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Memorial created 10-26-2008 by
DM (Suzie's mommy)
Suzie Wong
June 1 1994 - October 21 2008

Your last photo 10/5/08

In loving memory of our Suzie Wong who we love so much. Suzie Wong will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Suzie Wong, our Shih Tzu,  we had you in our lives for 14 1/2 wonderful years.   I have had you since you were 6 weeks old.  My little baby, I am so lost without you.  You were not only my companion and my friend you were always there for me no matter what.  We went through everything together, now I am just lost and empty. My heart is just breaking without you near me. 

When I was sick you were right there with me. You showed me how to love so much my heart is breaking so much I just am so lost without you little girl.  I don't know how we will all go one without you.  We miss you sooo much words can not express the hurt we are all feeling. All I do is cry since you left us on Tuesday morning, October 21, 2008.  You died in your sleep laying right next to me as you have always done.  I remember you breathing heavy and coughing alittle so I stayed up with you all morning long till about 2:30 a.m.  just petting you and comforting you like I have always done.  I fell asleep and woke up suddenly around 4:30 a.m. called your name to see if you were ok, and then discovered you had already passed over to rainbow bridge and left us. I had no warning at all, you were never sick and always so healthy I thank God you did not suffer in any way

I picked you up and rocked you in my arms just screaming and crying , "no, not my little dog, my baby! " We all were around you, daddy and christina too.  You died with us all around you which I am thankful for.  You did not suffer but went to sleep with us and just never opened your little eyes up again.  I held you for awhile and placed you down on the carpet.  We cried and cried and said some prayers and then knew it was time to say goodbye.     That was the worst day of my life.  I cry for you Suzie Wong everyday. I never knew pain like this before and I am not sure what to do. I just hope we gave you the most wonderful 14 1/2 years like you have given to us. 

Mommy, Daddy and Christina made you a memorial with flowers and a grave marker in the yard where you always used to go out and chase the birds and the squirrels.   We also have our angel statue and our St.Francis statue there as well.  I go there at least 7 times a day crying and talking to you and will always be there to be with you. Daddy and Christina visit you there as well and talk to you so I hope you can hear us and know we are hurting so much without you here with us!

Suzie Wong, you were my little baby girl and I am just so lost, I don't know what to do. This was your last photo taken on 10/5/08 at  Christina's birthday party, we dressed you like the little princess you were to us!

I know you are in heaven waiting for me to cross over where we can then be together forever. Tell Sabrina and Cin Cin hello from me as well. I hope they are keeping you company until I can be there with you again.

Suzie Wong, I love you so much and you are missed so very, very much!


Love always,

Mommy, Daddy and Christina

Grandma, Grandpa, Roberta and Mick and all of your family we miss you Suzie! 







on vacation at the shore

Here you are last summer July 2008 at the shore house. You loved going down there with us every year just hanging out in your favoriate bed and blanket!


Our beloved little suzie wong 2008

We love this picture of you Suzie Wong.  I made some copies and put them downstairs in our family room where we used to all snuggle together watching tv, and making lifelong memories.  Our  heart is breaking for you my little baby dog.   We love and miss you so very much!  I know that you are our guardian angel looking down on us and that GOD will take of you until I can be there with you when my time comes so we will then be together forever!  Remember how much we love you little girl.  Love, Mommy, Daddy and Christina


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