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Memorial created 10-9-2008 by
Amber Horn
December 24 1999 - October 7 2008

Our First Baby!!

The day that the family decided to get a puppy was the day that Shiloh picked us.  His original name picked by the breeder was Prancer, as he was born on Christmas Eve.  Shiloh was a ball of fluff as a puppy.  He was our first dog.  He was everyone's friend could never be mean.  He wagged that little black stub at everyone.  He loved the water.  He would go boating and swim in the lake, go swimming in grandma's pool and would love to play in the hose!!


Ebby and Honey!

Honey was Shiloh's girl, two peas in a pod.  She could do anything to him and he would let her. They layed together back to back all the time.  Honey did not come into his life until he was 2 years old!  She still does not understand where he is and is looking for him.


Ebby on the Big Truck with Daddy in Arizona

Shiloh loved to travel.  He loved rides more then anything.  He traveled the US and had been more places then Mommy!!  Everytime Daddy would leave the truck, Ebby would get in the driver's seat and beep the horn!!  He was a riot!!  He always watched the traffic and scenery go by.  He was the best travel companion that a professional driver could ever ask for.  Daddy will miss you so much!!


Ebby In The Snow!

When we moved to Georgia from Florida, snow was a new thing.  He had no idea!!  We made this snow man on our second story deck and he was in heaven!!  He soon learned what snow was as he traveled to Maine that year with Daddy and had a ball!! It was fun to watch his reaction when he would step in the snow and sink to his belly!  He then would pull his leg out and shake it.


Ebby In Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter 2007, we had a huge Easter Egg Hunt for all the dogs.  Shiloh found the most that year.  They were filled with all kinds of treats!!


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