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May 5 2007 - April 14 2008


All the children are playing all day, running down the slopes in the snow, skating on a frozen pond, singing caroles and sipping hot cocoa, eating a cookie or two, or three ... More cookies please! (Luna smiles), all the little ones are gathered around smiling, It’s Christmas eve and all the children are skating at the rink, the music is playing and can be heard for miles, close your eyes and listen … you can hear the melodys play in your mind as all the girls dance across the ice with all the boys in hot pursuit, all fluttering about and skating on one paw with blades gliding, faces smiling, and hearts beating as one … Throughout the day they take cookie breaks, sip hot cocoa and  warming themselves by the roaring fire ... thinking of their parents and sending them all the love that's in their hearts. All of a sudden you hear three gongs, GONG, GONG, GONG …   Could it be the spirit from Christmas past … NOPE!!! It's the bell for "food", DID I MENTION "FOOD!!!" Every clatters, all you can hear are the steps of each little one as they all gather around, you will all be seated shortly … As they enter the main hall appetizers are being served ... on a frosted bed of ice we have shrimp cocktail, oysters, clams on the half shell, or warm roasted salmon on rice cakes, seafood of all tastes and styles, there's roasted duck and pork, ham, veal and lamb … just leaving your taste buds sizzling for another bite… The hostesses gather round serve the vegeratble hour, creme de asparagus in a pastry shell,  spinach dip, and vegetables of all kinds … "THIS IS A FEAST Fit for a King! the day of sweet Jesus' birth ... they lift their heads up to the stars and  the warmth from their hearts fill the sky, the gentle breeze takes their love quicker than old Satin Nick and fills the hearts of the ones they left behind, absent from their touch but never their hearts ...  ahh,  the North Star. They follow it's star-studded path and enter the ball room, each one is seated and a silk napkin is placed on their lap, the meal is about to be served ... there is fresh cider, bread baskets, flowers and bows, gifts and trinkets, candles  and cheer, there is a foil wrap on the table in front of them, they pull the ends and out comes a "BANG" when they pull the string tight ... out pops  a trinket, treat or two, they unfold the crown and gently place them on their heads…they look at each one smiling as the aroma from the kitchen fills the air. After dining for hours and eating each piece, they all tap their bellies and Thank the Lord for their feast … They head to the lounge and see a big beautiful Christmas tree, the fire is roaring and the music is playing; they sit by the lake, the patio, the shore, they gaze with amazement at the abundant twinkle lights that are set outdoors before them … ITS A WINTER WONEDERLAND and we're all here to enjoy it today, surrounded by lots of love and the friendships we've made, which fills the hearts both near and far,  the love shared by their  parents touched each of them again and they remembered .. their scent, their touch, their caring ways, their sight , the way we looked at them, all the gifts of  today ... to love and be loved by so many, the rush came over them and their cheek grew a rosey glow, ahhh, to hold in their hearts the memory, trust and devotion, they each took in a deep breath, their hearts grew 3 sizes that day no matter how small ... The love surrounded them and they sat quietly reflecting, They each bow their heads and sent  a prayer; well wishes to their partent, their brothers, their mothers and their sisters … thankful for making them the special little angels they are, their eyes twinkled, they stood tall,  proud, and full of self-esteem, and smiled because they were each blessed by their parents, their friends, and the Lord up above. They gathered in a circle hold hands dancing around the tree, watching it sparkle as they sing … Joy to the world …. We three kings … Deck the ball, ... errr, I mean halls, and here we go a caroling …


the night continues, and each one gets ready all snug in their beds, for St. Nicholas will be coming as the faries dance in their heads, night is falling and not a creature was sturring except for the angels who tucked each child in, they kissed them on their forheads and blew each a kiss with a suttle grim, all slumber and sleeping, blanket tucked under their chin ... they wait for morning to see what Santa brought in ... "but no gift could ever be greater than the love we shared, for they will have it with them always until we are together again" ...




WISHING ALL A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!   know that you are each thought about with lots of love, thank you one and all, for without you this would not be possible. Humbly and lovingly, Luna  


...Each little child's heart is  filled with happiness and their hearts a glow, for tomorrow is Christmas but the true magic is the eve, where everything is possible, great food, fun and friends, well wishes and stocking stuffers, trinkets and toys, but each moment was not measured  by the gifts they receive but by the love in their hearts which they loving share with one another. 


Wishing each and every one a day filled with all the love their hearts can hold, knowing your life was touched by an angel. Love always, Nadine & Luna


The song "There's always tomorrow" ... one of my favorites was recorded for us by Polly (Buddy's mom)...thank you!


This beautfiul picture was made by Carole (Ebony & Shabba's Mom).

It's amazing, this year I dedicated Chrismas to my little girl Luna, everything I did was done in her memory and honor ... It's will be a dog's Christmas! I love you little girl,  always and forever, Mom



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