and the same man, the whole scenario started all over again with the kisses and purrs!!! They instantly fell in love, the dog and the stray cat that had been attacked by a dog! He told me he would drop the adoption fee to twenty dollars if I promised to give this little 4 pound stray a good home because obviously it was a PERFECT match!! How could I say no?? This 4 pound stray named Fiona is now a 13 pound beautiful calico present from my baby girl. I now know that this was Gretas going away present to me, she knew she was going to leave me and didn't want me to be alone and "picked" a friend for me to have to comfort me in the loss. Greta had her surgery 1 month after Fiona came to live with me, and passed 4 months later. Thank-you sweetheart for your beautiful Gift!!

She never sat here until Greta passed
Who needs the stinking Easter Bunny??

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