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Her mom Nadine, forever in my heart...

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May 5 2007 - April 14 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUNA, My Little Sunshine ... I Will Always Love You!  

Thank you Vicki
Thank You Jules


Luna wakes up and walks to the open window, with the sheer white curtains blowing in the wind, she looks at the distant sun as it begins to rise. As she stretches her legs and arches her back on her face bears a smile, surrounding her is a warm summer's glow. She walks on to the deck and looks toward the field of dreams and notices a horse carousel "like in Central Park", but the horses are white and it’s HUGE!!! ... She gets so excited she grabs her Birthday Crown and ~swooosshhhh~ she's off. As quick as her little feet can take her she runs, followed by her friends Shabba Lou, Ebony, Dale, Butler, Luke and  Sammy,  ...   Puck, Buddy, Toby, Simon and Rocky, ... Buster, Maggie Mae, Dollie, Minnie, Patch, Greta, Princess  and KC Bear (the list continues) ... the hills are alive and all our little ones follow and gather in front of this huge beautiful carousel and each angel jumps on board ... as they sit on their horses and the motion begins to swing, the horses flip their heads up and hold them up high, adorned with festive ornamental head-dresses. Luna notices Puck has already begun to play with their feathers and with a Swooshhhhh of their tail their off ...  as the music fills the air each horse takes flight!!! Soaring through the sky they begin to spread their winds and FLY!!! As Luna looks back she notices more, and even more horses, like a never ending stream of beautiful horses filling the sky where once only clouds lived ... they turn their head as they begin to land on a sandy beach, one after the other ... Luna sniff the air and starts to look around, she tosses her head left, then right and a smile begins to appear as she is reacquainted with a place that seems so familiar ... Luna turns, spins and gets so excited!!! She shouts, "I KNOW WHERE WE ARE!"  She motions everyone to gather on the beach and she points, that's my summer house, the pink one over there, that's the first house my mom ever brought me too! Luna takes a deep breath, lifts her face and says, “can you smell the sea air, look at the beautiful ocean” ... as she stands quietly she hears the faint calls of tiny little birds and she begins to sigh, her eyes gaze toward the lawn surrounded by trees as she watches the birds fly off she feels the whisper of a cool breeze as it floats freely through the trees, she smiles, "it's like a tropical paradise!" She notices the sun is begging to rise, with that she tosses her head and with the flip of her tail she heads to the marina and waits...

She sits quietly, then her ears perk up and her nose twitches, when she hears the faint toe tapping of her sisters Lily and Opal walking along the gravel road, ... then she sees her mom and her heart soars, she runs to her side ... the girls start rolling along the grass and start playing ... but Luna notices her mom continues to walk ~ just looking at the sky. Her eyes fixed as she is reminded and remembers, looking for a sign that we are near.  Luna smiles, “This is where my mom comes to be with me each morning.”  Luna explains, “I know she can remember the first path we walked together, I was a young little fur ball then and bounced as I walked, I know she can remember everything...”.  Luna stands proudly; smiling … knowing how much she is so deeply loved.
She looks at her mom as she walks closer, and closer still … her eyes filled with loving devotion as she walks to sit beside her,  as they sit by the water and watch the sky. It's early am and the sun is just beginning to rise ... you can still see the moon ... then a beautiful rainbow appears and covers the sky with tones of blues, pinks and purples, as their light dusts the rippling waves, it  send sparkles and shimmers across the water ... Luna brushes her paw against her mom;  as she looks in to her eyes she can tell how much she is missed ...  and then Luna  walks right up to Lily and Opal and tells them, "you take good care of her, I'll be watching you!!!"  With that she gives me a gentle kiss  ... my eyes begin to fill with water as a  tear rolls down my face Luna looks in to my eyes ... she can tell ... how much I miss her still.  It's as if my heart knows she have moved on a little further down the road than me, and I  begin to cry, but deep down I KNOW one day we will see each other again.
Then the sun rises and  bring with it  a shimmering staircase, cascading just  above the twinkling blue waters, as each one of our angels begins to walk, Luna turns and looks back upon her mom and blows her a gentle kiss, and says, "I will forever be at your side ... I love you so much, ...  we will meet again!" 
To my My little girl Luna who stole my heart with a smile ... I will always love you!!! Till we meet again, all my love, now and forever!!!  Mom



“As Long As I Live, You Will Live.
As Long As I Live, You Will Be Remembered.
As Long As I Live, You Will Be Loved.”
~ (Author Unknown)

Thank you Miss Jules and Butler for my beautiful twinkling photos and for helping with our music.  


Thank you Lauvern, Luke and all your tiny angels


Luna, forever and always little one ... Mom

Thank you Lauvern, Luke and kids :)
Thinking of you angel ... always!

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