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March 5 1993 - February 4 2003


Buddy gets up extra early, for some reason the stars are shining extra bright today … probably beacsue his mommy and all his friends are thinking about him ... as he looks over he see’s Luna sleeping and drifts off to sleep … ZzzZzzZZz … when morning arrives he walks over to help Luna out of her fluffy blanket, she always manages to get herself tangled … but when he lifts the blanket she’s not there??? The faint aroma of freshly brewed hot cocoa is coming from the dining area, when Buddy walks down the stairs she sees tables covered in white linens with the # 88on the side, each table is prinked with little green glitter 88’s and shamrocks … shamrocks? … Yip, Puckie pulled them out of his man-bag and sent them fluttering through the sky and they all found their place among the tables dressed in Ivory linen with white rimed plates … Buddy lifts his head and takes a sniff … hummm, the aroma of warm Potica comes from the kitchen, he begins to get excited and hurries to take his place. When he pulls out his chair thousands of streamers fill the sky … HORRAY!!! IT’S BUDDY’S BIRTHDAY!!! He puts on his #88 Green Party hat and smiles … I can see this is going to be a fun day!!! All the little angels gather round, each tasting Buddy’s favorites, Warm Potica, pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream, toast with raspberry jam sent to us special from his Grandma back home with a note that says, “We love you Buddy”… he smiles and he puts an extra big helping of red raspberry jam on his toast and smiles … please pass the butter Dale! Here you have to taste this, my Grandma made this for me special! … ohhh, Budddyyy, itttsss rreeaallly goooddd, munch, munch, munch …. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything sweeter, except for my mom’s kisses. (tee-hee)…and Dale he takes yet another bite! Hummm YuMMIE!  Buddy looks at Dale, he smiles … “it’s ok Dale, you can have your own piece!! Hahaha … Buddy yells into the kitchen, “LUNA, more toast with Raspberry Jam  please” … out from the kitchen in a flash is Puck in a green apron … as he rushes to the table … with a coy smile and his best deep Darth Vader voice says,  may the Irish force be with you....tee-hee (and puts out the toast along with a special batch of tiny edible shamrock cookies dusted with tiny green sprinkle,  Pucks takes a deep breath and he says, “UUUUUH  HHHHHHHHHH!” Buddy laughs, humm, where is your sword, and with the flash of an eye he holds out his mighty lance … Buddy smiles, hope you have one of those for me … “cool”… Puck look down at his might sword and smiles, “yeah, pretty cool huh”.

After all the little ones finish up breakfast and the angels clean up for them, they head to the patio where a big flying carpet awaits … OMG, hold on …SWOOOOOSH … a calm comes over them as they are relaxing on air, Gees Louise, I can hardly feel this moving but I just love the breeze …

 And off they go. Dusty is hanging on to Willow and Inky, and when he looks for Hammy he finds him in Hammy hair with a blank look on his face … Zeke walks over to Hammy and says not to worry, you’ll be fine, and points to all the angels that are in route with them today … and a sigh of relief comes over him, he climbs down and sits next to Minnie and smiles, gently taking her hand…they look at each others eyes, and … (Luna smiles… come on, look at the horizon). There in the distance is a beautiful blue and as they soar higher it turns a most beautiful shade of baby blue, Luna points out the sun doggies … (she really likes them) … and it’s off to sunny Florida for a relaxing afternoon on the beach in the warmth of the sun. Little cabana huts are set up with straw tops, confetti is blowing in the breeze and the rays of the sun dogs even made it all the way to Florida, you can see their pretty reflections in the sky! Simon, Greta, Zeke and Kit-Cat man the bar, (Kit-Cat puts the funny little straws in the frosty delights with the help of Angel, Patches & Taffy). Angel and Klaus set the tone of the music and the sounds of the surf ring in loud and clear … and the waves reach the shore, white caps frothing in their wake … Lunch is Surf & Turf cooked on open BBQ pits near the ocean, served with sweet corn on the cob, one of Luna’s favorites!


After a relaxing afternoon, an announcement comes over the air, get your engines ready … OMG, it’s off to Atlanta’s speedway for some lightening speed … They board the magic carpet with race cars in tow and are whisked off to the speedway…. This is AMAZING! Look, over land, water and air, the shuttle boat has nothing on us … When they arrive the field is green, the cars are all shades of green and Buddy steps in to his # 88 Special and zooms off, followed by Puck in his “Shamrock mobile”, next Mustang Minnie, and Lightening Luna, and Go get ‘m Greta, and Toby two shoes with his foot placed heavy on the metal, the list goes on and on …  as night begins to fall they all gather around and smile … the magic carpet again arrives but this time they only take the children, the angels said they would look after the mobiles and return them safely home … All of a sudden there is a frigid gust of air … OH MY, Luna hands out the cashmere gloves, mittens, scarves and hats, come on, let’s go!!! As they each exit they are handed a pair of keys and yellow goggles … when they approach what looks like the top of a mountain, there in the distance shining as brightly as the stars at night are gleaming SNOWMOBILES … Dusty runs to his red hot ride (a previous present from Luna for his Birthday), and Buddy looks around and sees Luna calling him to come over, she lifts up the covers and there before his eyes is a electrifying green #88 Dale Mobile, she motions to Dale to come over too, a little shy and confused he walks over to Luna and she too lifts the covers of a racing green Dale Ride with his name sakes picture on the side … “She winks, A Dale for a Dale”, Buddy hops in to his, Dale, Puckie, Greta, Minnie, Toby, Shabba, Ebony, Sheba, Peanut, Little Bit, Ginger, Moosey, Chiquita, Suzie Wong, Klaus, Rocky, T-bone, Gracie, Luke, Sheba, Patch, Scooter, Mayor Ted,  Buster, Scooter Bug, Killer, Lil Joe, Sammy, Angel, Una, Dollie Gurl, Coco, Noops, to name just a few … all the fur-angels follow and they race off … in the distance are waiting stations, like little wood huts boasting warm fires and hot cocoa or latte and yummie cookies!!! They pull in for a pit stop and see Blossom and Daisy, along with Happy, Christian and Bobo setting up for service … a few cookies and some hot cocoa or lattes … all of a sudden all the fur-angels gather around, and the biggest white icing cake is pushed into the tent, Buddy lifts his head to see the top of the cake which looks like a snow covered mountain … he walks over and holds his finger out to take a little taste and his eyes roll back in his head, as he mutters, “oh Dollie, this is good, this is real good” … a few girls help light the candles, and everyone begins to sing, “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Buddy, all the March Birthday Babies and Angel Day Babies, Happy Birthday to you! The cake is served and white icing surrounds the delicious moist red velvet cake … Buddy and gives his friends a little kiss, surrounded by  Daisy, Fergi, Dale, Saada, and the other Mach babies and his eyes fill bright with excitement … Come on, Let’s go over to my mom’s house … I know she had to make me those M&M cookies, and we can play with my brothers too! There is no shortage of snow at her house … after eating they race out of sight … in the distance they see a house with a little fireplace roaring, hot cookies on the counter and lots of  blankets and pillows line the floors … See I told you, Buddy opens the door and says, “Hi Mom, we’re home!”


A love like no other, a day of peaceful wishes and promises for tomorrow … Luna whispers, “Only but a dream away”… WE LOVE YOU!!! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!


Hope you all had a lovely time. Luna & her mom Nadine


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