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Memorial created 06-3-2008 by
christy vodney
Greta Abigail
August 4 1998 - June 2 2008


My Little angel sent me the oddest sign you would ever have imagined! On June 24th, a little over two weeks after she passed I was completely beside myself with grief. I had decided to walk my new addition, Sophia on that late evening, something I normally did not do that time of day. I was walking her down my street when I seen something odd crawling across the road, it was a hermit crab! Definetely NOT native to the midwest! I had begged and pleaded just hours earlier for my baby to send me a sign that she was now okay and at peace. When I got home I put it in a shoebox on my dresser intending to give it to a friend the next day, when I awoke the next morning the box was tipped over and my little visitor was long gone. I searched high and low for this little creature and even began to wonder if I had dreamt the whole thing. Well, I had a really bad day yesterday, July 14th-missing my girl so very much- and I was pleading again for a sign when I went to bed. Imagine my surprise when I awoke this morning exactly three weeks to the day of the first sign and there was gretas crab-RIGHT THERE ON THE CARPET, NEXT TO THE BED!!!!! I was completely flabergasted, needless to say gretas crab now has a permanent home with me, I figure if she went to that much trouble then he deserved a good home.

 P.S. I did take a picture of tribute ,as he is now known, and intend to post it as soon as I can find my USB adapter.


My labrador angel

October 1st 2008

I have been feeling so sad lately because Greta passed the day after Memorial Day, signifying the opening of the summer season. Now that Fall is here I feel as though I am leaving her behind and as life progresses without her I am feeling more guilty. I have been having frequent outburts of crying spells and last night at work I asked her to let me know that she was still around me. This morning I was getting dressed to walk Sophia and Sophia started barking for no reason but It was GRETA'S BARK!! Sophia has a much deeper bark, the hair on my arm stood up and I recognized it immediately as Gretas Bark, she was telling me she was still there with me. Sophia was also startled as well and she shook her head in disbelief as if to say now where in the world did that come from. Thank-you sweet girl.


Christmas 2008

I was on the phone with Carole Turner..another critters mom as she was grenously helping me download a song because I am totally computer iliterate..haha. I was in the bedroom on the computer because I had just gotten home from the grocery store when carole had called my Cell phone to walk me through the steps. I had asked her if she could send me the Elvis Presley version Of  "Blue Christmas" and she of course being the carole we all know and love eagerly found the song and sent it to me via email. I had left the television on for Sophia for company while I was gone (shes my dog) on a channel I usually never watch, CMT. while we were talking about how much we both loved Elvis and as she was walking me through the download I heard from the Living room the distinct voice of Elvis singing the song I loved and had yet to hear ALL season..BLUE felt like all the blood drained from my body I was so light headed! I told carole, I walked into the Living room. she said oh my haven't downloaded it yet I said I know carole its on TV, its actual footage of him singing on a show from the 50's or 60's....she was astonished as well!!!!! We both felt that Greta, Ebony, and Shabba were up in Rainbow Bridge Laughing their little tails off at the Christmas prank they played on their mommies on that special Christmas. I couldn't think of a better person I would love to have enjoyed that moment with more!! It was by far the best Christmas present I have ever received. I love you Greta, Ebony and Shabba..Thanks for making my season a little bit brighter.


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