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Memorial created 08-27-2008 by
Lisa Halvorson-Schneider
Puck Llewis
October 16 1992 - August 23 2008


Today little man is your 19 month Angel Day….
So Puck Llewis Halvorson … my little Fuzzy headed Q-Tip…
Toys and treats and of course your man bags.   Your name came about all because of a Hockey game
Mom was watching on TV….so many many times…you heard your name ‘PUCK’...
its a good name…
like a hockey puck …..
You are small and black and fast….
Oh the early childhood years….
With occasional child sicknesses and visits to the vet – all was well-
The groomer and doggie salon….you loved to go…
Walks and adventures and the car rides mom would take just to make you doze and sleep….
Trips to Gramma and Grampas house and cousin Brandies….how Brandie loved you. 
Toy boxes and suitcases and clothes and collars and leashes and bandanas.
 The collection of 'Puck stuff' had begun…….
And the games Puck played…..    
So many times I would come home from work just to clean up after your adventures in the house. 
I tried to Puck Proof things but you would always find something to get into
The sock drawer and the dreaded sock monsters (my socks that were rolled into a ball) was a favorite
target….they were soft and apparently chewy but more than that. they belonged to mom and apparently fun
what was mine is Pucks and what Pucks is Pucks…
The travels into the bathroom were especially adventurous … the door to the bathroom where Puck and I spent
His childhood years never really shut tight…..pucks favorite target the toilet paper…so many times I would come home
To a cloud of TP dust wafting thru the air….kind of like fog….
I could follow the TP trail thru the house thru the kitchen chair/tables/living room/ coffee tables….many many yards of white…
Hard to be sour at a bouncing adventurous fuzzyhead…..wo always greeted me with excitement…
He always got a hug or kiss or a patt on his - tootie bunns - no matter what he got himself into…
His favorite game … FETCH!!!
…oh not the typical ‘fetch’ game everyone knows…
oh no…
.this was “Puck Fetch” 
Puck would throw his toys in the tub and make mom get it….
Hours and hours I spent fetching Pucks toys out of the bathtub and hours and hours
Puck Llewis spent throwing them BACK in the tub.
He would always tattle on himself as he would always come to get me –
or I would be missing him, which,  after a few minutes I had go and check on him…
 ….i would find him sitting staring at the tub…looking longingly because 36 of his toys would be in there...haha
But the game of fetch wasn’t only limited to his toys…My socks, slippers, tablets, treats
And the list went on…and on and on…..
 One day he didn’t throw his toys or treats or my socks…
he was sick…
very sick…..
after a few trips to the vet he was losing weight FAST…..
and throwing up .   no blood in stool ….but I was very scared…
at last resort
they did a parvo test…..
He had come down with a new strain of parvo virus – he had his parvo shot but this particular strain we think came
 from the buffalo farm next door to pucks gramma and grampas (my mom and dad) up in Warroad MN
I had Puck up north with me for a few days off....
his Vet  told me his odds of surviving…..
1 to 3%
I said its not Zero… -  
my baby
my boy….
i wasn’t going to give up……NO WAY!!  it broke my heart to see my baby boy with tubes and fluids ... and all that.....
Many prayers and monies and monies and more monies and Puck weight going down to 4 pounds ....And my visits 2 times a day..on my way to work and on my way homefrom ...and 3 times on the weekend...after 10 days in the hospital.....he was fighting with everything he had....
After visiting him one particular Thrusday….he had lifted his head when I walked in and for the 1st time in 9 days cried when I left…..
I was at work no more than a few hours .....when…..i received an emergency phone call…..
 I was crying before I even picked the phone up….
but, to my surprise, tears of sadness turned to tears of relief.
He ate, and drank and even pottied in the 3 hours since i left him.....
Puck could come home!  
He was better!!!! 
With watchful eyes and a …and a spray bottle for his ‘ cable laying ‘, which I had to use every time he went out, I followed him around spraying everything for several weeks. 
the virus finally cleared and  Puck started to gain some weight back.
I was finally able to walk with him without the spray bottle….
we were out side – I was talking to the neighbors when the my neighbor started laughing….
Lets just say –
 I was glad at that particular moment to be wearing shoes…
Puck ‘laid cable…(pooped) on my right shoe’ just dropped anchor right there….on my shoe with my foot inside! 
My little man……
My crazy head…..
He was back!!! 
(to be continued)


High above the mountains, far across the sea
I can hear your voice calling out to me
Brighter than the sun and darker than the night
I can see your love shining like a light
And on and on this earth spins like a carousel
If I could travel across the world
The secrets I would tell

 You and I
Were meant to fly
Higher than the clouds
We’ll sail across the sky
So come with me
And you will feel
That we’re soaring
That we’re floating up so high
‘Cause you and I were meant to fly

Sailing like a bird high on the wings of love
Take me higher than all the stars above
I’m burning, yearning
Gently turning round and round
I’m always rising up I never
Want to come back down


You and I
Were meant to fly
Higher than the clouds
We’ll sail across the sky
So come with me
And you will feel
That you and I were meant to fly

You and I were meant to fly

03-26-2010 12:40 PM -- By: ,  From:  

for Puck and his mom...


The path to forever,
We'll walk hand and hand;
In the name of love and friendship,
I know you'll understand....

All of my many feelings,
A shoulder to lend;
I can count on you,
To be my forever friend.

We'll share our greatest secrets,
As side by side we stroll;
Cross our hearts and promise,
Not to tell another soul.

We'll talk about our future,
And relive some of the past;
And know our love and friendship,
Will forever last.

I pray God's light to shine upon us,
We'll always be together;
I know that He will bless us,
As we go down the "Path To Forever."

Written by Shirley Jean Pickens



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