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March 5 1993 - February 4 2003



As high as the heavens, as far as the sea travels to reach the shore, as wide as the horizon covered with the endless movement of clouds that drift through the sky … memories of you are always on our mind.


Luna peaks in on Miss Polly … humm, as she is resting on the sofa and laughs, She raised her paws and twists and shouts, “Party At Miss Polly’s House!!!” Luna bounces in to action, gathering boxes of all the hats, scarf and mittens, all the gloves and mittens; Buddy is sure to get Blue as Luna wraps his scarf around his neck, Puck races over and grabs a green scarf & mittens and a striped fleece cap, he places it on his head turns as to ask, “does this looks ok?” Buddy smiles as he jumps on his glistening snow mobile and revs up his engine, VrooMMMmmmm, Puck jumps on his and with a cup of Vanilla latte in his hand he yells, “Woof da” … and takes a sip. Luna eyes all the little ones lined up and they are on their way. The angels will transport the food for Little Miss Luna, she prepared last night M&M pancakes, pumpkin squares topped with tiny jelly beans … then Luna shrugs, “well, that’s what miss Polly has in her cabinets”, Luna walks over picks up a tiny bean and pops it in her mouth, hummm “Blueberry”…yummm. With all the little ones ready, she hurries to make a new final preparations and their on their way.


As they glide on the frosted silver clouds amidst the sun doggies and northern lights, to a place seen but not so far away, the yard of Buddy’s home away from home, the one he shares with his mom … they quietly gather on the lawn, one by one they land … his brothers inside are so excited to see him then quickly run to the window and wipe their noses on miss Polly’s curtains trying to bet a better view, His tied mom unknowing to the commotion outside lets the boys out and Buddy slips inside … there he stands with his head tiled to one side just looking at his mom with a smile and those eyes that sparkle and shine, although she does not know why, Miss Polly’s eyes begin to tear but there is a warmth within her and a sparkle there too … all her love comes to life as Buddy walks over and rests his chin on her lap … she begins to wipe a tear that is about to fall when all of a sudden Buddy lifts his head up and smothers her with kisses and she begins to smile.


As she gets up to let the boys in, a cool clean wisp of a breeze passes her … yes, her boy went to join the others … so when you think the cool breeze has really got you down, it’s just our angels sending you kisses and playing in your yard.


… for all our memories, the countless moments that make up time, their love will always surround us. Thinking of you Buddy on your birthday, sending you all our love too … our precious little angels … our heart will always belong to you.


Sending you all our love always, Luna & her mom Nadine


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