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Memorial created 08-27-2008 by
Lisa Halvorson-Schneider
Puck Llewis
October 16 1992 - August 23 2008

Pucks Birthday Annnouncement in Heaven

What can I tell you that I haven't said already. 

It's been 53 days since you made your journey to Rainbow Bridge.    

It's your 16th Birthday.  Your Golden Birthday.  This day was supposed to be special for you.  Extra treats, extra toys, fun with mom & dad, and of course your buddy the Schwan Man. 

I walk by your room, your laundrey, your 82 bandanas, your blankies, your toys, your collars & leashes, your posters, all lonely.  I look at your little endtabe with your picture and I see the URN with your ashes.  

One of these days I will write your story and what made you go to Rainbow Bridge.  I was going to do it today..but I can't.  I just can't.  Its still too fresh and I miss you SO MUCH. 

Everytime you moved, which was usually when I moved, I would hear your bell from your collar.

I wear your bell now with your little puppy shaped pendent birthstone.  I won't take it off.  It gives me comfort to hear it. 

I miss your barking.

I miss turning around in the laundrey room and having you look up at me as if you are saying....'HOW RUDE...YOU MOVED & YOU DIDNT INVITE ME DOWN HERE WITH YOU". 

I miss our routine.  

I miss you waiting for me in the bathroom after my shower. 

I miss playing, and throwing your toys 50 times in a row. 

I miss you pacing when and 'the look' when it was time for bed.  You never went to bed by yourself, you always were the perfect gentleman and waited for mom.  

I miss you getting me up at 3am to go potty..even when you really didnt need to.  You were awake, you woke me.  You never woke dad.  You always let him sleep. 

I miss running after you cause you raided my sock drawer cause it was FUN.  You never took the dirty ones just the clean ones.

I miss your fur and your little kisses and your dad misses your kisses and you standing on his chest in bed when it was time for me to dress for work.

I miss you laying in the fresh dried towels that were just folded.  You always made a bed in the clean laudrey, whether it was on the bed or in the basket , they were warm and soft  and you would look at me as if to say 'THANX MOM FOR THE WARM SOFT SPOT TO CRASH".

I miss not finding hidden 'treasures' in the bed, in the laundrey, in my hadbags.  Whether they were little rawhide treats, or your crackers or cookies it was always a surprise find. I am still finding them.

I miss all the stuffing on the floor cause you had cannibalistic tendencies on eating your toys just to get the 'SQUEAKER' out, or just cause you could.

I miss you bringing me your bandana cause I took it off you for 30 seconds because you needed a brushing.

I miss tripping over you cause you were always my shadow.

i miss you pacing in the kitchen cause you were telling me time for insulin then A TREAT! not only once a day..twice a day. i dont know why but you really like getting your shots.

I miss our trips to Rockford Vetrinary Clinic.  how you loved going to the always barked at the stop sign by the park.  You knew exactly where you were going.  once you were there, you never stopped barking.  EVER

I miss you you running down the stairs to meet your dad when he came home from work. or he stepped outside for 30 seconds.  He misses that to.  

I miss your low scarrrrrryyyyyy growls you did when it was just me and you and we were waiting for dad to come always had those low growls..not sure if you thought you were protecting me against the invisible or just letting me know dad was coming home.

I miss seeing your head tilt when I would talk to you or when I would sing...not sure if my singing was really that bad or you understood me.


I miss you hogging the fan.

I miss hearing your dad say 'LITTLE BUDDY'.

I miss your radio in your room not being on..Your nightline remains on.

I miss hearing your dad  telling when I would get home after him, that YOU waited for me at the top of the stairs. You were always there to great me. You would greet your dad.  You greeted EVERYONE.

I miss you running at full speed when the fridge opened, or the cupboard, or a jar rattled.  Just simply walking toward the kitchen would be a cause to run.

I miss you holding a 'VIGIL' cause there was something you always seemed to me to say, 'IF I JUST STARE AT IT LONG ENOUGH..IT WILL COME TO ME"

I know i will miss you unwrapping presents.  Whether they were yours or not just cause you could.  I may save on wrapping paper tho.

I miss you Little Man.  I know you have made some good friends at RB and I have to...but Puck Llewis I miss you so Much....

I love you.  

I miss you

Happy Birthday Little Man..Play Hard today and give Dollie gurl hugs. 

Mom and Dad

We Love You.  Always and Forever.

Your dad does to.....but.....




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