Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 06-8-2008 by
Pam Korchok
July 24 1986 - June 3 2008

In loving memory of Our Tiffany ...

She was our family member who we Love so Very Much...

She fought very hard through many recent ailments, but always was strong...

Tiffany, My Longtime Pal, I Love You and Miss you ....

You will forever Be In My Heart...


Tiffany came to our family in 1986 - A very petite little girl, who I fell in love with instantly. She was to become my girl, my friend, and a constant companion. When I moved to my own place, Tiffany stayed at my parents house, and continued to live there until her passing. Thank Goodness I live close; so I was able to visit her all the time! Our bond was very special; we really enjoyed the times we spent together, and I will always treasure those times. She has seen 3 decades; and fought very hard to stay with her family for all these years.. She was diagnosed with CRF 4 years ago, and on top of that she sufferered from seizures in the latter part of her life. Until recently, we were able to keep her comfortable, but she had a stroke which left her immobile. Everything seemed to get worse after that point...We were there for her as a family at the time she needed us; which is the most important..She knew her family loved her, and I am sure she was comforted that we were with her..THank you, God for letting her come into my life...The hundreds of memories will always be with me, as I struggle with the loss of my girl..

Her "sister" Simey (also on Critters) just passed away on February 15th of this year due to a veterinarian error.  To lose both of our girls in the same year has been too much to bear; but if I know Simey, she will welcome Tiffany and lead her on to The Rainbow Bridge so that they can play together again...

Stay strong as ever, Tiffany, your Pammy is so proud of you, my little girl..



 An Angel To Watch Over You, Tiffany !




My Beautiful Tiffany!


You Are at Peace, My Tiffany With All the Furbabies in Heaven!



 "Our Tiffany - Our Girl !!"







 "We Love You, Tiffany !!"






~ Simey


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