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May 5 2007 - April 14 2008


... as each little angel greets the day; they sit, relax and take in a spa day. They are all excited as they get dressed for the party, the biggest one’s they’ve seen this year! Hip Hip Hooray, it’s almost New Years Day! … and do you know what that brings ... one more year to dream of being with you …  Our Theme, Up above, over the rainbow! 


… all the little angels are dressed in their formal wear; the girls in pretty ivory satin dresses with scoop necklines draped with a strand of pearls, the boys in tuxedo’s with a satin top hat …  they head to the main  parlor through the garden  towards the formal dining room where their dining experience awaits them.  Bobo, Christian, Blossom, Dollie, Luna and Happy take center stage and bow gracefully as the hostesses begin to serve the appetizers. Each guest is escorted to their tables dressed with crystal stem wear, napkins set upon their plates and  in the center of each table is a candle opera  surrounded by little tea lights that sparkle and shine, as servers fill their grasses with bubbly and take their orders. The dance floor lightly lit, each child gladly takes the hand of a special little lady or gentleman, the music is playing softly and their little hearts beat as one, you can feel it inside as you see them gliding across the floor, hand in hand, toe to toe, a few kisses exchanged, their  bashful eyes sparkle by the moons light-beams flickering light. They kick up their heals sending their grown cascading in a free flowing motion as they flutter and spin across the dance floor. As the dimmed lights grew brighter each child returned to their seats. The servers carried out trays filled with T-bone steaks, mash potatoes with lots of butter and sour cream, there was salmon, tuna steak or white fish for our feline friends, or a choice of lamb chops or chicken breast too, but no matter what they ordered  they were all seared or sizzled to perfection.


In the center of the dining hall stood a huge crystal ball, it  descended in the center of the room shining ever so brightly while dinner was being served, then a few moments laster it flew up high toward  the ceiling and it’s light cascaded around the room setting a somewhat romantic mood. As the day went on a few walked towatd the patio, the garden, the beach or the lounge,  they laughed and told stories, even hummed a few tunes, as each one walked up the path they could hear the sound of  the musicians who were playing near the beach … All the decorations were beautiful, so elegant and refined, each child felt special not just by the clothes they wore, but by the company they shared, they have more than they could have ever asked for … the music they heard lingered in their minds as they walked the star-studded path hand in hand.


When they all returned to the main dining hall they were amazed … right in the center was a glowing light, brighter than they have ever seen before, as they all gather around it grew brighter, and brighter, they stared upon it's brilliance it started to transend to the heavens while sending its light cascading through the sky for the whole world to see ... it sparkled like prisms of the rainbow reflecting it's light off the stars, it almost seems like fireworks but better by far, for this was not created by man nor machine, it's the love our children hold inside of them that shines so bright, it shines by day although we can not always see it but we dan feel it's warmth, and by night at the close of a day, it brings us one step closer to where our heart resides, next to our children, the loves of our lives. Each child runs and then dances at the stroke of Midnight, "Happy New Year!" they all shout, giving lots of love, hugs and kisses to everyone in sight, they ring their noise makers and wave their glow sticks flashing them as they wave them in the air, they sent out sparkles that seem to float in the air, "it’s magic" you see and it all because of you, you gave them your love … they will always love you.


They tilt their glass and lend a shout … HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! As they kiss and hugs that simple gesture sent that rainbow soaring to new heights, up, up,  over the rainbow” where only angels fly … caught amongst the wings of angels but also in the hearts of all who love you. They dance, singing, spinning and twirling to the wee hours of the day …  when they walked along the beach they looked up and wished upon a star, they said, "we’re in heaven, but it won’t be home till you’re with us" … in the whisper of the winds you could hear each one say, “we love you ...”  as the blew them, their kisses came spiraling our way … not just to the parents, but friends, and all they have come to know … with a loud roar they scream … "HAPPY NEW YEAR! We love you, and we big you Good night!"


Luna closed her eyes … and says, “I love you; each one of you from the bottom of my heart, now we are happy and whole and one day you will be too!" Luna looks to the water and sends all the parents a wish, “the love that grows inside each one of us … also grows in you”. All the little angels gather and send lots of little kisses and warm heartfelt wishes …  all our love now and always … from your angels above, we love you, and you'll be forever in our hearts. As each child climbs in to bed the stars rise up above, they close their eyes and dream,  "… you’ll always be a part of us."

 Luna & her mom Nadine



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