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Memorial created 10-17-2008 by
Janice G.
April 28 1993 - April 19 2008

Brutus - our family's sweet Bulldog in March 1978

Duke never knew his brother, Baron Von Brutus, III, but had he known him, they would have loved each other very much I'm quite sure.  Dear Brutus died at the age of 10 from stomach cancer in 1984, long before Duke was even thought of on this earth.  Brutus was a very sweet and loving boy, and an invaluable member of our family.  Now Brutus and Duke have finally gotten a chance to meet, and to share eternal happiness, peace and love at RB.  We love you so much Brutus!

Dearest Brutus,

Please forgive us for not being stronger, and more observant,  in intervening with your care.  Being dad's dog he had most of the control over the situtation, and we had little to say about it (or anything else for that matter).  Your diet was terrible, and being the staunch animal advocate that I am today, it makes me cringe in horror thinking about it.  Except for yourself, dad and mom should never have had pets b/c they did not know how to respect them.  It was your diet that lead to your early demise from stomach cancer.  So sad!  I cry with an aching heart when Joan recalls the time we took you to the vets to get checked.  You were  so very ill poor boy, and you should have been treated much sooner.  As the vet took you into the back, you turned around and looked at Joan.  We had no idea that you were never coming home again, but you knew, and you were saying good-bye without our realizing it.  It's heartbreaking Brutus.  I so wish we had known so that we could have been there with you at the end.  You had undergone surgery that day, and it was decided to euthanize you while under the knife since your cancer had gotten so out of control, and your prognosis was so poor.  Bless you sweet boy, and know that we love you so much.  When dad died years later, we put your ash remains, which we had stored in our closet, in his casket.  You were finally given a proper burial with dad, and we were so happy that we could do that for you.  He too would have loved that.  Thank you so much for sharing your wonderfulness with our family.  You will never be forgotten, and forever loved. 

Brutus, please ask Duke and the rest of our fur family at RB, to locate a beautiful young black labrador named Princess.  She was a precious girl, and ever so regal.  She never received the attention that she so deserved, and when we moved to Hanchett Ave, she was not allowed in the house.  Thus, she was left alone outside.  One day Princess went missing, and I totally now understand why.  She was so unhappy at our home having little attention.  She deserved so much more TLC than we ever gave her.  If and when you locate her, can you please tell her how very sorry we are for having neglected her so badly at that time.  She was before you Brutus, so it goes back many many years.  She has no doubt been at RB for ages now, even longer than yourself.  I pray that she found a loving home with people who provided her with the love and care she deserved.  Tell her that we have never forgotten her, and that my heartbreaks having recalled what happened to her.  Give her our love please, along with many kisses & hugs.  Thank you precious man, and thank my beloved Duke and the rest of our family at RB.  We love you all so much!



His favorite chair
Brutus sleeping... so cute!

Don't you just love that tongue!  He was such a wonderful boy, and oh how he loved our gardener, Frank Kiohara!  The same cannot be said of the mailman.

Sweet Smiling face!
Samantha - Duke's & Precious's daughter

I have so much to say to you, and about you, Samantha, but for now, since it's midnight, I'll say good-night sweet, precious angel.  Give your mommy, Precious, and your daddy, Duke, a big kiss and hug from me, Joan and all the fur babies here at home.  We love you so very much Samantha!


Samantha is the off-spring of my Duke, and his wife, Precious.  Samantha looks very much like Duke, but has her mom's coloring and curly fur.  Duke and Precious were raised together since three (3) weeks old. They were very in-love.  The first time they were separated is when I adopted Duke at 3 1/2 years old in November 1996.  It was a most tragic time for Precious, and one which I will never forget if I live a million years.  It was a separation done out of pure deceit and greed on the part of the persons who Duke and Precious were sold to, by the Hulls, the breeders of Duke and Precious.  Duke and Precious were Never to have been separated when sold to this 2nd party, but this 2nd party lied to the Hulls, and betrayed their promise to them adopting Duke out without Precious.  When my sister and I took Duke, and proceeded to walk away, I will never in a million years forget the cry Precious let out; it haunts me to this very day!  When we called the Hulls a few days later, we were apprised of the agreement with the 2nd party, of which we had absolutely no idea at the time when adopting Duke.  My sister and I immediately sought out to find Precious, but the family had moved out of the house where we had adopted Duke.  Yes, they had moved out immediately b/c they did not want to be found/caught.  The realtor knew where they had moved to, but was unable, by law,  to give us the information.  He did pass on our information to them in hopes that they would contact us, but they never did.   Since that time, we have never forgotten Precious, and hoped and prayed for her safety.  I am assuming b/c of the length of time, and her age, she is most probably with my Duke and their Samantha.   They are altogether again in utmost love, peace and happiness.   WE LOVE ALL EACH  OF THEM SO VERY MUCH!

Samantha - our precious angel

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