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Her mom Nadine, forever in my heart...

Memorial created 06-11-2008 by
May 5 2007 - April 14 2008
Hello, my name is Luna
My new Bodda toy ... the Hippo, just love it
Hello everyone, nice to meet you
Excuse me for a moment, I'm thirsty...
I like my new home, my mom is terrific...
want to play fetch...stop taking pictures and play with me
I'm Tired ... I love this couch.
...are you still watching me...



 Hello My name is Luna,


 I was a free-loving spirit and captured the hearts of all who knew me.  I shared a special bond with my mom, we both knew it the moment we laid eyes on eachother ...  we couldn't get enough of one another. My mom said I was exceptional; smart, a quick learner and very eager to do new things. I made lots of friends, both doggie and people, and grew to be a 9.5 lb beauty. Even though you can not see nor touch me, know that I will live forever in your heart. 








Grieve not... nor speak of me with tears...

but laugh and talk of me... as though I were beside you.

I loved you so... 'twas Heaven here with you

Luna & Mr. Ling, best friends forever
They could have danced all night
They just loved each other
Just sit with me and hold me close...
I love this toy, mom replaced it weekly
This bed really holds up...I just love it!
Ok, I've got it now...
I'm ready...take the picture
My Niece Tara with Luna
Santa's little helper, what a cutie!
Me and my best friend
Luna & Ling, they played for hours
I love all my toys!!!
and my doggie purse too! ... Squeak!
Rise & Shine! Time to stretch my legs
Who moved my bed! ... ME! teehee
Yawn! Nite-Nite! See you in my dreams
OK, I've got my doggie purse, let's go!
Ok Luna, what are you going to do now?
I'm going to eat you silly!!
I'm always going to love you!
Until we meet again...
My Little Luna, always by my side...
...a love time would stand still for ...
.... want to play fetch? ... I've got my ball much love, I miss you little girl.



 Always and forever little one, I'll meet you in the light! All my love, Mom


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