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Memorial created 07-4-2008 by
Shabba Lou
June 6 1994 - June 30 2008

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

Oh Shabba Lou, I miss you so very much little man. My heart is aching so deeply this year because I will be without both you and Ebony. I hurt so bad sweety. I will write more, as I feel better. I love you and miss you both so very much!!!!

Merry Christmas 'Angel' 2008 A Christmas Wish

No Christmas joy No Christmas cheer, Just sitting here wishing You were still here

December 16, 2008 10:01am My dearest Shabba Lou. Christmas is now days away. I hung everyone's socks up today and I am an emotional mess, as I look at both yours and Ebony's socks. Your sock even has a stiff toe, 'cause you chewed it (trying to get your treats out of the wrong end) and got it all slobbery. I will never wash it. In your memory my little teddy bear, I will fill your sock, and then share your treats with your brothers and sisters. I know you won't mind, and I am sure your siblings will be extremely pleased to get extra treats this year. My sweet little boy, not a day goes by that I don't think about you. You are in my mind constantly. I keep a picture of you and your sister on my desk at work so I never have to be without either of you near. It is hard sometimes to look at you because it hurts my heart, but it's also very comforting when I need to see your precious little faces. Somtimes I lay back here at home and see your beautiful little face looking at me...then I hear that "duck quack" bark of yours. I'll never get over not having you in my life. Your brothers and sisters, and all my wonderful friends have helped keep me going during some of the most difficult times of my life. Oh how my arms and heart ache just to caress that sweet little body of yours. I even miss wiping the sleepy out of your eyes after you went blind. I love you Shabba Lou!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO I miss you boy...oh how I miss you. This has been a very tough year, but we will make it through. I will write more later son.
December 21, 2008 I love your loving look in those big brown eyes, and your warm kisses were sincere...The way you squeaked your toy in triumph when you win a tug of war. I loved that wet black button nose and that wagging tail of yours. I loved it when you greeted me, and the tapping of your toes. The little bell that rings my heart whenever I feel you near is a sound I most enjoy to hear. I still see those beautiful brown eyes and those soft cream colored ears. I LOVE YOU my little twinkle precious boy SHABBA LOU

Merry Christmas Shabba Lou. We miss you dear brother.


Top left to right - Buster and Dezzy Middle left to right - Krystal and Princess Bottom left to right - Maggie, Seville and Tina Turner

Thank you Judy Green for this beautful ornament.

"Life is Such a Paradox" by Bev Swanson Life is such a paradox...Joy and Sorrow - Pain and Joy...the mixture of the two. It seems they work together to guide our journey through. And when I ponder is a novel thought that the extent I enter pain, my joy to me is brought. There was a time when I was numb and felt no joy or pain. The more that I allowed my sorrow; the clearer I could see tomorrow. Life is such a paradox...the mixture of the two. When Joy and Pain join in the whole I am connected to my soul. So in this season of joy, allow the depths of your sorrow. And when joy sneaks it's way in, allow your joy. So often folks feel guilty for feeling happiness when their loved on is no longer with them. But they would never want you to be sad forever. So be with what it. This process is a daily thing. Moment by moment...sorrow comes and comes and goes...all other emotions come and go. All important. All a part of what is. It is what it is. You are healing. Open to hope...Open to peace...Open to love...Open to joy...


Ebony and Shabba Lou together forever.

Oh Shabba look what Joy (Angel's mom) sent us
Thank you so much Joy (Angel's mom) !!!!
Received 11/30 from Joy (Angel's mom)
Suzie Wong (Dawn's baby girl)

Thank you so much Dawn!! Hi Carole, thank you so much for all your kind words. I miss Suzie very, very much, it's very difficult for me. I am so greatful to have found this site, and people like yourself have helped me so much through this time. I love your tributes to both Ebony and Shabba Lou. What beautiful little doggies we had. I know they had wonderful lives just as we had wonderful lives with them in our lives. I have some pictures of Suzie Wong that Joy, Lauvern made for me. I don't know how to do any of them so I will send them to you. Can you also send me one of Ebony and Shabba Lous to add to Suzie's friends page. I hope you and your family have a very blessed Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year! I know all of our babies are looking down on us and are with us every single minute of each day. Thanks again for being there for me. I really do appreicate it, and I know you know exactly the hurt I am feeling. Take care and God Bless. Dawn-Marie, Suzie's mommy ALWAYS REMEMBER OUR BELOVED DOG SUZIE WONG R.I.P. 1994-2008

Suzie Wong...Such a pretty angel!!
Thank you Dawn, just look at all these angels

Our Dear friends Luna and (mommy) Nadine

Luna just got done decorating the tree and is getting ready to jump up on the couch to snooze in front of the warm fireplace 'cause she's all worn out. She did a lot of the decorating by herself because she wanted to be alone with just the thoughts and memories of you and her. The lamp is on dim, the fireplace is warm, it's snowing outside, and all she can think of right now is her mommy. Luna says, "I love you more than the whole wide world mommy. We will be together again one day, and nothing will ever be able to separate us again. Merry Christmas mom...remember, I will be perched on your shoulder...listen for my whispers in the wind. I love you mommy." Luna has the Christmas song (I'll Be Home For Christmas) playing softly in the background. She knows she will be with you in your heart, and will also be on your shoulder, to comfort you this season. Luna was sitting back proudly looking at the beautiful job she'd done, and all of a sudden she saw a vision of you in her mind. Your image was hovering above her like an angel. You see, although Luna is now and angel...she also had a visitor...maybe in her mind, but it's so real to Luna. The stocking hung on the fireplace is yours. She only put one stocking up this year because she dedicated this day especially for her mommy. Each box is filled with kisses and gobbs of love. There will be a big Christmas celebration in heaven with all her friends. They will gather at this house, which is very large, so there will be plenty of room for all. Luna is "of course" the party planner.


Hi Carole,

Well it's 7.14 Christmas morning here in Australia, so another Christmas Eve has been and gone without my sister here - I ended up going to sleep early as I couldn't handle waiting until 12.00am.

Here's the photo I made - Hope you like it! Hugs from Bettina and Rambo to Momma and the 'pack'
This lovely picture was sent to me by Adriana Martinez' sister Bettina. Adriana's tribute at Virtual Memorials is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. These two sisters touched me so deeply...I cannot even describe it in words alone. I was visiting at the site one day, and there she was...angel Adriana. We will never forget to remember you Adriana. What a wonderful sister you have. I know you are watching over her every second of every day. Thank you so much Bettina!


Bettina's sister Adriana 5/12/68 ~ 5/23/03

I cannot deny that now I am without your company, I feel not only that I'm deprived of a very dear sister but that I have lost half of myself. "Quote by Beatrice D'Este"


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