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Memorial created 10-9-2008 by
Amber Horn
December 24 1999 - October 7 2008


Hey Ebby Webby! I used to love to call you that.  Went as far as saying "Ebby Webby Doggie Dictionary"  Remember that Web?  Those were the days that I took for granted.  But I finally realized that there is no promise for tommorrow.  I love you very much.  Hey, Do you see Simon there, Simon was from our town too! Is that not too cool, or what?  Love you-Mommy



Hey Shy Ebby, just got some more pics of you.  Thanks to Mr. Kenyon, you never met him, you were on the truck with Daddy when he came to visit. So check out this one, this is one from one of Mommy's scrapbooks.  I Love you-- Love Mommy




It has been a month now, since you left us for the bridge. I hope you have made lots of friends there, and you are happy and are having lots of fun. Mommy and I miss you more then words can say. I hope you knew how much we loved you. It is not the same here now. Honey and Dakota miss your presence and all the little things you used to do with them. We used to get annoyed with all the itching and scratching you did, now we miss those moments so much. It is too quiet in the home now. I left the road Ebby, It wasn't ever going to be the same. You were my copilot, my little navigator and nothing, or nobody else could replace my memories of us. I love you little man, take care until I see you again....   Daddy



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