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Memorial created 07-3-2008 by
Brian Laurent
Roxy Girl
January 21 2004 - May 18 2008

Roxy Girl at 6 months

In loving memory of my Roxy Girl

Daddy's little angel who always had her wings!!!!

Roxy came into my life several years ago. She was only 6 months old and love at first sight. A beautiful baby Moluccan Cockatoo. A species known by many as a "love sponge" and known by others to be "air raid sirens" (screamers). I have several other large birds that I love. Roxy Girl fit right in and soon became the spokesbird for my home's Cockatoo Mafia. The group of five who would pick on and protect themselves from the larger Macaws. Roxy Girl was a very energetic and curious bird. She was always willing to take a stroll into another room to put her beak print into anything that couldn't resist her power. Many things still remain in the house that have her "autograph" I remember how loud I would yell when I saw the damage. She would just stand there so innocent and proceed to start screaming at me like it was my fault. In her absence I smile an remember those days; like it was yesterday. Wish I could go back to yesterday, just for the day, even an hour just to touch her beautiful feathers and rub her head for a while.

 When I said a Moluccan Cockatoo was a "love sponge" they seriously absorb love. Roxy Girl absorbed it all and unlike many other types of pets, Roxy Girl would tell you


every time you saw her!!

Then she would start screaming again!!!! UNTIL I started to rub her head. This bird demanded attention and tons of it. I will always cherish the sunsets at the Beach with Roxy Girl on my left arm with my right hand rubbing her head.  She was needy for sure!!!! But I was glad to give her the attention she so deserved.

Roxy left my world tragically and suddenly. The only thing that I am truly grateful for in this tragedy is that she died in my arms. I got to tell her that I loved her hundreds of times, I got to keep her warm, I got to say goodbye. I am grateful she did not die alone. That day she took a part of my soul with her. The days have gotten a little easier but I still think about her every day. I still have tears every time I do think about her.

Since most Cockatoos live 60- 70 years, her 4 short years were a shock to me. I have lost a few pets over the years but none who have affected me this way. As two months has already passed, I sit here with tears in my eyes thinking of her, typing this tribute. I sure do hope the" Rainbow Bridge Poem" is true so when I cross that bridge, she will fly to me and can rub her head forever. ROXY GIRL,  I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU FOREVER......"BABY CHICKEN!"



July  29, 2008....Well Roxy Girl, it has past two months and I am still missing you. We (Chloe, Bunge, Iris, Daisy, Baby and your fill-in Tiji and ME DAD)  did two show at the Marriott Beach. You would have loved it. 600 people and lots of kids.... "just kidding we know how much you disliked that part" the next show was 800 people a few less kids though. I just got the birds to the van when the downpours came. They stayed dry but I got soaked. Sunset was nice but it was hard to watch it go down. You made it special. I had to rub your head to keep you from screaming at the sun. I saw a double rainbow last week on my way to work. I thought of you right away. I could picture you swinging from a swing and eating everyone elses snack so you would have more in your bowl  I hope you are playing with all the precious pets that mommies and daddies keep signing you guest book. As soon as I feel like torturing myself again I will add some more pictures of you. The new little baby is doing good. She reminds me of you as she has the same attitude. She hasn't quite gotten the scream down yet. I know you can see her from where you are now.... and yes "tinkerbell is still pooping on the floor" Brian and Arianna ask about you all the time and they know where you are. They miss you too! I just wanted to tell you I miss you Baby Chicken. Love your DADDY 


Hanging out at the beach on Marco Island

August 26, 2008

Hey Roxy Girl, Saw another rainbow today, should have known I would end up writing to you. My heart is aching today thinking about you. I am going to the Hyatt with the birds tonight. Great news that baby bird is starting to eat on her own and I think Tinkerbell is finally housebroken. Another thing is that Lexi Bird is coming back. They lady that adopted him has to leave town and she wants to give him back. There is a big dog named Blaster that might be looking for you. He is really really big, I think you could probably ride on his back. I miss you sweety.... I write again soon.... I LOVE YOU!!!


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Daddy and the kids

September 26, 2008. Hi Roxy Girl, I don't know why but it has been a month since I last updated your memorial. I don't know what the heck is going on. It is really hard to smile some days. I just miss you sooooo much. Believe it or not when I clean the aviary (my favorite Sunday project) I miss you screaming at the top of your lungs when the shop vac goes on. Or tearing the fresh newspapers out from underneath all your brothers and sisters cages. It just isn't the same without you. I saw Barbara from Quinn's last week and she asked about you. I started to cry when I told her that I had lost you a few months ago. She was so sad. I think all the other birdies miss you too. Baby bird is a spitting image of you and has taken to flying all over the house. she is completely weaned and I find myself calling her Roxy Girl once in a while. I know you understand that she was not meant to replace you in my heart. Tinkerbell is finally housebroken ( 1. 5 years) The kids are doing great. they also ask about you all the time and miss you. I hope you are safe and happy Roxy Girl. there are a lot of critters that I have sent looking for you to keep you safe even though I believe where you are now there is no such thing as not being safe. I just want to believe that you have an army of love around you. I am still missing the piece of my heart you took away in April. My heart It is still beating but not at the pace when you were here with me. My eyes are full of tears so I must say goodbye for now baby girl. I still think about you constantly and honestly don't think the pain will go away. i guess I am just going to have to live with it and learn to cope every day. You are not just another bird. You're my Roxy Girl. 



January 21, 2009.. Roxy Girl's Birthday

"Happy Birthday Roxy Girl," I guess I have been trying to avoid updating your memorial because I am still so very sad from losing you. I have been waiting for this day to come and how unfortunate it has to be that instead of rubbing your head and listening to you scream I must only think of you and feel the tears well up inside my eyes. I had to at least take a minute to acknowledge that I still think about you so often. Every time I see a rainbow I still speak to you towards the sky.

You must always know that I love you with all of my heart and I will repeat myself till the day I die that "I will always remember you" one day you will be perched again on my arm and I will rub your head forever.

Sweet dreams for your birthday, I love you Roxy Girl "BABY CHICKEN"


January 21, 2010

Hey Sweetie. Happy Birthday. I wish I had you with me today. I miss you terribly even after almost 2 years. All you brothers and sisters are doing well. Lucky Bird has taken over as you left off. He must be following in your foot steps. Tiji is with you now too and I know you were never friends but at least it is someone you know. I will try to write more often I just dont have the emotional strength these days to read through the pages. I miss you Roxy Girl and I celebrate your Birthday with all of the memories we shared. I love you baby chicken....



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