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Memorial created 08-27-2008 by
Lisa Halvorson-Schneider
Puck Llewis
October 16 1992 - August 23 2008

a true baby boy

Happy 18th birthday little man.  

and you are a little man.....

the moment i saw you....which was in this photo....

lady your mom, your brother (the white one-who is hard to see with lady also being white) and of course,

the little black then unamed Puck Llewis

October 1992


standing tall

you always stood above the rest....

and you look really tall here!

you are my boy...

summer 1994



puck and his treats; bone bones...

you always made me laugh. 

 i would give you treats; bonz, i called them bone bones...

you always waited till i played and tried to take it away from would run through the house and drop it at my feet...or in my lap...i would reach for it and as quick as a puck up the would snatch it back up...

only to begin the 'chasing of the treat' 

winter 1996


amongst his presents

christ-mutt 1992 - chewing on a frozen treat!   

( i still have that spiney squeaky toy) 


opening presents

Christ-mutt 2000 -

how he loved presents! 

i think he secretly laughed at me picking up the mess he left..




holding a vigil. he lost a treat .....

he made me laugh. 

he would hold a vigil if he lost a treat...sometimes he would throw a treat with a little too much oompf....

this one landed under my cedar chest....

he would not whine

he would not cry

he would wait.  

and wait

and wait


till mom came to the rescue ... and retrieved whatever it was he lost...




puck with his ball


puck and his ball....

summer 2003


puck and his soccer ball

another ball.  

nothing left of the leather it has all been chewed away by one puck llewis

fall 2003; amongst the leaves

(i still have his soccer ball; it is in his room)


my smiling lil man

you always put a smile on my face...

cause you would smile

a bad day just didnt matter...



always smilin

never a moment goes by i dont see your smiling face



laxin in the bean bag chair with mr monkey

how i miss you so much little man. 

this is one of my favorite pics.  

his yellow bean bag chair with what is left of mr monkey

june 2008


Dollie Marie Cothran 10/16/94

its your 18th birthday little man....

never would I have thought, in a billion years, that one day a little gurl would come into our lives....

her name..

Dollie Marie Cothran

never would i have thought someone so special would not only walk with you at Rainbow Bridge; but make mom feel a little more peaceful....

amongst your many many friends that i know are with you....

you and Dollie share a common bond...

October 16th.  

 Happy 16th birthday sweet gurl.

 you are truly an Angel...


 (thank you richard for the picture of dollie)


Happy Birthday ...

Happy 18th birthday little man...



on this day, and everyday, walk in those fields of gold.  


  for i know you are not alone.

not a minute in the day goes by i dont think of you....

i know you are safe.  

you are in my heart. 

October 16th will never quite be the same day...but i know you share a common bond with another precious Angel

Dollie and Puck;

Happy Birthday

I hold you in my heart...

Walk and lie in fields of gold,

our Angels running and playing as the sun goes down..

among the fields of gold...


till I hold you again ...

i love you Puck Llewis..too the moon and back!






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