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Her mom Nadine, forever in my heart...

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May 5 2007 - April 14 2008

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4/8/09: My Little  Luna Angel,

It’s almost a year since I held you in my arms, the tears are falling more and more each day, I'll never get over losing you, I never get past that day.  Find forgiveness in my heart I'm trying,  forget I never will, I'm a shell of the person I used to be ... my life as I knew it ended the day I lost you.  All my love little one, you've had it all along, my heart will not find peace until the day I once again see your smiling face looking back at me, then I will know I'm home.  All my love, Mom



My Little Luna Angel ... I'll always love you

In life,  there are moments when you miss someone so much that you feel as if you could only fulfill your dreams by holding them tight in your arms.

Luna, I couldn't put into words what knowing you has meant to me, it's as if God looked right into my heart and knew what I was missing ... and he gave me you.  No two souls could have ever been closer     All my love little one, Mom 


04-13-2009 1:00 PM -- By: deb,  From:  

 When you speak of her speak not with tears
for thoughts of her should not be sad.
Let memories of the times you shared give you comfort
for her life was rich because of you.
And though for now you had to part,
though to part she did not choose;
she  be with you along life's path,
Forever In Your Heart....


For LUNA's  angel day! From Kia and her mom Deb

From Miss Laura & Dale
From Dale & his mom Laura
From Dale & his mom Laura
From Luke and Lauvern
From Luke and Lauvern

04-14-2009 11:40 AM -- By: Debby, memorial:   Toby Memorial

Toby slowly rolls over and rubs the sleep from his eyes. As he stretches a long slow stretch he suddenly he realizes what day it is! He jumps up out of his nice warm bed and starts running around in circles. It’s Luna’s big day! It’s her very first angel day! All the fur angels are excited and anticipating the events of the day. Toby wants to look especially nice today for Luna. He draws a nice warm bubble bath and tests the water with his toe. OUCH! A little hot. Just a touch more cold water… ahhhhhhh that’s better! As Toby soaks in his warm bubbly bath, he lays back and thinks of his beautiful Luna... Suddenly he realizes that he needs to get a move on if he wants to surprise her with the Angel Day breakfast that he has planned at Christians! He jumps up out of the tub, sloshing water and bubbles all over the room. He shakes off the remaining bubbles and brushes out his beautiful silver and blonde hair. He brushes and polishes his pearly white teeth, and smiles in the mirror at what he sees. “My, my, I really am a handsome guy! I really need to look good for my Luna!” As Toby finishes up and rushes out the door to Luna’s, he notices the beautiful spring flowers blooming in Pucks Field of Dreams. “I bet Puck won’t mind if I pick just a few…” Toby gathers the beautiful pink, yellow and blue blooms into a bouquet and ties it with a pink organza ribbon that is in the pocket of his sharp new jacket. Again, Toby realizes that time is slipping away and he must hurry to be first to wake Luna for her big day. As Toby scurries off in the direction of Luna’s he smiles in anticipation.

When He arrives at Luna’s he finds her just waking from her slumber, and kisses her softly on the cheek. “Good morning Luna. Time to greet the day! It’s your angel day!” He hands the flowers that he picked, and tells her to hurry and get dressed so that he can escort her to breakfast. As Toby nervously waits, he admires the pictures that Luna has everywhere of her wonderful mom, Nadine. Oh how she loves her mom!

Suddenly the bathroom door flies open, and Luna twirls out on her tippy toes, her beautiful black hair swooshing around her face as she spins and spins. Her eyes twinkling in the sunlight, Toby thinks to himself that he has never seen anything more beautiful than Luna this morning. Laughing and hugging, they decide they better hurry before all the waffles and fresh fruit are gone. As the walk out the door, they see Puck, Buddy, Dale, Shabba Lou, Simon, Sammy, Buster, Rocky and an entire line of fur angels coming to meet them. “Lets go have breakfast calls Luna”. Toby feeling thankful that he was first to Luna’s and that she is on HIS arm and that he gets to escort her. My, she is so special, and so beautiful.

As the reach Christians, Luna looks at Toby and he can tell that she is somewhat surprised that the lights are not on. As they reach the door, they notice that it is open just a crack. Toby gently pushes the door open, and as they enter, the lights flash on, and there is a loud exclamation… “SURPRISE”! It’s Luna’s surprise breakfast party! There stood Dollie, Ebony, Minnie, Gracie, Karley, and so many more fur angels of all types greeting the day to celebrate Luna’s Angel Day.

Toby looks at Luna, and a tear gently falls from her eye. Toby is somewhat confused…. “Don’t you like your surprise breakfast Luna”? Luna looked deep into Toby’s soft brown eyes and told him that it was a tear of happiness, because she now realized that so many fur angels and their earthly families love her and her wonderful mom, and that she is just so happy that all of her friends are there for her to help her celebrate her special day.


We all love you Nadine. You are a very special Lady, and a very special friend to so many.  Deb




04-14-2009 4:32 PM -- By: puck and friends ,  From:  

 Puck and Toby and Buddy ....have everyone up and going early this morning for the days events...

.Blossom and China making pasteries at the Barkery with Dollie Gurl helping whip and frost pastries, cakes, cookies with Chicquita in charge of Ice Cream and Whipping cream  with Toby helping her out....Christian was busy at Christians Diner with cooking breakfast for everyone to keep everyone going with eggs, bacon, blueberry pancakes, sausage, hashbrowns. milk, OJ, pineapple juice, water, ...... A special Breakfast on behalf of Toby and Buddy that Christian delivered to Luna with white linen gloves.  

At Lunettas...things are all a buzz...Miss Zoe Ann and Little Bit were all putting white table clothes on the tables..... Puck, Simon Bagley, Greta, Dusty, Minn Minn, Willow, Inky, Patch, Sammie Patterson, Fergi butt, , War Noops, Little Bit, Miss Zoe Ann, Kit Cat Bagley, Zeke Bagley, Sammie and Gabby Padilla, Kia Murphy, Luke, Moosey, were all decorating Lunettas in Pink streamers, balloons, the confetti were shaped like little black maltipom babies with a golden  halo and angels wings. Roxy girl helped hang the lights around the ceiling and counters, all the lights are in pink and white to correspond with the decorations at Lunettas. 

Out on the patio Princess Baby Girl, Scooter, Wadsworth, Ginger, Una, Shabba Lou, Ebony, Peanut, Peaches, Scooter Bug, Baci, Fayeroe, Tippy, Keto Boy, Cindy, Rocky, Saada, Duke, were all busy arranging flowers and lanterns to light up the night later on....

past the the open empty space (not too be open and empty  for long) next to Lunas..Barberro, Eight Belles, Baby Blue, Holly the Birthday Horse for today and Chrissey the pig were plowing an open field....beside Abigail was Hammy Sagar looking over the countless flats of plants and veggies and seeds and flowers and trees for Lunas new farm.   Toby, Suzie Wong, Dale, Buster, Asti, Max, Kashi, Scooby Doo Dexter, Cooper, CoCo, Peanut, Bailey Molchany, Hawkeye, Shadow, Felix, Murphy, Noi Noi Otis, Stimpy, Angel Puppy, DiOgi, Twister, Toto, even the gals, Cindy, Brandi, Nikkiall were busy watering the large amounts of plants for Lunas Garden.....and Farm.

 Outside the Lunas Field .... a HUGE Pink Gazebo was set up to the side.....with music and dance floor and a huge wishing well with pink lights that reflected the water like little pink stars dancing on the water.......

Bonnie Kraft, Chara, Rocky, Angel, Taffy, Patches, Wonder Dog, Karley, Angel (not lonely and more) were busy raking the white sand that was delivered from Jones Beach in NY specifically for Lunas Day.....and not a cloud to be seen......the sun shown down on the silver glass like water with the water being so blue and clear it was almost like glass.....the reflections of the birds overhead made the crystaline water come to life. 

Pretty soon Vegas, Phatgirl, Norton, Bobo, Zach, Sheba, Klaus, Tasha,Nala, Peanut, Gracie Page, Daisy Daisey Grace, were hauling out chairs and pink palm trees and more lanterns to the beach and a pink lawn chair with Lunas name in pink glitter around the top of it.

things were coming along nicely with the help of the thousands of babies Luna has touched ... All were eager to help out...some Puck Llewis had seen but not yet met.......

(in the distance Buddys racecar revs with Luna in the drivers to NYC to see Nadine Lily and Opal; and Mr. Ling).......

Rainbow Bridge was a flutter.....with butterflys and birds making the kids could all work and humm...some took a break to play and some relaxed some snacked some took plants out of pots and pruned and some decorated and put lanterns up and some just observed the activity......

outside Lunas field was coming along....Copper, Princess Baby Girl, Chakka, Dakota, Daisy, Diesel, Max, Boedy, Bubba, Cody, JD, Buster, fluffy Spice York, Lil Joe, DaVinci, Leonardo de Cat....of course everyone chipped in to help plant Lunas Garden  Apple, Pear, Plum, Orange, Lemon, Lime trees along with Banana Trees. Chrissey sampled the corn while she planted rows and rows of corn....potatoes, strawberrys, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage.  Rows and Rows and Rows with an  array of Daffodils, Hyacinth, Coral and Pink Geraniums, Red and Pink Roses, Snapdragons.... made the air smell so good ..

The paw print stones of all the RB fur kids shown nice in the sunshine from Lunettas. 

(pretty soon you hear the prrrrrr of Buddys racecar as he pulls up to velvet pink carpeting in front of the spa....Toby all dressed up is waiting to open the car for Luna and escort her to an afternoon of pampering at the spa.......)

Greta, Minnie, Patch and even Willow and Inky were all excited to go to the spa to give Luna her little pink Angel Dress.....the dress was pink with little white appliqued angel wings in pearlescent sequence that just sparkled....they all went to the spa where Luna came out looking FAB!  Buddy, Toby, Simon, Dusty, Could hardly keep their  eyes off her....Inky and Willow gave Luna her pair of shoes ... pink to go with her Angel Dress.......

lunettas looked fabulous ... the patio looked festive .... the beach looked wonderful with all the lanterns set up ...   the field and gardens looked lucious...with all the buds popping on the flowers ... the fieilds looked green (they did leave SOME plants and veggies for Luna to plant... the big pink gazebo all festive in pink and white with Mayor Ted, Klaus, Nvanti, Sheba, Chamie, Gretchen and Bailey, Ted Ceece, Emma, Emmy, Rosie, Chara getting the music ready ...

the look on Lunas face....PRICELESS....with a tear in her eye...Buster gently wipes away.....she walks in to a feast.....she sits in a Princess Anne (named for the day Princess Luna Chair) to white porcelain china with little pink roses embossed in the porccelain.....and sterling silver place settings.....

the feast of anything from tuna and mac and cheese to fish and salmon and steak and potatoes to fruit that mysteriously at the right time fell from the trees in Lunas Field.....the sound of chatter rang thru RB .....

Luna looks around at the place ... the gardens....the gazebo...the beach.....and is in AWE.......

Blossom, China, Dollie Gurl, Christian and Buck Greene.....wheel a HUGE cake from the Barkery with Chiquita instucting on where to drive the cart...( the cake is so big...they couldnt see over it.....) they pushed it all the way from the Barkery to the main patio and Lunettas....Mayor Ted helped bring the cake and set it on the main dining table....everyone was in AWE.....the multi level cake tiered cake was in comparison the mount Everest of Rainbow Bridge.....

1 layer was chocolate...

2nd layer was raspberry..

.the 3rd layer was white cake..

.the 4th layer was chocolate cake and white cake..

.the 5th layer was lemon...

the 6th layer....was banana with whipped cream middle......

the 7th layer......was rich chololate with pink sprinkles mixed in......

the 8th layer was strawberry with whipped cream filling

the 9th layer , cotton candy pink..with strawberry whipped cream frosting......(dollie gurl dubbed as LUNAS LUCIOUS PINK COTTON CANDY CAKE)

cake was only the main attraction.....Cookies, Potica, M&M Cookies, Little Luna White Cookies and  Cupcakes with Dollie Gurls frosting (which was so aplee named for the LUCIOUS LUNAS FROSTED SWEETCAKE COOKIE CAKE  DE-LITES......)

dancing and talking and chattering oh the noise and laughter...tears and song...

as the dusk wained into the evening the dancing got going with dusty and Mayro Ted and Klaus as DJs at the Gazebo aplee named LUNAS BIG PINK GAZEBO.....


Luna steps outside to get a breath of fresh air and exercise her lips since she has been kissing all her friends ALL DAY LONG....... especially long luna she steps out...she is wondering how her mom is doing and she gets the hic-cups....she smiles...and thinks .. i have the hic-cups and mom is thinking about me...then she burps and friends moms are thinking of me and mom today.....

pretty soon from the BACK...the music gets low and puck yells....LIGHT EM UP!  



all the kids bow  their heads

....... LUNA LOOKS DOWN ......







From Dale & His Mommy Laura

A little poem for you, Nadine, my dear friend, as I think about you and Luna today - you just hang in there, Luna is speaking to you . . . as you feel her presence with you today, know that she truly is there!

I’m Still Here . . .

Friend, please don’t mourn for me
I’m still here, though you don’t see.
I’m right by your side each night and day
and within your heart I long to stay.

My body is gone but I’m always near.
I’m everything you feel, see or hear.
My spirit is free, but I’ll never depart
as long as you keep me alive in your heart.

I’ll never wander out of your sight-
I’m the brightest star on a summer’s night.
I’ll never be beyond your reach-
I’m the warm moist sand when you’re at the beach.

I’m the colorful leaves when fall comes around
and the pure white snow that blankets the ground.
I’m the beautiful flowers of which you’re so fond,
The clear cool water in a quiet pond.

I’m the first bright blossom you’ll see in the spring,
The first warm raindrop that April will bring.
I’m the first ray of light when the sun starts to shine,
and you’ll see that the face in the moonshine is mine.

When you start thinking there’s no one to love you,
you can talk to me through the Lord up above you.
I’ll whisper my answer through the leaves on the trees,
and you’ll feel my presence in the soft summer breeze.

I’m the hot salty tears that flow when you weep
and the beautiful dreams that come while you sleep.
I’m the smile you see on a baby’s face.
Just look for me friend, I’m every place!

- Author Unknown



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