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Memorial created 06-10-2008 by
Jeanette Haggard
February 1 2008 - June 8 2008

Our beautiful baby

In loving memory of our Bandit who we love so much. Bandit will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. We only had him for a few short months but he will always be a part of our lives. He was a great friend and companion and we will never forget him. It breaks my heart everyday to come home and not see my beautiful boy waiting with his whole little butt wagging. He had such a sweet disposition and was loving to all of us. Evan, Eddie, Dega and I will miss him always and we will never forget.


Bandit and Dega

We got Bandit and Dega together, brothers from the same litter and Dega will always miss his bubby. They were the perfect pair and complimented each other. It is so hard to look at Dega without Bandit. I still call his name by accident and tell my "boys" to come on when there is only one boy left. Dega was devastated for a while and would look for Bandit everytime we went outside and when he was inside he sat and looked out the window. I know we will all heal in time but it is so hard right now.


Bandit was our water baby and we will always think of him when we go to the creek. How he loved to play in the water. We bought them one of the big water dishes with the 5 gallon water bottle attached because Bandit would always play and try to lay down in his water and spill it everytime. We got the new one thinking he would not be able to knock it over and instead found him putting both feet in it and splashing it everywhere. We were going to get you a pool this summer buddy but I guess you have plenty of creeks and ponds to play in at Rainbow Bridge now. I will always miss you baby and can't wait until we can all be together again.

We love you Bandit,

Mommy, Daddy, Evan, and Dega




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