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Memorial created 06-3-2008 by
christy vodney
Greta Abigail
August 4 1998 - June 2 2008

                                                      May 27th, 2009

This poem was sent to me by Kia's mom and I found it so special that I erased the original poem that I had for Gretas 1 year Angelversary and just Had to put this one up instead. I cannot read through it without bursting into tears. Its funny because the day she sent it to me I had found so photos that I thought I had lost in a move last year of Greta and there was a photo that did make me laugh hysterically and then the rest of course made me cry. Sophia, my current Lab, will not sleep with me very often so I close my ears and remember how Gretas fur felt between my fingers every night before I fall asleep..exactly as the poem says!! Thank-you so much to Kia's mom!


I saw you gently weeping as you looked through Photographs

You paused for just a moment at one that made you laugh

But as you turned more pages, the tears began to flow

You whispered that you missed me but I just want you to know;

I softly licked those stinging tears that down your cheeks did fall

I want you to understand I haven't left at all.


On those days that you are overcome with sorrow, pain, and grief

I rest my head upon your leg to offer some relief.

When you take our walking path I've seen you turn around

Because I know you surely heard my paws upon the ground.


At night when you are sleeping I snuggle at your side

You stroke my fur as you touch that place where I used to lie.

You said its just your heart playing tricks upon your mind

But rest assured I'm really there; my spirits left behind.


I know your heart is hurting; its like an open sore

you think my life has ended and you won't see me anymore.

But for those of us bound tight by love, death is not the curtain call;

Its really the eternal beginning that waits for us all.

So, dear master as you live your life I patiently await

For us to be together when you pass through Heavens gate.  



Compliments of Lauvern, Lukes mom

                                                   April 8th 2009

My sweet, sweet angel face. I have cried enough tears to fill a river for you in the past year, no one can imagine the depth of my pain and how much I still miss you to this day. My life has not been the same since you have been gone in so many ways. I recently realized that after your trip to the bridge I have yet to really love again at all. I think I am afraid to give my heart away to anyone or anything. I do love your siter Sophia but not to the extent that I did you. I keep my heart protected to a certain extent for fear of losing another furbaby. After you passed I felt as though my soul had been ripped from me, slowly with time it is less painful but I still cry most days and I still call Sophia Greta alot. You gave me almost 10 wonderful years I suppose it could take another 20 years for my heart to mend, I love you baby girl, your mommy always!


Can't believe its almost been a year!

                Mothers day, May 10th 2009

Wow, the last six weeks have gone by fast thankfully as I have been very busy taking care of Gretas human daddy. Every spare minute is filled thinking of her and the last few days we had together. There has been lots of tears and lots of fond memories as well. I had to move back in to the house we all lived in together to care for Blaine and it was very difficult as I kept expecting to see her pop her little blond head in the window awaiting my nightly return from work, this was every single night without fail, even when she was dying. Now that is true love and devotion. She was truly one of a kind and I will cherish all the life lessons she unknowingly taught me. In the last few months I have struggled. When she went to the bridge I thought my life was over; no really and truly I wanted to die along side of her. I could not picture my life without her. The guilt of what I should of done and the "what if's" filled my heart with so much pain I struggled to even want to live without her. Slowly I realized that I did the best I could for her and even came to realize that if I blamed myself I was leaving no room in my heart for the beautiful memories of her. When I stopped feeling so guilty and angry with myself she came through for me in MANY ways with signs of her presence still around me......You see, even though they are gone to the bridge they still continue to teach us and help us grow. Mom loves you so much Funny face and thank-you for my Mothers day Present Angel...


                                          May 16th 2009

I moved her memorial garden this past week from the old house to the new and I am struggling with my emotions tremendously. As I replanted the mums my salty tears mixed with the earth and I couldn't hold back any longer. I have been heart broken since. I am missing her horribly but am grateful she is not in pain and  that she is healthy, happy and Whole again..if I could just say the same for myself all would be well. I gave myself permission to be okay with not holding back the tears as I think letting go is the only way to help heal my fractured heart. Suddenly in the last week I am remembering all the little things and memories that made her, well for lack of a better word "Greta". The funny way she walked, the way she held her head, even the way she snored. I have a plaque that says " when a cherished pet becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure".....I treasure every little moment I had with her and if I need to cry, then thats okay. I will always love her and I will always keep her memory alive in my heart, as thats the best I can do for now. I love you sweet cheeks!!! Mommy.


My labrador angel

                            Memorial Weekend Sunday May 24th 2009

I am falling apart, right before my own eyes. Yesterday I was okay, or at least thats what I told myself. Memorial Day weekend was something I was not looking forward to because this was when I knew for sure I was really losing you last year. I had to have help carrying you up the stairs because you could no longer walk after yet another stroke. At the time I thought it was another seizure and you were having trouble walking because you pulled a muscle in your legs. It broke my heart to see you struggle but I did not want to let you go yet . I knew at Aunt Janets BBQ that there was alot more to it than I realized and that you were probably dying and I had to let you go. I remember silently screaming inside my head "Don't give up, keep trying." thinking all the while love was enough to keep you alive. Two days later you were gone from me forever. As the weekend drew nearer this year, I kept so busy with your memorial garden that I did not have time to think about last year. Yesterday I went to the traditional BBQ at Aunt Janets. She gave me my Birthday Present early, a beautiful cedar box for your ashes; a trinket that I simply could not afford. I did not cry at the time as I just knew I would not stop. Today I am a mess. I put your ashes and your broken tooth in the memorial box Janet gave me and I cried until I was Physically sick. I love and Miss you so much my heart hurts. I feel like I did when I first lost you and I wasn't prepared to feel this much pain this weekend, I guess I just kind of  hoped I would stay numb until the dreaded day but I cannot express the kind of loss I feel all over again. I miss you sweet cheeks. I am thinking alot of you this Memorial Day, love always and forever, your mommy

Gretas Memorial garden at the house
Memorial w/ her ashes, pics, colllar and my necklace

                       Later Sunday afternoon May 24th

I decided I wanted to put your ashes in the new Memorial box and rearrange your memorial a little bit. I held your collar in my hands for awhile dreaming of the time when I can hold you again. You can see by the pics that your collar hangs off the certificate they gave me when they cremated you. I decided to take off the necklace that holds my Labrador pendant and lay it on top your memorial box, I don't know why, it just doesn't feel right to where it right now. I treasure that pendant that your daddy bought me as its one of the few pieces of Jewelry that I have and I always wear it but it feels right to have it next to you and your collar right now. I picked two beautiful roses for you today from my Rosebush. Pick and red just like your favorite bandanna, I miss you baby.


A sign in Gretas Garden my sis gave me

                                           June 2nd 2009

Its here, the day I thought I would dread so much; instead its filled with beautiful entries in YOUR guestbook from our friends around the country. I have been brought to tears a few times already this morning but they are tears of pride for you sweetheart  because even though your gone you still make mom proud to call you mine....Love forever and have fun playing with your balloons! Be sure to share with Minnie; as she like the ribbon to play with and Luke especially since you two have the same special day.......       XOXOXOXOXOXO

Thank-you Lauvern for my Angel
Thank-you Laura and Dale

The Angelversary Festivities at Rainbow Bridge

The day dawned bright and sunny at Rainbow Bridge… Apart from the occasional hammering, and music coming from Pucks Cowabungalow Island Resort and Retreat, kids were milling about…going for breakfast at Christians and Lunettas.  All the kids read the postings for the day as the the aromas and smells fill the air as Dollie Gurl, Blossom, China and Buck were busy at the Barkery baking good treats for the days activities……..

A LARGE canvas posting outside Lunettas Patio states the day at hand….In lime green paint…(and paw prints)  its announced…
And all the agelversarys this month…..
Suzie Wong, Shabba Lou, Coco, Gretchen, Peanut, Charlie,
Emmy  (To just name a few….)
Sunfish Sailboat Boat races on the lake today….11 am
Arts and Crafts today…1pm  
Dance Lessons (RETRO DANCE LESSONS) hosted by Shabba Lou and Ebony…3pm
Party and and Karoke and Dancing …
Bonfire dusk…..
The theme is RETRO. 
All things Retro…50’s….60’s 70’s 80’s…90’s!    Rainbow Bridge Vintage clothes shop opens at 11am dress in a character from TV or Movies or even a band….or just dress Retro. (puck…please….no Boy Puck-tee hee)

The silence b r o k e n by    Thunder?      No…….Puck making a mess on the Cowabunga Island Retreat?    No……everyone looks up to hear….


VRrrrroooooooooom   VRoooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm ….. VROOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM………


its Dusty driving Buddys sports car with a WIDE EYED Buddy next to him, and Greta, (smiling from ear to ear at finally keeping up with duperdog Dusty) is riding s h o t g u n with Luna in her sports car.  


 Dusty hops out and runs to find Luke.   It seems Luke got in to the fruity smelling paints AGAIN……he is covered in head to toe in lime green paint…..Dusty just has to follow fragrant aroma of limes and the green paw prints to find Luke painting a very abstract painting of Greta as Marilyn Mutt-roe. (Dusty shakes his head and starts laffing as Luke has no idea he looks like a big lime…and Dusty looks at the painting and thinks…hmmmmmm Marilyn is looking good…ya know in a MOM kind of way)  shakes the thought off…..


 Cuddles, Misty Rose, Rosie, Suzie Wong, Rocky, Miss Zoe Ann, Brandy, Rocky Efron, Obsidian, Emma, Emmy, Peaches, Twister, Sheba, Fergi Butt, Coco, Bobo, Rocco, Koochie, Thor, Holly Boos Boos, Karley, Samuel, Bailey, Honey, Chloe Bear, Heidi, KC Bear, Socks, Poppy, Molly, Baci, Bubbles, Cyrano, Lil Joe Cosmo Pearson, Sadie, Buddie, Beezer, Bond, Buddy, Moosey, Bailey, Gypsy Rose, Spencer, so many friends……some Greta recognized, and some Luke recognized and some neither knew but had seen around….all grab brushes and paints and crafting stuff…..and get busy with painting, drawing, and gluing, pasting with construction paper and ribbons…..

Shabba Lou and Ebony Turner are leading Max from Canada, Cindy, Peanut, Ginger, Toby, Molly, Princess Stephanie, Gabby and Sammy Padilla, Little Bit,   Gracie Page, Saada, Daisy, Princess Baby Girl, Daisey Grace, Duke, Chara, Una, Gods Angel, Laika, Sally, Bond, Scooter Bug, Whiskey, Windsor, Hammy (who is sitting comfy on Shabbas head),  Oscar and Miles Foster, Ramases, Kismo B Hudson, Cyrano, Chicquita, Ceece, Yukon Jack, Dale, Nvwati, Peanut Smith, Kosmo B,  Charly Bear, Buster, Sammie Patterson, Chloe Bear, Porkchop, Daisey, Stacy, Bonnie Kraft, Duke, Gizmo, Layla Belle, Lucy, Karley, Bingi in  dance lesson by the Garden off Lunettas patio….

(Roxy Girl has put the GLASS MIRRORED ball from the heights of the trees so light dance on everyone and it looks like a Studio 54 of RB….)  


Barbero, Chrissey, Eight Belles, Baby Bleu, Lucy the cow, CR, are standing by watching all the festivities and they decide to  get a soccer game going team greta vs team luke….…..ferrets bunnies gerbals all partake in the game…and ride atop their respective horses and pigs and even a few moose and deer stopped eating in the creek beds and showed up….to see what was going on…..


Minnie, Patch, Willow and Inky, Luna, escort Greta to the Rainbow Bridge sPAW (spa) for a day of pampering, while Simon, Kit-Cat, and Zeke Bagley await Dusty to bring in Prince Luke for his sPAW time and thru the tele communication system (birds, eagles and doves) at rainbow bridge relaying a message  that Luke has indeed got himself submersed in lime green paint….hmmmmmm


All afternoon the sPAW was busy fluffing, f o o f i n g, pampering, massages, fluffing, drying, anyone who stopped by.   Greta was getting the 5 star treatment…paw-dicures – to hair fluff – and paw-fume that smelled mahvalous…..Greta finishes up her afternoon at the spa and is quickly whisked away by

Minnie and Patch who take Greta to the special PUPPER-ware shop…..for a fitting….Greta walks in to find Luna awaiting with a dress…

a bright candy apple, off the shoulder, red satin dress with a bow about the waste, with a hat and front paw gloves to match.  Crystals secured the bow on the dress and crystal adorned the bow on the matching hat....(greta looking around for puck) as she is handed a pair of high heeled Red and Crystal shoes….that sparkled just like THE Ruby Slippers….

Greta stands back from the mirror…while Luna quick puts bright red cherry flavoured lip gloss on Greta…….

Luna wipes a tear… does Minnie, Patch, Willow, and Inky just g a s p…..




somethings missing tho….



Simon, Zeke, Kit Cat found a black retro tux for Luke and his hair was slicked back…he is the Fonz  or rather the PAWnz of RB, but, Luke being the master of paint…he put a green paw print right on the lapel…instead of a kerchief…he carried a comb.  


 Kia Murphy, Patches, Angel, Dale, Taffy, Fayeroe, Tippy and Cuddles open up the Rainbow Bridge Vintage Clothes Shop…all the kids run to find their outfits…some are dressed in 50’s 60’s 70’s and of course Hammy Sagar in his vintage Van Halen shirt is very fitting.      


All morning and afternoon is busy with fittings, clothes, fun, and games, and boat races….


With the help of all of Rainbow Bridge kids….decorations were plenty.  (50’s type car shaped lights, surfboard shaped lights, peace sign lights, and lights that looked like 80’s metal band hair adorned the patio in all colours of the ‘rainbow’.   Pretty soon a large mirror ball is hung by Roxy and the Dj booth with Klaus and Mayor Ted getting all set up for the big swaree


The kids all hung their artwork with Yappy Birthday wishes and Meowy Birthday wishes ..and of course Angelversary wishes.

All the birthday and angelversary kids for the month of june are wearing the party hats, LUKE and GRETAs name were in HUGE sparkly letters since they have the same Angelversary Day.



While all the kids are getting ready, Dollie Gurl, Blossom, China, Buck and Christian set the tables….for all the Birthday and Angelversary kids. 

 Greta and Luke are served a quiet 5 course, 5 paws dinner (kind of like 5 star service but only 5 PAW service).

The white linnen table cloth is marked with sparkly confetti and steak, potatoes, steamed veggies with chocolate sauce for dipping, peanut butter kisses and of course water (luke sighs in  relief since its lemon and not a lime floating in his water) ….

Greta laffs as she hears all about adventure with the fruity smelling paint and Luke laffs at Greta at Gretas tale of the car ride with Luna and finally keeping up with Dusty as long as they were in the car….they eat, and laff, and visit and get huggs and kisses….(Greta aka Marilyn Mutt-roe applied her lip gloss every 5 minutes..not one furchild at RB escaped lip printing)



After dinner was served (all the rest had a huge BBQ on the patio and fields….Mayor Ted and Klause..dim the lights and Dale puts the Red Carpet down…..Mayor Ted and Klaus….play SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW….out pops Greta – aka Marilyn Mutt-roe and Luke the Fonz…only it’s the PAWns…Marilyn and the PAWnz….COOL…everyone cheered and clapped….


The sun was setting on the horizon and the last glow of days light finally went down…


Dollie Gurl, Christian, Blossom, Buck, China wheeled the cakes out…all the birthday and angelversary cakes had candles and burning brightly they lit up the sky with bright light once again…..


 Gretas Cake was Red Velvet (to match her dress) with silver frosting decorated with crystals…

Lukes was in the shape of collar  (no middle to his cake but his cake was big…) with little silver studs decorating the side and a big bright lemon yellowey lime paw print in the middle …


Time to get the PARTY STARTED…..Puck and Buddy grabbed the microphone as Klaus and Mayor Ted started the music.   and everyone was up and dancing…..laffing….talking…singing…..


Puck and Buddy…start singing…

Here we come,
Walking down the street,
We get the funniest looks from
Everyone we meet.

Hey, hey, we're Bridge Kids…..
And people say we are silly…

But we're too busy singing
and we never want to see a frown…..

We go wherever we want to,
Do what we like to do,
We don't have time to get restless,
There's always something new to do. 


We are with you ALWAYS….
Come and watch us sing and play,
if you  listen hard enough..we are here
And we've got something to say.

Anytime, Anywhere,

we are here…

 Just look over your shoulder,
Guess who'll be standing there.
Hey, hey, we're the Bridge kids,

our moms and dads know

we STILL monkey around,
 cause we will never stop singing…


 Hey, hey, we're the Bridge kids

Moms and Dads  say we still monkey around,
And we're too busy singing

So don’t you wear a frown….
 If you listen to your heart…

We are there playing and singing….

Just for you…….

(Puck and Buddy fade with singing)




Cheering and clapping ensue…Puck and Buddy take a bow…

Karoke in full swing….

Laughter, Dancing, Playing, Talking, Singing…….into the night……


 Greta and Luke get up and all the June Birthday kids and Angelversary kids get up on stage and sing their rendition of




Everyone looked fabulous in their outfits…from 60’s, 70’s, 80’s quite the array of dress….

Luna in her Daisey Dukes, Puck and Buddy looked Starsky and Hutch, Simon Bagley looked like Huggy Bear, Dale as Charlie with his Angels, Dollie, Chicuita, and Cindy Lou;  WarNoops in a vintage British RAF uniform, Dusty as Clint Eastwood...the western years,  Patch and Minnie as Heart from the 70s (they sing a song about a barracuda and that is a fish…(inky and willow like that), Hammy in Sammy Hagar, Max from Canada in a blond wig with a guitar dressed as a member of Styx who come from Canada, Littlle Bit as 60's beach era with Suzie Wong, Dale as retro as one can get, dressed up as a knight...So many friends in retro clothes...eveyone! 


Puck lights the bonfire for smores and treats….


Luna and Buddy and Puck and Dusty and Angel and Hammy, Dale, all present a gift to Greta….in a box….

Something WAS missing from your outfit Marilyn Mutt-roe…….….


(Greta opens the box)…and gasps to find a Crystal Ball … as a necklace….to wear all the days and nights

Its just like the ones she had given out) where she can shake it and look in on mom. 


Greta wipes a tear and looks up to everyone holding a candle


and Kia speaking…..


.(to those we love and miss…

one day passed and one day forward…

.we are with you …


Where you go, we go,

Look to your heart. 

 We ARE with you….



Happy Angelversary Greta



We Love You….

06/02/09 - 1 year Angelversary -

From the Kids at Rainbow Bridge



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