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Memorial created 11-23-2008 by
ANNETTE Petchell
Chloe Bear
October 24 2002 - October 5 2008

Still missing you like crazy, no day goes by where my heart just feels like it is going to break in half, i miss you heaps my little darling girl. I know with time it will probably get a little easier but right now it hurts like hell, i don't really feel like Christmas this year it doesn't seem right without you my little darling Chloe. I guess now you up there in heaven looking after us all like the little angel that you are. Please be happy Chloe it would be horrible if i thought you were unhappy. Take good care up there Chloe run and play in Gods Garden and please visit me because i need your comfort right now, i still feel really sad when i think about you at the hospital without me that night and please forgive me for not being with you the thought eats at me all the time i am so so sorry i should have just stayed there no matter what the vet said, i guess they gave us false hopes when they told us that your vital signs were good. Rest now my sweet little girl.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas Chloe Bear

All My Love Always Darling



11 weeks Tomorrow

Today is t is still really hard to cope with loosing you my little beauty. They say time heals. but i am telling you it still hurts me real bad without you Chloe, you were always there for me, whenever i needed you, even when i was just resting or watching tv you were always there. I have a lot of beautiful memories but it isn't the same as having you still here with me. Meg seems to look more sad now than she did before, but i am only guessing that , she sure looks real sad a lot. I hope you like it up there in heaven, please don't miss me too much i know how much you relied on me to protect you, care for you, and love you my special little girl. I hope you understood that i did want to stay with you that night when the vet said your lungs were filling with fluid and that the kindest thing i could do for you was to let you go. I still think about when we had to leave you at the hospital and you tried to get up when we left, that breaks my heart, i keep thinking how it must have felt to be left there with all those strangers, when he rang and told me you weren't going to make it through the night and i asked if he could put the phone to your ear just so i could let you know i was on my way back, but that wasn't possible, so we kept on driving back to see you, he called me again and said they needed to let you go to sleep now as you were suffering too much, you can't imagine how i was feeling, i had only one choice i had to let you go my sweetheart i loved you too much to let you suffer. What a terrible trip driving back to pick up my darling but not the way i wanted to i wanted you back just like before. We drove home i held you close to me, we layed you on the bed for the night and spent some precious time with you in the morning before we layed you to rest, i didn't want to let you go while i still had you in my arms i felt like i still had you, you still felt warm. We kept a little bit of your fur so we had your smell but the smell went away, i still sleep with a little jumper in my bed which i smell and that still smells like you Chloe Bear. I am crying the whole time i am writng this, i miss you heaps and heaps Chloe.

Love you always never forget you Darling.

Love Mummy



My darling little girl i miss you heaps, my heart feels like it is broken forever, i worry about you, how you are coping with out me to look out for you my dear little Chloe. I still cry each and every day for you, my little soul mate, Meg gets a bit funny when i start crying, she walks away like it upsets her too. Poor little Meg is so sad without you Chloe, she misses you so much just like me. Stay safe in Gods Garden my precious little girl.

Love You Always Sweetheart



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