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joanna silva
Toby T-Gar
February 10 1994 - November 1 2005

Toby loved to people watch at the door.

In loving memory of my little furboy Toby, who will always live on in my heart. He was a tough little guy but tender and so loving at the same time. Born February 5, 1994 we met when he was just 10 weeks old and the minute I saw him I knew he was mine. He was personality personified. Everyone who met him loved him.  He was just a special little guy with a big big heart.

He loved to chase squirrels in the park. He loved eating ice pops right off the stick.  He loved his kitty, Smitty. Toby being a little older by the time Smitty came on the scene but he was always so gentle with him. They played together and he taught Smitty how to act more like a dog than a cat. Later when Baby arrived, another feral kitty, he knew well enough to leave her be because she was so frightened to be in a house.

He loved the camera. Toby went to the mall every year to have his picture taken on Santa's lap and he never fussed. He would just sit and pose. He was in a contest once and posed in a toy car wearing his Yankee t-shirt. He just loved the attention. He was in a movie too. When I tried out for a part as an extra they needed a dog too. And for 6 days he'd  wake up every morning, 5am ready to go on the set. If you watch real close in one part of  War of the Worlds starringTom Cruise you see a little dog in a red sweater walking by. that's him! When he wasn't on the set, he was resting  in his limo, a kid's stroller that he loved to travel in. The kids on the set said it his very own personal limo.

He loved the going down  the shore for vacation. He would set himself on the front porch and watch all the people walking by. He'd wait for them to stop and pay attention to him. He loved that.  Whenever a jogger ran by he'd jump  from the porch give them a bark and pretend to chase them away, as though to let them know he didn't like them passing him up.


This picture was taken shortly before he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He would stand at the door endlessly watching life go by. He'd wait for someone to stop and notice him. He was such a ham!


Am I cute......or what?? (10 wks old)

He enjoyed the camera early on. I guess he knew he'd be movies one day.


Toby & Kitkat

Kitkat was Toby's security blanket from the first nite he came home with me. He would climb on top of him and go to sleep. Later on he carried him all over the house, lie on top of him and hold onto his nose like a pacifier until he fell asleep. He would even carry Kitkat onto the bed at bedtime. I still have Kitkat.

Toby & Santa

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