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May 5 2007 - April 14 2008

Oh Luna, Life with you was fantastic. I no longer minded being home by myself, we had each other. Some weekends we would go off to my twin sisters in Westchester, to spend the weekend at her house with her dog Max, oh how Max loved you too! You didn’t even mind the train rides. By your second visit Elena wanted to know if you recognized her, and when we got off the train and she walked toward us you got very excited. You didn’t even get sick in her car, you held it in. “Good Girl”.  You loved sleeping over, you walked among the trees, you smelled the air, and you loved it there. And when you saw the horses down the road you didn’t even bark at them, (you always barked at the horse draw carriages, and I think you thought they were big dogs).  Then it was time for you to meet my older sister Sue. One day I took you to her office, I put a Santa hat on you to pose by the tree (you hated hats but you kept it on for me, thank you baby), you knew it made me happy. Sue had just rescued a dog from North Shore but he was only 7 weeks old and still needed his shots. Her son sent me  a picture of him; he was a tiny little guy but by the time we got to visit him grew to be  35 lbs! My sister never warned me, you were only 9-9.5 lbs. Wow, you played with him nicely, you actually taught him how to play, and you shared yours toys and treats, even chewed on each others Flossie.


You loved kids too, the smaller the better. When we would go walking and  you saw them bopping down the street you would get so excited, you would stand up on your two rear legs and walk and bounce to them, oh how they loved you, “look mama” they would always say and I could always tell them you were friendly and loved kids. When you would touch them with your paw, it felt as if you were brushed by a feather you were so soft and gentle. I remember your first snow, you stepped on it; at 6am it was clean & crisp and it sparkled, then you walked over to a drift and pushed your whole face in, you loved the snow. (Hated the rain & umbrellas) but you loved the snow. We had to get you a raincoat for the rain or you wouldn't go outside, and snow boots for the snow (too much salt), you didn’t like them but you let me put them on.  For Christmas I picked you up a faux fur; grey/white with black markings, you looked so elegant. We would stroll 5th Ave; everyone looked at you keeping up with all the foot traffic, they looked at you not because of your coat but because you were just that beautiful, you walked like an angel.



I told Nancy about the play groups but she mentioned  Mr. Ling didn't like to socialize with many dogs. Oh my little girl just loved him. After meeting outside for a play date, we started meeting in each others apt because it was too cold outside; that's when their relationship really bloomed in to something truly beautiful. Luna & Ling, she loved him as much as I loved her! and I would do anything to make her happy.  (See photos of Luna & Ling in her "Photo Album").



I am happy for the life we shared and the joy we gave each other but my heart feels your loss ... I miss you my angel, every moment of every day you are not with me. You were my happiness, my reason for living,  I loved you more than life itself.  My one true love, be with me always ... . All my love always, Mom






This beautiful song was sent to us by our good friends Carole Turner (Ebony & Shabba Lou's Mom) ... your thoughtfulness has touched the hearts of many, including Luna and I, thank you!  





Time passes by so quickly
But I guess I thought you'd be here forever
I never even had a chance
To say goodbye
There's so many things to tell you
Left unsaid until now

Can you hear me when I talk to you?
Do the words I say ever make it through?
Can you hear me when I talk to you?
'Cause I'd give anything if I knew

Every night I have the same dream
The one where you get to hold me
We laugh and talk until the morning
And then you vanish,yeah
It always leaves me feeling helpless
When I wake up and you're not there

Can you hear me when I talk to you?
Do you know how much I'd love to be with you?
Can you hear me when I talk to you?
'Cause I'd give anything if I just knew

Living in this world without you
I constantly search through my memories
Hoping that I find some treasures
That I passed over,yeah
All that I took for granted
Means so much now and I won't let it go

Can you hear me when I talk to you?
'Cause I never said some things that I meant to
Can you hear me when I talk to you?
'Cause I'd give anything if I just knew

You know I never said some things that I meant to
Can you hear me when I talk to you?
'Cause I'd give anything if I just knew

I miss you baby


Can You Here Me When I talk To You~Ashley Gearing


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