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Memorial created 11-23-2008 by
ANNETTE Petchell
Chloe Bear
October 24 2002 - October 5 2008

My Dearest Chloe Bear, 14 weeks yesterday since i lost you my little precious girl, you meant the world to me, each and every day is so hard trying to live on without you. Poor little Meg looks so unhappy, she misses you terribly. We have little Ruby now for company she sure fits in here i sometimes think you picked her for us, she has quite a few of your little habits, she has filled a big hole in our lives but she will never replace you my little darling, you had your spot in my heart and that is always there for you. So  i think about you pretty much all the time, i think back and remember the day Issac bit you and i feel sick to the stomach, i just keep reliving that horrid day and it makes me feel so sad for you i hope you understood that i tried to do everyting in my power to save you but it just wasn't to be. I worry that you will be sad without me, you relied on me heaps whenever anything worried you you would always come and jump up on my knee or just stand real close so i could protect you, but where was i when i should have been there to stop Issac from grabbing you, that i can never forgive myself. So long for now Chloe, i miss you heaps sweetheart.


Love you always Chloe

Love Mummy


Just thought i let you meet your little sister Chloe, stiss is little Ruby Megs little sister, she gives poor little Meg such a hard time, had to take Meg's collar off because Ruby was dragging her around by the collar and you know what Meg is like she just takes everything in her stride, but it helps keep Megs mind busy so she doesn't feel so sad without you Chloe. I am sure you sent Ruby to us shehas a lot of your personality in her, so thanks for that Chloe.

Miss you always Chloe



My Darling my days are still really sad without you, i have just put a little present on your resting place that i bought for you in Northam, i couldn't light a candle tonight it is very hot and i am afraid of starting a fire so please don't think i have forgotten you. I still have a big cry every day it is so hard without you doesn't matter what i am doing i think about you all  the time, and god i miss you so much, i think my heart has been broken forever. I still think you sent Ruby to us, i looked at Ruby last night in bed and i could see you my little precious girl. I just hope you are with me all the time i only wish i could feel it, maybe in time i will. Nathan has been so good he hasn't coped with losing you, Steven doesn't like talking about you he said it makes him too sad, everyone is different. Oh well sweetheart till next time stay safe in Gods Garden, please be happy.

Love you always Chloe Bear


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