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Merry Christmas Lea!! This is for you and Sandy! Love, Vicki, Angel Chey and Sierra!

Memorial created 08-26-2008 by
Lea Blankenship
January 28 1997 - November 3 2006

Such a beautiful Angel

In loving memory of my Sally who I loved so much. Sally will be greatly missed and be in my heart forever.  I rescued Sally from a high kill shelter.  I had gone there to look for another dog and her eyes and mine met.  When I bent down to say hi, she stuck her nose through the fence and licked my hand.  I knew then she was coming home with me.  Sally was 5 years old when I adopted her and she had been abused really bad.  Her back legs were bent and she could never straighten them.  When I would go to pet her she would hunker down.  It took me six months of loving her and talking to her to let me pet her and other people come around her.  She was the most sweetest gentlelest collie I had every known.  She loved my other dog Sandy and they were best of buddies.  When I brought her home from the shelter she was sick with worms and parisites but I took her to the vet and nursed her back to health.  The last year of her life she became really bad with her back legs.  Although I had made a walk up step for her to get in the bed those last few months she was draging herself across the floor and I would have to pick her up and put her on the  bed.  The vet told me she was in great pain and although I had medicine to give her she had no quality of life.  It was the hardest decision I ever had to make.  It took me a couple of weeks to decide  and I was with my precious baby when she took her last breath.  I held her and told her I loved her soooo much and the tears just kept falling but all she did was look at me with those beautiful brown eyes and it was like she was saying "Mommy it is time for me to go to the Rainbow Bridge"   I was devastated.  But in my heart I know she is playing so hard and is able to stand up straight on all four legs and having a wonderful time.  I miss you baby girl.  Me and Sandy loved you soooo very much.  Run free my sweetie!!!


I want to give a special thank you to Cheyanne's mom Vicki for making it possible for me to pay tribute to my precious Sally. 


Oh how you two loved each other.

I only had you 4 years and 8 months but they were the best years of my life.  Your brother Sandy and I miss you sooooo much my sweetheart.  I think about you everyday.  You gave me an unconditional love and in return I took good care of you, loved you, played with you, nutured you in sickness, I only wish I could have cured you.  Remember the little tifs you and Sandy would get into and how I pulled you two apart and told you all to behave, well I miss those little tifs and those sweet kisses you would give me.  I miss you laying in my arms when a storm came.  Oh how you hated storms.  I miss you greeting me at the door and how you use to prance around when I came home.  I know you are in no pain anymore and you are running free.  I just wish I could have you back.  I love you Sally and you always will be my precious angel.


I Love you My Sweet Angel

Remember those car rides and long walks we took.  Remember the night Sandy got sprayed by the skunk and it just barely missed you.  Remember the baby squirrel we nursed back to health and set it free when it was old enough.  I have such wonderful memories of you my precious angel Sally and I thank you so very much for that.  You were one of a kind.  Sweet, loyal and loving, never a dull moment with you and your brother Sandy.  Although you never like any stuffed animal or squeek toys, for some reason you thought they were a threat, you loved to romp and play with Sandy.  I dont know what happened to you in those first five years when you were not mine but I know you had a wonderful life with me and Sandy.  You taught me things that I didnt think I had inside of me.  You are a shining star in my heart although part of it broke when you went to the Rainbow Bridge and you will live in my heart forever.  I will see you again someday when me and Sandy cross over to the Rainbow Bridge. 


You Are truly a Rainbow Bridge Angel

Oh my precious Sally look what a beautiful pic Dale's mom Laura made for me to put on your page.  Oh how beautiful you look at the rainbow bridge.  Thank you Laura and Dale.


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