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Janice G.
April 28 1993 - April 19 2008



I decided to listen to the tape for the 3rd time that Ilga made for me from our session on August 1, 2008.  I was amazed at how everything came together finally.  I totally got what you were saying to me through your guide, but my ego was so overly involved at the time, that I didn't hear anything.  What a wonderful and insightful transformation.  I truly think that now I can connect with you in your spiritual state of energy more than ever before.  What a marvelous gift Duke.  Thank you my love boy.  Kisses & hugs.



The Second Reading by Ilga on Saturday, June 13, 2009 at 1:45 p.m.

I am still able to draw on Duke, but his presence is more lucid; his energy is more distant and he is solidly in spirit world.

I am letting go of Duke more than I did previously as he is in moving further into the spirit world.  This is as it should be, keep it up b/c it's healthy. 

It would be good for me to say, I remember Duke did this..., and let go of layers of control.  This is a good lesson in life, but a hard one.  Learn unconditional love by not controlling Duke.

Ilga asks me through her guides, "Have other animals passed?  At some/what point did I start keeping the ashes, and how do I feel about letting the others go to the earth? At some point, what will happen to the ashes?  Is it my goal to keep the animals' ashes and bury them with me?"

Some of my lessons in life is learning to let go, a Karmic lesson.  One way is through having to let go of your animals' when they pass on.  Another lesson is learning unconditional love.  As time passes, I will learn to let Duke have his life in spirit world.

Ilga asked me, "When I talk about Duke is it more about Duke or about me?"  I answered, it is more about me.  (Thinking back in retrospect, it is more about me re my emotions and missing Duke, but otherwise it's about both of us I think).

I was told to practice the best way that I can "being in the present day" b/c I cannot control the fact that Duke is not here. 

Since I have so many animals, I will be setting myself up to learn the lesson of letting go over and over again.  Having animals gives me an opportunity to practice.  The lessons learned are a natural progression, which is positive, it's not just about loving animals.  ( I never looked at it this way.  This never dawned on me b/c I love animals with a passion, and I love rescuing them). 

There is nothing wrong with getting my needs met through animals; it is a way of taking care of myself by having animals.

Message coming through Duke:  Practice always being in the present day as much as you can, and be with the other animals.  Remember me with fond memories, and love me unconditionally in the spirit world.  Learn to get more in your body; be more authentic in your groundedness.  Ilga says, like doing yoga, meditating, walking.  She also stated, it's a beautiful message that Duke wants me to be more present in my body. 

Ilga said, animals give us grounding/groundedness.  Message from Duke:  Practice being in the present day as much as you can, just like I was.  Ilga said, Duke feels that in life in general, I would benefit from being like the animals and feel your body.  Duke goes on to say:  There is a beautiful aged-wisdom from doing this.  I know these things. I am smart, I am wise.

Ilga goes on to say that I should start practicing being in the day gradually.  Start with a month, a week, than day by day.  Ilga further states that Duke is still with me, and I can draw on him, but he is more lucid.  Duke is peacefully distant, which is appropriate.

Ilga ended the session by stating, The spirit world, which is energy, never goes away.  It remains forever, and we can consciously draw on energy, but she suggests that it be done unconditionally.

When I asked Ilga if the spirit world keeps busy, she answered, some have projects, councils.  She also said, animals do not always reincarnate; it's between the animal(s) and God.


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