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March 5 1993 - February 4 2003

Puck Llewis tells a ChristMutt story

(puck skipping along, singing .. jingle bells, jingle bells...jingling all of the way....allalallallalffalallalalfalalalal)....he sees buddy and luna loo sitting outside under the beautifully decorated..  he walks on over and admires the Christ-mutt tree and lunettas.  buddy and luna are sitting on red and white fuzzy blankie on the ground a fire c r a c k l i n g  joyfully in fire pit.....amidst the garland and lights a litttle Christmas Evening snack..plates of prime rib, turkey, veggies, little cups of m and m's, christ-mutt cookies, shortbread, little pretzels with hersheys kisses on them.....m and m cookies.....
puck sits down and joins in to celebrate the Christmas Day...laughter and love abound...they all sing...
Hark the Rainbow Bridge Angels sing.......each sigh and smile as they think of moms and dads ... at the ame moment their mom and dads are thinking of their special angels.....
we all look up and see on this nights, one bright star...and many many twinkling wonderful lights of rainbow bridge...</p>
<p>our angels watching, guiding,..every day..every night.
<p>with love ...


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