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May 5 2007 - April 14 2008

My friend Carole called me Thursday morning and couldn't wait to tell me about a dream she had about Luna. Such a wonderful friend, she wrote down her dream and sent it to me so I could have it always.  




There were a bunch of people with you and me. We were making our way to an elevator that appeared to be suspended in space. There were no walls on either side, above or below it. There was only white space behind it. We were on solid ground, but I couldn't see it. There was a man to the left of the elevator that looked like one of those old fashioned men that held lanterns and waved them, as trains were about to take off. He had on a black uniform with thin white stripes down each side of the arms of the coat and legs of the pants. He also had on a black captain's hat that had the same white trim as the rest of his outfit. He said over and over again, "Going up, going don't want to miss the ride." I couldn't tell who the people around us were, but there must have been about 15 of us that all packed into the elevator together (except for the man in the black outfit). There was no noise at all once we all got into the elevator. No one spoke a word. I think we all somehow knew we were going up to Heaven.


In a flash, the door of the elevator opened. It was beautiful!!! You and I were in front of all the other people and we stepped out first. There were golden fields all around us moving back and forth in waves that looked like a soft blanket. There was a beautiful lake to the right that was filled with brilliant blue water that had a sparkle to it. The air smelled sweet...kind of like honeysuckle smells. It was bright and warm. There were a few bird sounds, but I didn't see any birds. There wasn't a whole lot of detail at this point, and I don't know where all the other people went. There were lots of pups around who we didn't know. They were playing everywhere. I saw Shabba in the distance, but for some reason didn't focus on him...I don't know why. I caught a glimpse of him, and that was it.


All of a sudden I saw a little black bouncing ball a few hundred feet away that kept popping up out of the field like it was spring loaded. I thought it might be Luna, and told you to look. You started to scream "joyfully" Luna...Luna, oh my God it IS Luna. You ran across the field to her, and then disappeared out of site. I didn't know what happened so I ran across the field straight toward you. When I got to where you and Luna were you were laying on your back giggling and Luna was on your face whining, and making cute "happy" sounds. I couldn't even see your face. She was literally wrapped around it. You were both so happy wrestling around in the field. You kept saying over and over again, "Luna...oh God it's really Luna." It was as if I wasn't even there...that you were the only two around.

All of a sudden I heard a man calling out that we had to hurry up and board the elevator. He said we shouldn't miss the ride back down....that's all he said. I told you we had to go now and you started screaming NO! (You "wailed")...NO...I am not leaving my baby. NO...please NO...I want to stay here with Luna. I grabbed your left hand with my right hand and started pulling you, and you were pulling right back. I kept telling you we had to hurry because we would miss the elevator. I started pulling you across the field by both your hands while you were crying and pulling the other way. It seemed like this went on for a little while, and just before we got to the elevator, I woke up.




Whew...what a dream! It was really something. I can still remember how sweet the air smelled. Luna was so cute popping up out of the field...a dream I will never forget!  

Hugs to you and Luna girl my friends! Carole



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