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GodSpeed, my little man - Mama loves you!

Memorial created 06-17-2006 by
February 0 1989 - June 16 2006

In loving memory of Icky (a.k.a. Ichabod, Iska-bibble, Icky-Boy and Monster), who's spirit was so much bigger than his little body. Here's to you, my little man...may you always have a mailman to chase. (more pictures in the photo album)


My best friend closed his eyes last night, As his head was in my hand. The Doctor said he was in pain, It was hard for him to stand. The thoughts that scurried through my head, As I held him in my arms, Were of his younger, puppy years, And OH...his many charms. Today, there was no gentle nudge With an intense "I love you gaze", Only a heart that's filled with tears, Remembering our joy-filled days. An Angel has appeared and said, "Sweet child, cry no more - GOD also loves our canine friends, HE's installed a 'doggy-door"!


A mere 5 lbs., fully grown, our 17 years together have been filled with countless memories: from surviving a fight with a pit-bull/boxer mix (which he instigated), to chasing a cat into the bathroom, only to end up in the toilet...he didn't know the seat was up! He's been abducted, had a car door slammed on his neck, and has fallen 10 ft. into a briar patch (which required a rescue from the fire department)! "Passionate" about the vacuum, broom and air freshner, he made doing chores FUN and entertaining by chasing them all - even the garden hose was shown no mercy and the drive-through car wash was a chance for him to really show how tough he was!


Icky was long as he was with me; when traveling together, he loved the special treat of sitting on my shoulder, window cracked, sniffing the air. His ears would perk up when passing a field of horses or cows and he would awake from the deepest sleep, to the sound of a UPS/FED-EX OR USPS truck passing, frantically trying to get to a window and show them who really owned the road. His first trip to a pond, taught me that our feathered friends didn't intimidate him either, as he chased them into the water, diving in himself (he immediately realized that he'd made a poor choice, as he HATED getting wet). On times when he couldn't go, he was thrilled to go to "camp" - which, when living in Atlanta, was to my Mother's and in Sarasota, to my dear friend, Linda's home - who is the only person to get kisses from him and was by my side when Icky passed - thank you). Another special, heart-felt "Thank You", to Terri and V - who provided in-home care for the past year and two are Angels on earth.


Due to his size, he was mistaken for a puppy throughout his life and acted like one, until the wonderful age of 14. It was then that his age began to show, but I would be blessed with 3 more loving years with him. Eventually unable to climb stairs, the loss of his vision, hearing and control of his back legs, I knew our time together was coming to an end, when he had to be awakened to eat & drink and would only do so, if I fed him, via syringe. The pictures on the beach were taken this past December and mailed as Christmas cards. Thank you, Icky, for a lifetime of memories. You will be missed greatly. I prayed that Diva and Doc would meet you at the doggie door...and if you've found Tater -- PLAY NICE!


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