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May 5 2007 - April 14 2008

Opal at 11 weeks (center Black Pom)

Hello, The pictures I have of Opal are from the breeder. Opal is a Pomeranian, my black beauty in the center surrounded by her 2  litter mates (Parti girl and tiny black sister behind her). The other two tan ones are from a different litter.

When I saw Opal in the center, I knew there was something special about her. You can see her intense expression and attentive nature. She is currently 2 lbs at 11 weeks, and bounces when she walks. She has such an expressive personality, she is so sweet and affectionate giving kisses to Lily all the time and she follows me like a tail. I didn't know what to expect but when I finally got her I knew  she was perfect, such a sweet little girl. 

Opal at 11 weeks
Opal at 11 weeks

Lily & sister Sandy at 9 weeks

This is Lily, I found her almost 2 months after Luna passed, I believe I was drawn to her because of her similar markings and she also hung around my ankles. There were 4 boys and 4 girls in the litter. At 9 weeks old Lily was 3.4 lbs.

Lily is the one in the front looking at you.  These pictures were taken at my friends apt with her litter mate Sandy in the rear. (Lily does visit her sister Sandy and run all around when they see eachother).

Lily has grown very affectonate to Opal, and Opal gives Lily kisses, and she gives them back. :)



Lily and Sandy Sleeping at 9 weeks

Their first weekend home, Sisters together at my friends house napping.

Lily is in front with the black paws, her sister Sandy is behind with white tips on her toes, she also has more white on her chest. They are Shorkie's (Shuh tzu/Yorkie mix).

Lily, Sandy & Mr. Ling
Lily and Sandy (Sandy has white toes)
Sandy close up, not camera shy
Lily relaxing, what she does best!

These photos are more current

This one is Sandy (Lily's sister) at 7 months & 11 lbs. Sandy is  very energetic, the energiser bunny needs lessons from her. We call her the flyer, she leaps from couch to couch catching her sister Lily without ever touching her feet to the floor.

Sandy, always looking for attention
Lily resting (7 mos & 12.5 lbs) She's cute
Lily relaxing 12/08
Lily eating her sister Sandy 11/08
Central Park w/Lily & Sandy 11/08
Mr. Ling & Lily stroll Central Park 11/08
Lily among her toys at home
do you want to go for a walk?...
do you want to go outside?...
That was a question ... right?...
think I'll stay right here, in my house ... with my toys
Lily outside my twin sisters house
what was that sound ...
Opal at 12 weeks, looking for Lily

Lily needed a friend, and one day i spotted Opal, just her picture but something inside told me she was the one.

Opal was welcomed home with open paws, I  think they were destined to be together ... it felt as if she was hand picked just for us. Although Lily is 5 1/2 months older than Opal they are perfect together, their bond is strong, one of mutual appreciation, love  and affection for one another.

I take them everywhere together, they look out for eachother ... you can see the love between them, it shows!

our girls Lily and Opal resting together
want to play ball, I've found one...
talking a snack break...
Lily relaxing before Opal learned how to use the doggie stairs
Opal where are you? ...
want to play tag? catch me if you can...
they run around the couch sneaking up on one another ...
here we are ... together always!
what? a new toy ... the gingerbread man
humm, looks interesting...
ok, i'll take it ... humm, quite nice
come on and share with me ...
Who said I have to wear this hat???
oh mom did ...
Ring ding a ling, can you hear the sleigh bells ring...
what? me too!!!
Can you see Opal pulling off my hat, her mouth is on the pom pom
... HO HO HO! ... can you see my white beard now?
stayed tuned, I think she bought me an elf hat
... all comfy and asleep ... with sugar faries dancing in their heads
can't wait till Christmas, I've been good, can I please have flossies!
What ya doing Opal...

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