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May 5 2007 - April 14 2008

Oh Luna, you were my one true Gift; I didn't know how much I needed you until I found you. The last week in August 2007, I was in L.I. at  my mother-in-law's summer house,  I was feeling so blue, my girlfriend JoAnne took me to this little pet store that opened in town and said, "Let’s go look at the puppies". As we walked in she picked up every pup, oh you’re cute, oh you’re just so fresh, I really couldn’t focus on anything  and then I spotted you, you were a little black fuzzy dog and I couldn’t  believe how taken I was with you right from the start. When ever I came near you stretched up to greet me so I picked you up. When I called one of my friends to tell them about her, they told me jokingly, "she could probably smell the insect repellent I was wearing". When I called my husband to come, that I wanted him to meet "someone special", all he said was "I don't want a dog"!  I was so crushed, he didn't even want to see her. A man in the store said it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, I thought you don’t know my husband. I put my head down as I left the store, I didn’t want anyone to know I’ve been crying. Then Friday came and we drove back to the pet store to see if she was still there, when I saw her she didn’t look like herself, she was quiet,  didn’t move, she didn’t look well at all? My husband said, “you’re going to buy a sick dog?” I told him she wasn't  like this last week.  When we left the store I asked him to drop me off by my friend JoAnne’s. I called my sister to inquire about the breed, she was so excited for me, then JoAnne and I went right back to pick her up.  There was a lady in the store holding her when I arrived, I was scared, I couldn’t wait for her to put her down. When she did she mentioned, "this is such a sweet dog I hope she finds a nice home";  I scooped her right up and said, “she did”. The lady smiled! You see Luna was sick and there for 3-4 weeks, and since I showed interest last week they started to discount her, I noticed an auction tag on her neck and said, "what's this?"  I was afraid maybe something was really wrong with her but I knew she was meant for me and I brought her home. I made a vet appointment the following day and JoAnne drove me, she was o.k., nothing a little medicine and TLC couldn’t cure. (Kennel cough, ear mites, she had a flea lava growing inside her belly; the worm slid away from her poop but the vet told me I described it to a T), he told me I saved this dog and took her away from the place that was making her sick. (I never realized at the time, I didn't save her, she saved me). I just held her and smiled. She was a 4.3 lb female black Maltipom, she was the little girl I never had, and I couldn't have loved her more if I tried.  Everyone who met her thought she was gorgeous and didn’t know why Frank made all the fuss. On day one I had to leave Luna in the gazebo with my mother-in-law for just 1 hour, and when I returned my mother-in-law was waiting, look at what she did! As soon as you left she run-a-muck,  she chewed up her pee pee pad and dragged it everywhere, look at the mess. I looked over at my little girl and smiled as I picked her up, I said, "how are we ever going to get this white fluff out of your hair?" She knew then as she wagged her tail that I would always be there for her, we would be there for each other.  Her first night at my mother-in-laws was scary for her, I put her to sleep in the bed she picked out from the pet store but when Frank came in late and woke her she got scared, so I put her back to sleep. When he got up to use the bathroom he awoke her again, this time she was scared and whimpering, my mother-in-law told me I had better go in there with her before she wakes up the neighbors. (Frank would not let her sleep with us),  thus began the night of me and Luna sleeping together, Frank in the bed and me and my girl on the couch. Frank did drive us out to LI  for our vet appointments but I was responsible for all costs concerning my little girl, and she was "My Girl" from the moment we met! It took me 2 weeks to come up with her name, I my heart I knew "It was Luna"! She was all black with a white chin (looked like a half moon)  and a thin white stripe on her chest, a ray of light. I was so proud when I finally told the vet "Luna, her name is Luna". I’ve had dogs before but none that were my very own. I took care of my mom's dogs after she passed and loved them dearly until they too passed, but nothing compared to the love Luna and I shared.  When the neighbors at the Summer house met Luna  they told me I deserved her, and that she was just beautiful. Our love for each other evolved with each passing day, as if her eyes were the pathway to our heart, a place where true love resides. But her true beauty was reflected in her soul; her caring nature, the passion that she shows, within her her beauty grew and grew!


Oh Luna, She was terrific! She got car sick( almost all the time), who knows what she'd been through.  Did I mention she was toilet trained  in 3 days without incident. Pee & pooped outside, she was walked 5x a day (Frank walked her in the afternoon). My day started at 6:30am and ended at 10pm.  I made sure she met all her doggie friends, she loved them so and was so friendly.  One day Frank came to me and said, "do you know know many people know Luna"? I said, "yes, what do you think I do when we go walking, she makes friends!".  So back and forth to the vet on L.I. for her shots (I liked them, they always scheduled her next appt without me having to ask).  Frank complained about driving from NYC to L.I., but  I told him he could take off to cut his mothers lawn  but you can’t take off to take Luna to the vet?? She was now 6 months old and the vet recommended I have her fixed.. After her surgery I was shaken, she was so tender and weak, she squeaked as I cradled her and put her in her bed. She didn’t like ice cubes so I fed her water with a dropper to keep her hydrated. I watched her the entire night; and when I saw her stretch her legs to get up to pee and then drink water, I smiled; I knew she was ok. I took the following day off from work just to be with her… it was as if  nothing happened, she was back to jumping and being happy. Then I noticed a pink spot on her tummy, I thought it was  from a needle or the anesthesia? I showed it to Frank and  he said we'll monitor it. It was so small and after her hair grew back I really didn't notice it.  Her hair grew in nicely and while I was rubbing her I felt a bump, when I looked it was the size of my index finger. I believed it was that same pink dot (I described as a needle mark) only a couple of weeks earlier. Frank said he was not taking me to L.I. and told me to find someone local, so I made an appt at a vet 2 blocks away and had to wait  2 additional days for our appt. When he checked her and couldn’t tell me what it was but he  gave her antibiotics!?? It cost me $154.00 for nothing. I went home and called our Vet on LI for a Saturday appointment, they said they were sorry but they were double booked, but did say I could bring her in "today" so I called Frank on the other line. He gave me such a hard time I wanted to say forget it, I’ll take her on Monday but he said, ok, let’s go. (It took us an hour to leave Manhattan Friday mid-day traffic), we finally arrived on L.I. a little late but when I called the the vet they said don’t worry we'll wait for you. He told me it looks like a benign tumor and wanted to try and treat her homeopathically, (the body might reasorb it); and if that didn’t work he would remove it surgically and  her canine teeth too. (No one ever mentioned that little dogs sometimes retain their canine teeth). The medicine didn't help, 2 weeks later we went back to the vet but the spot grew to the size of my thumb, she was scheduled for surgery Monday at 7am. Two surgeries 2 months apart I was frightened. Frank was not happy about the 1:45 minute drive, on Sunday he gave me grief and said I better find another ride. I was so upset, I told him I would call one of my friends, he didn't believe anyone would take me. The morning of her surgery I though maybe I was wrong about him, by the time we reached L.I.  I was in tears, he didn't stop until I broke down crying. We were a little early for our appt because we had such a long drive and had to wait until they were ready. Luna was scared and so was I. They told me they would call me on my cell when she was done. We waited by a nearby mall because we lived so far away. They finally called and said she was fine and he mentioned they believe they got it all, I couldn't wait to pick her up. When we arrived she was still sleeping and when I looked she had "7 staples" on her tiny little tummy, I cried as I held her close, so thankful she was ok. The following day she was fine but she couldn't run, play, jump or do stairs until the staples were removed but she didn't understand. Finally after 6 days I bought her a T-shirt and let her play with Mr.Ling at Nancy's house ... they were so happy to see each other, I would have done anything for her. When we returned to the vet the following week to have the staples removed she was so scared she was shaking and I don't blame her, I held her close and one, two, three the staples were removed and we went home. Thus began our life together  



This lovely song was sent to Luna and I by our good friend Carole Turner (Ebony and Shabba's mom). Thank you again Carole for always thinking of me and my little girl.


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