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March 5 1993 - February 4 2003

Luna's Angel Day story 2011



He was thinking of his mom, looking in on her knowing how much he has been thought of today! Then all of a sudden he sticks his nose in the air, "sniff, sniff, SNIFFF" his tail starts wagging and he jumps up and runs to the kitchen door. He hears pans clanking, smells bacon sizzling, as he looks through the window and sees pancakes flipping and watches Luna sprinkle some mini M&M’s  on top … his mouth begins to water ... hummm, it's beginning to smell really good in here, with that and all of a sudden who would appear but Dale, Puck, Bailey, Toby, Rocky, Luke, and a few other men as they line up in front of the kitchen door …  Luna spots Buddy peaking in kitchen window  and as she opens the door she greets Buddy with a Huge Kiss ... and escorts them to the patio.  As the doors swing their jaws drop ... it's so vibrantly decorated in all shades of blue and spinning from the trees are these little red sparkle 88’s and Buddy begins to really smile! Casting their rays among the beautiful trees, lush gardens and hills, the scent from the beautiful flowers blow freely in the breeze as the sparkles from their eyes glisten as bright as the sun, as those little 88's  spiral, sparkle and twist each guest is escorted to their seats. As the main doors of Lunetta's are opened all our little angels smile ... Dollie, Minnie, Patch, Cooper, Coco, Greta, Sammy, Patch, Butler, and Gretchen greet each one and escort them to their tables and seat them …  Luna snickers … “Guess you could say they could smell some excitement in the air” as scrumptious plates of edibles are placed before each one. Buddy stands and everyone is silent, as he thanks each one for joining him on his angel day ... we have a pretty terrific group of friends here ... as he looks across the room he smiles, thank you, each one of you for being the special friend that you are. Then the little ones begin to eat and as they taste each bite they smack their lips with such a delight, humm hum hum hum hummmm. Delicious! After they finish their meal, each one strolls to the great lawn … while gazing at the water they whisper these words to thee. Buddy stands up and looks to the sky with a bright reflection in his eye and says, “Mom, I love you, I know you miss me and think of me most every day, but alive in your heart I will always be and will never go away”. He smiles brightly as he blows a kiss or two, knowing their hearts will always be connected ... then Puck stands up and clears his throat … walks up to Buddy and says, “High paws up lil man” … they smack paws … then he laffs saying, "I know my mom is watching".  The day will be spent wandering the lush green hills, but their minds will be thinking of us and all the while they know ... they have our love still.

Sending you big hugs and many kisses, may they each find and remind you how much you are truly loved. Always, your friends Luna & her mom Nadine



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