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Her mom Nadine, forever in my heart...

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May 5 2007 - April 14 2008

 Hello our "friends" Nadine and Luna,
I created the attached picture especially for you. Nadine, since you told me a poem would be special to you, I decided that's exactly what I would do for you this Christmas season. I am also sending a copy of this attached picture to you framed, as a special dedication to both of you and Luna.
Ebony, Shabba Lou, Maggie Mae and Luna were all together the other day while Ebony was soaking in her tub full of bubble bath. Shabba, Maggie and Luna were stretched out in the lush soft grass under the sun. My trio sent me a special message from Luna. This poem, picture and song all came together for your Christmas gift.'s what occurred.

It was warm and sunny...the breeze was gently blowing through the trees. There were heavenly sounds of music and singing all around,  a honeysuckle scent was in the air and beautiful butterflies were fluttering above vibrant colored flowers. The Turners were reminiscing about the life they shared with their mom and their brothers and sisters. All of a sudden they noticed that Luna was quiet...she'd fallen asleep. Ebony grinned, Shabba Lou got all warm and fuzzy and Maggie Mae was cooing in awe at the beauty of this perfect little sleeping angel.

Luna started talking in her sleep (about her mom), and then her little feet started twitchin' and kickin' (she must have been either walking through Central Park or skipping along on the beach with her mom.) She rolled over on her back and stretched out while the sun warmed her tiny tummy...she was obviously in complete bliss. Ebony had a soft pink silk blankie by her tub so Shabba gently pulled it over Luna. She napped for quite a while, and then all of a sudden her eyes opened, she yawned and stretched from the top of her little head to the tips of her tiny toes. She said that she had a beautiful dream about her mom...about all the fun things they did, the wonderful time they shared and the deep bond they will always have. She also mentioned that in her dream she had an idea for a new page that could be added to her tribute called "No Place That Far" with the picture aunt Carole made and a song added with the same title. Luna's eyes filled with tears for a moment when she thought about what a wonderful time her and her mom had. You see, although our angels eyes do fill with tears there are no tears that actually fall in heaven.


Nadine, imagine that it’s a crisp December evening and you’re strolling through the neighborhood. The sky is pitch black except for the moon and glittering stars shining down on you through the clouds. There is always one star that shines brighter than all the rest. Can you see it? While you are strolling rain lightly starts sprinkling the ground, as the wind begins slightly blowing through the trees. Suddenly, the rain drops increase and the momentum of the wind speeds up. You realize are getting soaking wet, but you don’t care because you are in the midst of memories thinking about all the special times you shared with Luna. You are surprised to find that you actually like the feel of the rain flowing down your face. For a brief moment you are dancing in the rain. The raindrops kept splashing in your eyes washing the tears that flowed freely, as you looked up to the sky. Each drop of rain carries with it a piece of your heart and a piece of your soul. You tasted the raindrops like you never had before and it was worth every second of bliss. Then, you hear a song playing way off in the distance. It’s the song called "No Place That Far." Your eyes fill with tears as you turn around and head for home...the song continues playing in your mind.

You glance back suddenly and notice a faint silhouette in the distance. You squint to see who it is, but you can’t make it out. Your heart skips a beat.
You sense warmth in the midst of the chill. For a few moments the warmth surrounded you...cradling your heart...caressing your soul. It's Luna! Your heart yearns to hold her in your arms again. Then a powerful gust of wind whips against your cheek. You had just seconds to slip in the last glimpse of your beautiful angel while you were also hearing a few lines of the song playing in your mind "If I had to run, if I had to crawl, if I had to swim a hundred rivers just to climb a thousand walls, always know that I will find the way to get to where you are. There's no place that far." Just then Luna's silhouette vanished into the air. Your soul is crushed...your heart aches. Realty hits once more...the life you's gone...but not for long. Luna lives in your heart so you need never walk alone...because in your darkest hours she will visit you in your memories...tenderly embracing you with her everlasting love...reminding you that "there is no place that far." For now you've learned to dance in the rain, but there is a rainbow for you to follow that one day will lead you far beyond all your sorrows.
You both are so very precious and always will be!
We love you,
Warmest Christmas Wishes sent to you both across the miles
Carole and "the pack"

Love arrives,
and within its hold comes
 a world of pleasure.
Love strikes away the chains of fear
from our souls.
In the flush of love's light
we dare be brave,

 ...then suddenly we see

 that love costs all we are
and all that we will ever be,
yet it is only love,

that sets us free.

I miss those times,

 those precious days.

No one can take our memories away
Luna "My Angel" you will always be...

from now until eternity.




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