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Memorial created 08-27-2008 by
Lisa Halvorson-Schneider
Puck Llewis
October 16 1992 - August 23 2008

turkey hangover!

Thursday morning all the little angels woke up to the terrific smells of the season, Buddy was preparing his stuffing recipie for the "Turkey" Gobble Gobble... Luna arrived with Happy and Blossom Dollie, Bobo, Christian and Zoe was already in the kitchen preparing the "bird", and side dishes, squash, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, string bean casserole, stuffing ,lots of stuffing, one with raisins, one mdae from bread and of course Buddy's recipie..Yummie! The girls were busy baking apple pies, punpkin pies & pumpkin square, breads, crescent rolls, and cookies, then came the strawberry shortcake, and other assorted delights for the desert hour.  Zoe helped prepare the tables with little glasses filled with whipped butter and dressing the table with the fruit basket cornucopia,  everything looked so good, and during the day everyone stopped by to lend a helping hand ... giving thanks to all they have and the friends they have made. 

The tables were draped in linen with cloth napkins and sparkling crystal stem wear,  with candles flickering, Puck was in the kitchen sampling the turkey as Bobo and Christian were carving each one, and a glazed look came over his eyes so the girls Luna, Dollie, Greta, Zoe, Angel, helped the all the boys carry him and place him on the main table, Dsty and Nooops placed him on the center one cause it was the larest one, that way when he awoke up he could help everyone set up.  ...  while all the girls were placing the napkins and place settings on the tabel they  checked in  on him ... but he still snoring ZzzZZZZzZZZ. All the little fur-angels worked throught out the day making a feast fit for a king, everything was set up on tables, Puck woke up and helped set up before all the children arrived. The main table and decorated it with lights, cornucopia of fruits, flowers and candles, it was the center table and  decorated so beautifully so each little angel could see the beautiful that surrounded each of them, all feel all the love that wasreflected in the room. 

The doors opened and each child took thrir a seat, the feast was now served, cranberries, sparkling cider, the works ... they ate, and ate,and ate some more, plenty of seconds and thirds, and all took part. After the meal  they all sat back and tapped their tummies, then they walked to the patio of Lunetta's and relaxed until the tables were cleared and prepared for the  the desert hour inwhich they used the center table where all their love was stored. As each child re-enteretd their eyes sparkled ... not just because everything was beautiful, but the sweet scent of freshly baked deserts filled the room ... each child again took their seats licking their lips ... Hot apple pie, deserts of all kinds, fruit pastries, cakes and delights of all kinds ... there was teas of berries and rasberries, herbs or all kind, cafe, chocolate, mochas, lattees ...

After each child was done they once again strolled the patio and entered the garden of Lunetta's, they walked across the beach  as  the lumunous lights were reflected in the water, then the stars appeared  ... each child gathered wishing eachother heartfelt wishes as they gazed upon the waters with thoughts of their parents sending to them all their love and well wishes. 

Thanks to the wonderful angels the kitchen was spotless and all the linen, tables and dishes were put away, and the returned to the lounge area where a special coffee and tea car was set up, frozen drinks too if you choose.  ... (Puck was first on line with a smile on his face waiting for a vanilla lattee).    

All the  children were so thankful  for all the gifts in which they received, and the greatest gift of all, the special love they shared with their mommy, daddy and family. Each one gently bowed head giving thanks in prayer for all their gifts ... knowing n their hearts one day we would all be together again.

 Later that evening they all brushed their teeth, put on their special  "Holiday PJ's" compliments of the angels ... tiny pink and blue jammies adorned with clouds and rainbows on them ... each child climbed up to their cloud which again were joined and filled with fluffy pillows and blankets ...  slowly each one nestled in and  fell asleep under the beauty of the evening sky while the star-lights twinkled up above putting each one to sleep ... the angels formed a circle and began to sing the little ones a lull-a-bye, "rest your eyes little ones, snuggle with ease, for the night is among us and it's time to go to sleep, rest your head little ones, the dawn of a new day is approaching, the heavens will craddle you while the night will surround and comfort you. One day little ones when you least expect it, your parents will be here to join you, they will once again old you in the arms that missed you so much, and gently kiss away each and every tear you have shed because now you live will continue for all eternity. Rest your heads little ones, for the day will one day come, when you will once again be starting in the eyes of your beloved, you forever cherished one. 

I LOVE YOU!!! I Love you All!!! Thank you for being the special friends you are, my life been enriched and my heart as well, just by the friendship and love from each and every one of you. Love always, Luna


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