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May 5 2007 - April 14 2008


There’s a sense of mystery in the air, the fog deepens, you hear the leaves rustling across the ground as you walk along a moon lit path, your pace quickens as your shadow gets bigger, and BIGGER … you see movement in the trees, the sounds of the night surround you … you turn the corner and walk toward the castle, the gate opens as you walk through, you see lightening bolts flashing across the sky ... you pass under a stone archway and everything gets quiet … you've now entered "Fright night!" … IT IS HALLOWEEN … and all are welcome!
All the children are excited dressed in their costumes as they walk along a cobblestone path through the garden of memories until they reach the Enchanted Castle, but do not be alarmed, I'm not going to say it's haunted (cause there's no evil here), but it is magically bewitched. The door “creaks” as it slowly opens and the children enter ... once inside they turn their heads to the left and to the right, they notice candles flickering, shadows moving across the walls, there are spider webs in the corners of the doorways, the chandelier lights dim and flickers, eerie sounds are coming from the basement ... wooahhhahhhh! As each child passes down the hallway toward a cloaked doorman, its Major Ted and he said, "Keep this key with you, it's your ticket home”.

They enter a big room with pale walls, the moon casts shadows of tree branches dancing from the windows ... an owl shouts, "who, who, who", as each child passes they are greeted by a tall dark grim reaper who only points to two huge doors with a sign saying "enter at your own risk”… as they walk through they find themselves standing in the center of the main dining room, their mouths drop open ... IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! One wall has a stone fireplace with roaring fire, candle lit chandeliers flood the ceiling supported by iron sconces illuminating the hall, the tables are draped in ivory silk, and carved jack-o-lantern center each table ... (Yes, the pumpkins the kids carved earlier but with candles in place to set them a glow).... the children all hurry to take their seats.
The two main dining room door open, Chef Bobo, Daisy, Blossom & Christian bow to greet their guests; as the dining entrees are served the little ones laugh as the bubbles from the sparkling cider tickle their noses ... all are quietly dining on either roasted chicken, salmon, roast beef, choice of stuffing, potatoes, corn on the cob and string beans, each table is graced with a bread basket filled with pumpkin squares and hot crescent rolls.
In the center of the hall a vivid ghost display appears, illuminations of years past, which slowly fade out of sight ... as the lights in the hall grow brighter everyone finishes their meal with excitement …
The patio doors open to a moon lit garden, as each child enters they  are amazed at what they see, there’s "trick or treat lane"; “jack-o-lantern village”; a “Haunted House”, “The Enchanted Forest” (where a few hours earlier a treasure hunt was underway). To the left of the Enchanted Castle is the “Magic Broom Ride", “The Pumpkin Tilt-a-whirl”, and Horse Drawn Carriages. There will be a pumpkin pie eating contest, bobbing for apples (each of which will contain a magic coin), a magician, and by the evenings close a fireworks display over the beach of Lunetta’s at 9:00 pm. 

The streets are lined with children, some walking, some flying but all having fun. In the window of the haunted house you could see Roxy the “Vampire Bat” hanging with her red eyes glowing and wings tightly closed, and peeking out of the doorway was Buster “The Vampire” with his fangs dripping in red saying, "I'm thirsty, I want to drink your blood" ... not that he's eaten anybody lately or tasted their blood, he found the red velvet cup cakes w/Dollies ruby red icing which he quickly hides behind his back when someone approaches. Down the hall a few feet away is Wor Noops as "Dracula" swooshing his cape covering just below his eyes and  hiding in the shadows for his next victim to be appear; walking in front of him is Fergi dressed as "mini Wor Noops", baiting each person like Renfield his side kick ... Greta entered as "Marilyn Monroe" but when she stepped over the vent a gust of wind blew up her dress, she smiled but not embarrassed as she took "the classic pose". ... Noops stepped out from behind the curtain and wrapped her in his cape and pulled her close  then disappeared out of sight. The scent of Chocolate filled the air as you walked down the steps; hiding by the entrance was Klaus as "Count Chocoula" (yes the cereal, but he is just too sweet to go unnoticed).
All of a sudden out front a stretch limo appears, out steps Shabba Lou as the "Super Trooper" from his mighty fine set of wheels, he opens the door and a beautiful "Cinder Angel" steps out with wings that sparkle from the dust of 1,000 stars, OMG it’s Ebony … from the classic retelling of age-old Cinderella Story ... Ever After which made us believe in the strongest magic of all: the power of the human heart. They walk together toward the Enchanted Castle looking for Luna, “The Witch of the East” adorned by her black shimmering gown and ruby red slippers. As they approach; Toby "The Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz" beckons, "who goes there, WHO GOES THERE!" ... Its I the Cinder Angel and we’re looking for Luna, The Witch of The East... The doors open and voice says, "you may enter”. Luna while  waiting for all her guests to arrive sits glancing out the window and notices Rocky "The Cowardly Lion" waiting by the side of castle next to the Magic Broom ride; she jumps on her broom and soars through the sky sweeping him up saying, "Hi Handsome ... want the ride of your life" ... they speed through the sky toward the “path of life”, the stars stretch to greet them as they move with the speed of light; they twist and turn and when gently upon the ground ... Rocky emerges adorned with a red cape, golden crown, and "the badge of courage" on his chest … She touches his hand and gives him a kiss on his cheek, as she says, I’ll see you in a bit",  and with the wave of her wand she spirals out of sight. 

Back at the castle Toby “The Great and Powerful Wizard of  Oz”, Shabba Lou “Super Trooper” and Ebony “Cinder Angel” await the return of their friend Luna “The Witch of The East”. Next to her stool hanging from a thin web is a black “Spider” with long legs attached to his back, it's her friend Buddy and as he climbs down from his web and sits on the chair he says, "Hi, Luna will be right back”.   In a few moments Luna returns and they head toward the enchanted forest and notice sitting on a branch is Patches "a little angel", and Taffy, "a little devil". She asks, “Where’s your sister?” Oh she's around, they call out her name and a puff of smoke appears ... its Angel as a "harem girl” like I dream of Jeannie in pale pink with gold trim, she says, “Hi little ones, what have you been up to?” Together they head to the Pumpkin Tilt-a-whirl but who do they see? Chiquita as a “Banana Split” topped with whipped cream, cantaloupe and a cherry … “I hope this ride isn’t going to mix me up, I’m in a boat not a float” … laughing all the kids are seated, they spin and they turn, all the while glancing at the light flickering up above. 
As your eyes look upon this magical land you can see in the distance a sparkling light, as they walk closer who did they see but Peanut and Little Bit dressed as a “Princess” they twirled and spin and danced about, as Luna looked to the right she caught in her sight 5 fairy pixies but couldn’t make them out, when she got closer she could see  they were Heather, Ginger, Alexa Rose, Una and Susie Wong. Their wings perched up high and they fluttered with speed, they continued down the path back toward the Enchanted Forest and buzzing through the branches and flickering with light were Willow & Inky as cute “Lightening Bugs”. Dusty was kept busy keeping his eyes on the girls, when they flew he chased them with great  speed, he raised one paw and flew with ease, Dusty is "Super Dog"! Along the way they ran into Puck "The Fish" with his lil “Lady Bug” Dollie. Puck was a handsome fish with a fin up his back, no stinky smells here as he was splashed with the scent of Woodsy Woof Spitzer. Dollie walked beside him with each tiny step in her pink and black Pokka dot “Lady Bug” outfit and tiny little shoes, she bounced as she walked … our sweet lil bug. Over to trick or treat lane they knocked on each door, waiting to find what they had in store. Screaming "trick or treat" as each person answered and called them by name, they were given toys, gifts and candy … and there was plenty.

Next door ready to ring the bell was Luke dressed as a clown wearing a ruffled collar and big green shoes, all you heard was click-e-t-y clack as he walked up the steps, he waved his arm come over, "this one is next". He motions to Patch “The Friendly Ghost” who was standing by a tree dressed in white as a friendly ghost with a smile on her face, “Ok, I’m coming”, and in walks  Minnie strutting her stuff, dressed as a "cow girl" with spurs on her boots, purple suede shirt and bandana to match, she walks like she talked tilting her cowgirl hat, "Howdy partner!” Willow and Inky are fluttering about, when they bumps into Christian who was “Clark Kent” in a suit and thick rim glasses, but then in a flash he makes a mad dash and  returns as “Superman”, how about that. Down the street they spot Lil Joe dressed as a “Green M&M”, and his buddy Klaus as “Count Chocular” the two sweetest so far. The watched a cape as it flew into sight, it was Moosey as "Bat Man" and he gave them such a fright ... all of a sudden they was a loud noise, hooves pounding the pavement and coming their way, was Sammy “The Cowboy Bull Rider” waving is hat yelling "Yippie Ki Yay".  Down at the end of the street they saw a dark horse and as he came closer they realized he was Killer “The Headless Horseman” dressed in all black riding with a pumpkin on his lap, “What are you guys doing” … and with the tilt of his horse he rode out of site.
They walk toward the Carriage Ride, and saw  Zoe dressed in silver with sparkling glass shoes, she was Cinderella”, and Sheba “The Good Witch of the North” in her beautifully fluffy skirt and shimmering crown, and Coco the “Ballerina” spinning about in pure satin and pink, KC Bear was the Sleeping Beauty “Princess Aurora” with her dress changing  from pink to blue. Off in the distance hopping about was Gracie “A Bunny” with tall ears and a fuzzy tail”, when out of the blue what did they did see, It’s not a bird, or a plane, it’s Simon as “SUPERMAN” soaring through the sky.  Peanut was a beautiful "Princess" in a long flowing gown & a crown, and Ginger was “Marilyn Mutt-row” in a blonde wig, pink satin dress and diamonds up her wrist, Gentlemen prefer blondes”. A sparking light materialized and Blossom our "Fairy Godmother" appears, singing a melody la ta dee, la ta da, as she waves her wand. Up high in the sky is Socks our “Angel”, she glides on her wings and who does she see, but Scooter as The Hulk and as Green as can be, he flexes his muscles and notices  Teddy sitting in a tree dressed as a “Monkey”. If we put wings on you then you could fly over to Luna’s place and tell her we’re ready to see the fireworks. But off in the distance someone was approaching on a horse, its T-Bone dressed as a “Knight” clutching a shield and a sword … we need to get the fireworks started … will someone go get Luna. 

With the flick of her wand and soaring to new heights Luna flew over the castle through the bursting lights. She supported Happy as Toto on her broom, she flew up high and waved to each one, "I hope this was a good night, and you all had fun!"

All the children gathered upon the sandy beach at Lunetta’s and cast upon the sea al the coins they collected, knowing in their hearts that when we see them we’ll know, it’s not just a memory but a dream … one we’ll keep with us always until the day we meet again.

 Happy Halloween.

Hugs and kisses, Luna

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