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February 12 1993 - June 18 2008

In loving memory of our PRECIOUS who we love so much. PRECIOUS will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


My Precious came into my life on a rainy night in May 1993.  The crazy thing is that for the few months that followed that night... several veterinarians told me it would be best to have Precious put to sleep.  He had several medical issues.. he had to have surgury on his colon and he was at the hospital for a few weeks.  But Mommy never gave up on him and I used to visit everyday after work and on my lunch breaks.  The vet assistants used to say I loved him back to health.  We had a wonderful 15 years together and today my baby boy went to Heaven.  This is the first pet/my baby I have lost in my adult life and I feel like a huge peice of me is missing.  Precious was with me for everything happy or sad and everything in between in my life.. when I would feel as empty as I do right now.. that when Precious was right there with me, and that what he did best.  He was my the best keeper of my secrets, my confidant and my best friend.    I pray and I know he will always be with me and I carry him in my heart - Forever.

I love you Precious, My Precious Heart & Soul !!!

Love Mommy



In life I loved you dearly,In death I love you still.

In my heart you hold a place, No one could ever fill.



My Precious heart and soul.  It has been 3 days since you have been gone.  Everwhere I look I can picture you just sitting or lying in that spot - and it seems like yesterday or even a moment ago I was holding you.  I can still feel your soft fur against my face. I hope I always remember how they felt.  I miss you baby... and it hurts more than I could have ever imagined.  I know you are OK and I keep reminding myself of that and I know you are happy and pain free.  Your brother Lucky is missing you very much but we will be fine; because I know we will see you again someday.


I love you my Precious heart and soul....... Mommy misses you.  I am sending kisses and hugs to heaven.. look for them.


Love , Mommy.


Well my boy is finally back home with us where he belongs.  I got to bring you back home today.  It isn't the same, but I can feel you with  me.  Each time I pass your pictures and your urn - I can't beleive you are there and not lying around the house somewhere. But I know the best part of you is in heaven and I carry you in my heart. Mommy loves you Precious heart - I will be OK and It helps knowing you are OK too.  Love you Forever and Always.



You  have been gone for 2 weeks. I miss you My Precious - so so very much.  Lucky is becoming a little more affectionate in your absence and Gianna - your "sister" is missing you very much as well. The picture here was  taken of you and Gianna about 1 month before you past away - Mommy can only hope you were not suffering at this point.  I know you knew you were sick and you wanted to be near me all the time; but I hope you were not in pain.  I wanted to write here - it may be dumb - But I wanted to Thank you my Precious not only for the 15 years you gave me, but especially for the last month we had together.  Looking back I am so glad you didn't pull away or seclude yourself.. I am soo soo glad you were by my side - everywhere I went.  I Thank you for that and I Love You so much.  Love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Well My baby boy... you have been gone for nearly 3 months,  Mommy can not believe this is true. In some ways it feels like I felt your soft fur against my face just yesterday and in some ways it seems like soo soo much longer. My heart still breaks and tears fall everytime I allow myself to really really think about how much I miss you.  I know you know and I do feel your presence with me.  I Love you my Precious Heart.. I always will..... xoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxox


We have missed you now for over 7 months my Precious.... and your Birthday is in a couple of weeks.  For whatever reason we are all missing you extra this week.. Gianna and me cry whenever we think of you.  I do not know what is wrong with  me but I sometimes still look for you and think you are here.  Maybe I just feel your presence; but my heart aches for you my boy.  I want you to know you are so deeply missed and thought of every single day.  We love you Precious heart.


Happy 16th Bday my precious heart.... Mommy and everyone missed you so much and you are thought of every single day.  I hope and pray that you already know that.  Today is your special day...... You came in to our lives a few weeks from now 16 years ago.. and God blessed us with your presence on this day 1993.  All I can say Is  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.  We miss you so much... May God Bless you a little extra today and I pray you have some special party in the sky today.


Love Mommy


Hi there my baby boy... Mommy has had a hard time with your 1 year anniversary.. I really do not know what to write to you.. but I know you are with me and know how much you are missed and loved more than ever.  I cant believe it has been a year since I felt you soft fur against my face or heard that relaxing pur of yours ( always just when I needed it).  I still look for you my Precious heart... but I know you are here with me.

Mommy loves you........ always and forever ... xoxoxoxxoxoxoxox


Missing you and thinking of you as your Birthday is approaching....... you are - as always so close in my heart and Mommy misses you every single day! Your brother Lucky is getting older and he is finally becoming a "snuggler" almost as much as you were. I am glad and I know he misses you very much too! I know you know this but I Love YOU !!!!



Hey baby boy.... you would have been 17 years old today!  It has been nearly 2 years since you left us! It feels like 2 days in some ways and so much longer than 2 years in other ways.  Me and Gianna held your soft fur we saved today and thought of you - and sang Happy Birthday to you!  We miss you so very much.  Your brother Lucky misses you alot, he is getting alot more cuddley in his old age.... like he knows I need him to be.  We know you are with us and hold you in our hearts Forever.  Happy Birthday my Precious Heart and Soul  :)  We Love you and mIss you,  Mommy, Daddy, Gianna, Lucky and Quincy too :) God Bless You!


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