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Her mom Nadine, forever in my heart...

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May 5 2007 - April 14 2008

I'll Always LOVE YOU! 

I thank God for each and every day we shared. You were the best thing that ever happened to me ... I  was not prepared for a life without you.

I LOVE YOU MY ANGEL!! ... You were the light of my life; true love, devotion and affection, you were my best girl and a day does not go by that I dont think of you and wish you were right here by my side.  A piece of me died the day you did.  I could not let you go; in my heart I could not accept that you were gone.  I always think about you, thoughts of you are as close as a whisper, you're part of me. I cry and my heart aches knowing I will never hold you in my arms, touch your hair, look in to your eyes, or feel that special inner warmth knowing you has given me.

When we first met I knew you were the dog for me and that my life would be forever changed. I miss our walks, meeting doggie & people friends, the things we would do, your special greeting when ever you saw me ... your tail wagging, your ears way back, you toes danced until I picked you up and then smothered me with kisses. I miss you so much I don't know if I will ever get over losing you, but deep inside I hope you are happy, healthy and waiting for me. When I received your ashes I knew you were gone and I brought you home. 

I put the oak box that contained your ashes on the table next to the couch where you liked to nap and wait for me,  I surrounded you with your favorite toys,  my favorite pictures,  a Flossie and beef ear you were eating  ... there was a poem enclosed with you ... The Rainbow Bridge. When a beloved pet dies they go to this place, it’s the connection between heaven and earth. There are vast hills, valleys and lush green lawns, plenty of water and food to eat, it's Spring time every day, there they play all day with friends and are happy, the only thing missing is your human parent left on earth ...  till that one faithful day you stop playing, your nose twitches, you leave the pack, you see me, run and jump in to my arms, smother me with kisses ... and we are never to be separated again.  

In loving memory of my sweet angel Luna. Forever in my heart. All my love, Mom



12/07 Rockefeller Center, NYC. Christmas Tree

An evening with my girl Luna, a beautiful Black Maltipom. In my heart there will always be a special place that is ours alone.  In my mind thoughts of you are free flowing, most times filled with tears beacause I loved you that much ... still do. I hope you are with me, and that Gods good grace will let me feel you with me; and in time heal my broken heart.  Thoughts of you fill most of my day, I can't believe you're really gone. I love you Luna ... my sweet baby girl,  I'll always love you!!!  



 ... just look at all the people ... what a tree!

The angels take care of us mommy ...
I'm here and I'm watching you!
Mommy, I love you!!!
I'll be right here waiting for you...

 Visit "Luna's Pictures", she would really like to meet you.




prplkises71  BEAUTIFUL FRAME

Thanks Shabba Lou and Carole for my beautiful picture, many sleepless nights thinking of our loves 

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