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Memorial created 06-3-2008 by
christy vodney
Greta Abigail
August 4 1998 - June 2 2008

 This page was added on July 29th 2008, six days before what would have been Gretas 10th birthday. My life has changed significantly in so many ways, my heart aches so much for her still. In the pictures on gretas first page is a large stuffed yellow Labrador Retriever that she has her paws around in the photos, I cannot sleep at night without this stuffed dog in bed with me knowing all the while it was one of her favorites, I feel like a child that a pet has brought me to sleeping with a stuffed toy but it is comforting to have a reminder of her next to me if I cannot have the real thing. I still cry almost every single day, I still look for signs from her and I still talk to her every single day. This Dog was not just a pet, she was my child.

Every Year for Gretas birthday I always bought a very small birthday cake, and she always got a piece of it. This year I am still going to get her cake and her new sister, Sophia is going to have a piece in place of greta. I plan on getting 10 beautiful brightly colored balloons and tying milkbones to the strings and letting them loose in Gretas favorite park, hopefully they will make their way to Rainbow bridge and to my angel so she knows her mommy is still thinking of her. Maybe with these balloons some of my grief will sail away. Love to everyone, Christy



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