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Her mom Nadine, forever in my heart...

Memorial created 06-11-2008 by
May 5 2007 - April 14 2008

From Kathy MacLean, Daisy's Mom


What a beautiful picture!!! Thank you so much for thinking of me and my little girl Luna. I can't thank you enough. 

's  Nadine & Luna

PS: Thanks Bobo, Daisy, Blossom, Dollie, and "Happy" for giving Luna the opportunity to work in the Barkery; she just loves her new position as "sprinkler" helping Happy put all the little hearts and stars on the treats! (8/1/08)



From My Friend Bill Z

Bill, Thank you for your support,  your caring nature and  secure hugs, and for always giving me a shoulder to cry on, you're a true friend.

My Little Luna at The Rainbow Bridge, Oh how I cried when I first saw this picture, I miss you my angel, but I know you're waiting for me while welcoming all your new friends until we can be together again ... Always and forever in my heart!Mom


I'll always be watching over you ...

Thank you Bill, The image of Luna resting above the clouds in a photo taken on a night cruise in Key West this year is absolutely wonderful ... no matter where I am, she's watching over me.

She'll be in our hearts forever.  


From Carole Turner, Ebony & Shabba's mom

Carole, What can I say, the picture of Luna at the Bridge is "Breathtaking" ... She looks so happy,  I can't thank you enough!!! Your are a true inspiration to all of us at critters, you live as you are, a remarkable mom and sincere friend. 

I know my little girl is looking down and smiling at her new picture!Thanks again Carole!!!


From Joy, Angel, Patches & Taffy's Mom

Luna Got Her Wings!!! 

Thank you Joy for thinking of me and my little girl.  Luna has been taking evening flying lessons with Angel this past week, and after all her hard work she's very excited to finally get her wings!!! (8/23/08)

My little angel, nobody could have loved you more ...  now you are free to soar above the clouds and feel the wind in your face and beneath your wings.  Anyone want a ride? Whoosh ... "look at me",  I'm flying! Just this side of heaven is a place called RainbowBridge, 'tis heaven here with you!!  


From Carole Turner (Ebony's & Shabba's Mom)

A scene from "The Enchanted Forest" , a tribute to Greta's Grandpa "Papa Carl",   courtesy of Carole Turner.  Luna featured in her pink ballerina outfit toe dancing and spinning ... my little prima ballerina!

I love you my angel!!! Always and forever, Mom

Carole, I'm glad you enjoyed the show! (See details on the humor page~ 8/24/08).


Thank you Carole, no matter the color, she's beautiful

Luna dances her little heart out. There is so much love in this sweet little girl, you can see it in her and everything she does. My little angel, you might be out of my sight but you are never far from my thoughts ... a piece of you lives within me. I Love You!  Mom


You won't believe what just happened. 

Ebony and Shabba were just walking across a golden field full of flowers and heard this beautiful song. They said they saw a little black pooch far away springing up out of the flowers, and low and behold it was "spring loaded" Luna. She has a miniature DVD player, and was listening to this song. She said it remimds her of you every time she plays it. She told them to ask me if I would record it and send it to you "especially from her" right I did.
Please make sure your speakers are up. Luna wants you to listen as soon as you can. Remember Nadine, she is just around the corner watching and waiting.
Your friends, Ebony, Shabba and Carole


From Lauvern Pawlett, Luke's Mom

Lauvern, This picture is precious!

Thank you for thinking of me and Luna, I love her so much, and I love this picture of her, it's also the most recent one I have. Hugs & love from Luna

i forgot to attach the pic mommy. Silly me. tee-hee. Luke is making me giggle so i wasn't watching what i was doing.  tee-hee.


From Lauvern (Luke's Mom)

 Mommy's Little Angel

Oh Lauverne, I just got her picture and it looks "Wonderful!!!". I didn't have many pictures of my little Luna; Thank you so much for thinking of us. I love it!  Nadine & her little "angel" Luna.


From Lauvern (Luke's Mom)

Lauvern, The picture of my little girl is beautiful. Thank you for thinking of us. She picked out this bed herself. In the store she actually jumped out of my girlfriend's daughter's arms and landed in this bed, when I saw her I asked, "Did you put her there?  she said "no, she jumped in herself", I quickly said bed change, we want this one!  She's also chewing on her favorite toy, I had to buy a new one atleast once a week, she loved it so. My heart still misses her and then the tears come. I love you baby girl. Always,  Mom 


From Lauvern (Luke's Mom)

Lauverne, Thank you for always taking time to think of me and my Little Girl Luna, I miss her so much. She was my heart, and I freely gave it to her, and she deserved every bit of my attention and all the attention she received from others ...  no matter what she did she always managed to put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart, knowing her made me a better person. All my love baby girl, Mom


From Carole Turner (Ebony & Shabba's Mom)

Carole,This picture of Luna and her Guardian Angel is MAGICAL.  I am completely blown away  by your talents; and you possess many.  (smile).  Thank you for always being there for us, your gentle nature is so comforting. I feel so blessed to have you in my life, and it comforts me to know my little girl is surrounded by such terrific friends too! You have truly touched my heart and the heart of my little angel. 

All our Love, Nadine & Luna~ I'm glad we're friends! 


From Judy Greene (Blossom's Mom)

Judy, the Christmas 2008 Ornament Is Just Beautiful!

Thank you so much for always thinking about "all of us" at critters, your kindness has touched so many hearts, including mine. Love, Nadine & Luna


From Judy Greene (Blossoms Mom)

Judy, Thank you again for the beautiful ornament ... Santa's little helper. You didn't realize this but she hated wearing hats, she always took them right off ... but she didn't this time, she knew it made me happy and she left it on just to please me! Thank you baby. You were the one gift I couldn't keep, but the love we shared will live in my heart forever! I'll always love you! Mom


From Carole Turner (Ebony & Shabba's Mom)

Carole, This picture is absolutely beautiful, I can't thank you enough!!

When you told me about the dream you had of Luna yesterday, my eyes filled with tears as you described in detail exactly the way she was, you did see my little girl!  Oh how happy you made me; I can't express it in words. I've been praying for a dream but maybe my heart is still to hurt to let her in. I know she's been trying & understands  how much I've been missing her. Thank you my friend,  you've given me hope that I will see my precious Luna again. Hugs to you and all your babies!  Nadine & Luna


From Carole (Shabba's & Ebony's Mom)

Carole,Thank you for  thinking of me and my girl, your friendship means the world to us. I know in my heart that Luna reached out to you becasue she knew you would be there for me. I am eternally grateful for all your kindness, your sweetness has touched my heart in a place where only a few have entered.  The songs you sent are beautiful and I will post them to her site along with all our happy memories together. Thank you for being the special person you are. Luna is looking down upon you with a smile.  Nadine & Luna


From Carole Turner (Ebony & Shabba Lou's Mom)

Thank you for always thinking of me and my girl ... you're friendship is so welcome and appreciated. We're always there for you.

Stairway to heaven surrounded by hope, promise, and sorrow, the water; all the tears shed by our separation. I'm always going love you ... forever and always!

Nadine & her little girl Luna (The keeper of my heart)


From Joy (Angel, Patches & Taffy's mom)

Joy, I can't thank you enough for your beautiful picture and for thinkingof us. (10/29/08).

Hugs always, Nadine & Luna (The keeper of my heart).


From Lauvern (Luke's Mom)

  Lauvern, Luna's "Spooky" Halloween Card is sensational!!! I Love It!

Thank you for always thinking of me and my girl, I find myself missing her more as each day passes.

Hugs from the bottom of our heart, Nadine & Luna


From Carole Turner (Ebony & Shabba Lou's Mom)


There’s a sense of mystery in the air, the fog deepens, you hear the leaves rustling across the field as you walk along a moon lit path, your pace quickens as your shadow gets bigger, and BIGGER … you see movement in the trees, the sounds of the night surround you … you turn the corner and walk toward the castle, the gate opens as you walk across the field, you see lightening bolts flashing from the sky ... you pass under a stone archway and everything gets quiet … you've now entered "Fright night!" … IT IS HALLOWEEN … and all are welcome!



From Carole Turner (Ebony & Shabba Lou's Mom)


Luna flying over the Pumpkin Patch through Jack-o-lanters Village and over trick or treat lane.  


From Joy (Angel, Patches & Taffy's Mom)

Thank you Joy, I love all the pictures you make for me and my girl, especially because they are made from you with love.

You and your babies are always in my thoughtsThank you. Luna, my little snowflake, I love you! There will never be another you.  Always, Mom


From Joy (Angel, Patches & Taffy's Mom)

Joy, another beautiful picture thank you. Little Luna surrounded with all the twinkles of the season, just like my love for her still shines brightly in my heart.

Thank you. We love you, always, Nadine & Luna (the keeper of my heart)


From Lauvern Pawlett (Luke's mom)

Thank you Lauvern for always thinking of me and my little girl Luna.

I know how you miss you boy so much to, and you're right, the only thing that keeps me going is knowing she's watching over me,  alive in my heart, and one day we'll all be together again. Thank you again my friend. 


From Lauvern (Luke's Mom)

Thank you Lauvern for another beautiful picture.

I'm not afraid anymore, I know she's fine playing among all her friends and I believe in my heart that we will be togther again. I LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!!! Always and forever, Mom


Luna's Place at Christmas

Luna steps back looking at her beautifullly decorated Christmas tree ... thoughts of me come to mind. I love you baby girl, always and forever,  Mom

This picture was sent to us by Carole Turner (Ebony's & Shabba Lou's Mom)


Luna, Pretty in pink...

Our friends Shabba Lou and Carole coluldn't sleep last night 1/21/09 and designed this beautfiul picture for you ... "Carole said, we had Luna on our mind". ... Always in our hearts ... ... WE LOVE YOU!


I'm looking over a 4 leaf clover ...

This lovely Picture was made for Luna's by her new  friends Dale & his mommy Miss Laura. Thank you! It's beautiful! ... such hidden talent. 

Luna will be waiting for me at the end of "our rainbow", my little pot of Gold!!! I love you so much baby girl!!!   always, Mom


My little angel Luna ... I Love You!

When I first saw this angel I couldn't believe it, it looks at if you are sitting with her looking on through the clouds ... wishing in my heart you were with me. I love you little girl, forever and always ...  my little Luna Angel


I love you baby girl!!!

These beacutiful pictures of my little Luna were made by Miss Corrie and her son Max. Thank you so muh for thinking about us!  


My little angel Luna

I know the angels have you in their gentle care, and they look out for you until I can be there. In all the world no one could have ever loved you more. All my love baby girl, forever and alwaysMom

This beautiful picture was made for us by Corrie and Max


She was my heaven and earth ...

In all the world it took one little girl to steal my heart, so easily and compleyely. I love her more than words, the tears of sadness rain upon my face daily ... Oh how much I miss her.

This beautiful picture was made for us by Corrie and Max, thank you ever so much, it's just beautiful!   


From Lauverne and her son Luke

For My Birthday 7/16/2009 from my little one in Heaven.

I love you little Luna angel, and cherish every wonderful thought and remembrance sent to us by our friends, our critters family. Although the tears still fall I know you are alive within my heart, the sadness comes when I realize you are out of my reach ... our love is safe within my heart, you will be with me always. 

Our love will live on within me forever ... until we meet again little one, I love you! Mom



Happy Easter Luna,

My Heart will always belong to you


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