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Memorial created 10-26-2008 by
DM (Suzie's mommy)
Suzie Wong
June 1 1994 - October 21 2008

One week since you left me

Dear Suzie Wong,

Today , Tuesday Oct 28th is one week since you left me and went to rainbow bridge.  My little dog, I miss you with all my heart and soul , I just don't know what to do without you by my side anymore.

I put a candle out to your gravesite with some flowers and visited you like I do everyday a few times a day this morning.  I asked God to bless you and to please keep an eye on you until we can be together one day again.

You were and are still such a huge part of my life. I thank God I had you in my life for over 14 years and that you did not suffer but now I am the one suffering without you my little girl.

I just live day to day, hour by hour, minute to minute to just get through the day. I don't want to be too sad in front of  others and Christina especially because then she cries for you too. She misses you alot, we all do. 

Suzie Wong, know that my  heart is breaking for  you little girl. I can't believe you are not here anymore with me. I just don't know what to do. I had some more pictures made up of you to keep you all around the house.

Suzie, I love you and miss you , please let me know that you are ok and waiting for me.

Love your mommy



Mommy and Suzie Wong

Hi Little girl! Today is 2 weeks since you left us and went to Rainbow Bridge. Suzie, we are so lost and sad without you.

We just don't know what to do.  Myself especially miss you so very much. When I come home by myself it is just so empty. You do not run to me anymore, watch for me at the window and run to me when I got through the door licking my face.  I just can't  get used to the idea that you are not around anymore.

I cry alot and I added fresh flowers on your grave and we talk to you everyday and light your candles. Suzie, we love you so much and miss you.

Each day does not get easier, especially for me.  I love you and miss you and my heart is just breaking!

Love your family and especially your mommy



Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2008 3 weeks

Today marks three weeks  my little doggie that you left us and went to heaven.  We are just completely lost without you Suzie. I just cry especially when I am alone and the house is empty.  I miss you so much my heart just aches for you my baby girl!  I truly love you Suzie and you are so missed! I went to the store today and bought you a little white dove and placed it by your headstone marker.  We are also making you a wreath for Christmas to place on your grace.  Thanksgiving will be here soon, not the same without you Suzie.  Always there by me, so I can give you some piece of turkey with the gravy. You loved that treat!

Suzie Wong, I truly am so lonely without you. We all are and Christina misses you so much, she has a stuffed animal someone gave to her that looks just like you. She carries it everywhere.    Love you Suzie! We miss you

Mommy , Daddy and Christina



One month Anniversary Nov 18, 2008

Suzie, today is exactly one month to the day that you went to heaven.   My little girl I am completely lost without you.  I just don't know what to do.

I am so lonely without you by my side 24/7.  I hurt so much Suzie.  I try to be brave in front of Daddy and especially Christina but inside I am just dying without you.   I miss your little face waiting for me on the coach looking outside the window when I come home all the time. I miss your kisses and hugs.  I miss everything about you!  

I made you a Christmas wreath yesterday and placed it on your gravesite it has white doves and gold decorations.  We always loved Christmas and now this year it just won't be the same without you.  I miss you my little doggie!  We all miss you!

Love and kisses always,

Mommy, Daddy and Christina



Dec. 10, 2008

Dear Suzie Wong,

Today is a hard day as they all are for me.  I finished putting up the Christmas tree with all the lights and deocrations outside but something is missing.....YOU!!  I have your stockings and photos all around and put the stocking with your name on it under the tree.

Suzie, we miss you so much. I made a Christmas card this year with you and Christina to send out to everyone. I made a Christmas wreath and Christmas tree with lights for your grave. I hope you like them.  I miss you so much my little girl.

Love, Mommy



Two month Anniversary in Heaven 12/21/08

My dear little Suzie Wong,  well today is not an easy day for any of us, especially me.  Today is your 2 month angel day.  Suzie, I can not still believe you are not with me any longer. I look for you all over this house and I am always looking to take you outside when I go down the stairs.  I miss you little girl. There is not one single day that goes by where I do not cry for you and miss you so much!  We are getting ready for Christmas in a few days and it is just not the same. We are going to grandma and grandpa's like you used to love to go visit in your car ride  with us every year. We miss you so much! I love you little Suzie!   Merry Christmas Suzie Wong!


Christmas Eve Dec. 24, 2008

Suzie Wong, today my little girl it is Christmas Eve. This is the first Christmas Eve in almost 15 years you are not here with me.  I can hardly bear it, but I have to try to make it happy for Christina and everyone else.  I miss you under our Christmas tree with your little Santa hat on and your little red santa coat patiently waiting for mommy to take your photo.  I have your stocking out hanging with your  santa hat in it and your paw stocking under the tree.  We have photos of you dressed up for Christmas all over the house. Suzie, this is really hard for me. I made a Christmas tree for you by your grave that lights with a dove and star on it and A friend of mine gave us beautiful stone doves I put one on each side of your grave stone.  The lights are all lite in the backyard and your flower and candle are there as well with your St. Francis statue and angel statue to watch over you and keep you safe.  I know you are with us this holiday season.  Suzie, please give me a sign today you are with us.  I love you little girl and miss you so much!

We watched videos of you from over the years and all the Christmas years you spent with us. I am so thankful to have all those videos of you , so we can always remember how excited you got for Christmas.  GOD BLESS you little one , be safe and happy and watch over us, especially Christina, she misses her big sister. Merry Christmas Wong!

Love always, Mommy

Daddy and Christina



Christmas Day Dec 25, 2008

Well, Suzie it is Christmas Day. I woke up and you were not with us as we were opening up the gifts and eating our Christmas meal. I miss you so very much! Please know that I love you so much little girl and miss you very, very much, we all do. It is very hard for me this year without you Suzie, but I am trying to be strong! I wish we had another Christmas with you.  At least we have all the memories on video and in photos of you Suzie! Merry Christmas!!! Love, Mommy , Daddy and Christina




Dear Suzie Wong,   

Today is Easter Sunday 2011.  Christina will be waking up soon to open up her Easter baskets and look for eggs and then we are all going to church.  We miss you so much.  IT is so hard for us especially around the holidays without you but you are always in our hearts.  We love you so much!  I know you are with all your friends there at rainbow bridge and that one day we will see you again.  I visit your grave everyday and just love you so much.  Remember when i used to put the easter bunny ears on you. LOL! You just sat there and would let me take your picture.  :)   This house just is not the same without you in it.  Truly we miss you! HAPPY EASTER my babygirl! LOVE, HUGS AND KISSES,






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