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Memorial created 06-24-2008 by
Melissa Smith
February 0 1999 - June 20 2008

In loving memory of our Jebidiah who we love so much. Jeb will be greatly missed and be in my heart forever. Jeb is my favorite and will always be my favorite.

It doesn't really suprise me that so many of the other memorials on this website are for German Shepherds. I understand that better than anyone.

Jeb was a stray at about 4-5 months old running down a very busy highway in Albuquerque, NM. I chased him down, put him in the car and headed to the Emergency Clinic for Animals. Jeb had on a choke collar and rabies tag. I called the clinic where the rabies vaccination was given and got a number for some folks that owned a collie. The quickly informed me that they did not have a German Shepherd. Nobody ever came forward to claim him. At that time I also worked part time at animal control as a euthansia technician and I knew he didn't have a chance there as at that time, euth rates were at about 85%. The funny part is that I did not really like German Shepherds at that time and already had 3 dogs at home. I decided to keep him despite requests from my boyfriend at the time that we already had enough dogs. To help ease this, I named him Jebidiah Springfield from the Simpson's and that sealed the deal.



We were an instant hit. We were inseperable. Jeb went to work with me every single day. We went to dog class twice weekly and he was the superstar. We competed in some obiedience trials together, which we did well in, but didn't like the competitive atmosphere. And most of all, we played ball...and then more ball....and then more ball. I remember one time specifically that I took him down to the Bosque del Apache for a swim. I had no idea that the current was so strong and the mud so think. He started to bob up and down in the water, so I just jumped in to get him and we both had to be pulled out by some dude, who thought I was crazy, into his boat.

He comforted me after a long day of having to euthanize other peoples' dogs and after seeing horrible cases of abuse and neglect. I think he worked extra hard to try to please me knowing that I was in this moral dilemma. Sometimes I wonder when it's time for me to go, will I be judged for all the dogs that I have killed? I hope Jeb tells them that I only did it because I love dogs so much. 


After spending a few years in New Mexico, we moved to Madison, WI where I finished school at the UW. Maybe, Rupert and Jeb all came with me. I started volunteering with German Shepherd rescue and then later formed Madison Mutts, an all breed rescue.We got into agility and Jeb was a natural. Life was really going well here. Jeb acquired a few more dog friends which he loved to play with. I have been so lucky to be able to spend all my days and nights with my best friend. Vacations, everything.

We lost Rascal and Rupert before Jeb died. I hope that they are together. And I hope Jeb has his ball. I wonder if dogs do go on somewhere, which for the time being, it's the only thought that gives me comfort, that there is an automatic tennis ball machine.

Jeb was diagnosed with acute leukemia, a rare cancer in dogs. Jeb had every medical bell and whistle possible, including staring Chemotherapy at the veterinary school. From the time I first noticed he wasn't feeling well, to the time we let him go was just over a week.

On his last day with me, I put him up into my bed and just held him for a few hours until Adam could get home. I knew what I had to do. He didn't want to play ball anymore and we were losing him. I wasn't sure that I could have euthanized my own dog but my vet gave me the injection just in case so that he didn't have to get dragged around to the ER and could go peacefully at home. I gave Jeb his injection and he was gone. Peacefully and quickly. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

If I had to do it over again, I would. All the pain and hurt I feel now is because of all the joy that this precious dog gave me.

He loved to dig rocks out of creeks and rivers

We miss you so much!

Those of us who choose to share our lives with lives even more temporary than our own, live in this fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we would still live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never really understanding the big plan.


I am so glad you got to have your baby kitties the night before you left us. I know you loved that.

Jeb loved cats. I mean to the point of almost an obsession. If we ever had foster kittens, he would shred our stuff to make a little nest for them. He did the same thing for orphaned wildlife, birds, you name it. It's the only thing he loved more than BALL.

Jeb on day one!

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