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Memorial created 06-3-2008 by
Vanessa Lorenzo
February 6 2006 - June 2 2008

My little girl was alert and playful, so much so that it was a rare occurence to get a clear picture

After my hamster, Tigger, passed away, it seemed that there was constantly a lonely emptiness to my bedroom.  The bedside table on which her cage stood was devoid of the noises to which I had so easily become accustomed.

I, of course being quite the unique 13 year old that I was, eventually decided that I wished to have a pet rat. I led a forceful arguement but the one thing that sold the entire deal, was my baby, Rayne.

My mother and sister first saw her in a local Petsmart, and almost brought her home for me. However, they decided to wait to see if I would like her. Obviously, I fell in love the moment I saw her. She was so tiny, with alert eyes and a beautiful agouti hooded fur pattern. I took my baby home, and while she was skittish at first, she soon grew tame.

Rayne was quite possibly one of the best pets I've ever had. She was incredibly intelligent and had so much personality, it was hard to believe that she was actually a rat. She used her intelligence to her advantage to steal my food constantly; potato chips, bagels, anything you can name.

Now that she's gone, I notice that same emptiness I felt when Tigger passed every time I enter my room. Whenever I bring food in, my instinct is to bring some to Rayne, but, sadly, I can't do that anymore.

Rayne was more than just a pet rat to me, she was my best buddy. I'll always miss my squishy little girl, and I hope that wherever she is, there's plenty of snacks for her and plenty of love. <3



Rayne was absolutely tiny at first. This is her first Christmas.

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