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Memorial created 11-23-2008 by
ANNETTE Petchell
Chloe Bear
October 24 2002 - October 5 2008

My Little Beauty

My dear little girl, how i miss you so much, it really doesn't seem fair, why i lost you and in such a tragic way. I only hope you didn't suffer my darling.

Love You Always



My Dearest Little Girl

Each and every day i still miss you as much my little darling, doesn't matter if the wind blows, if it is raining, if its sunny or even if the moon is shining, i still miss you so much it breaks my heart. You were the most precious little girl, you loved me like no other, always pleased to see me, never angry at me, always there when i was sad or when i was happy. You loved your baths, and you loved to snuggle close to me in bed. I don't have someone to comfort me when i need them, Meg is there but she is different to you Chloe. Hope God is loving you lots Chloe.

Love you always Chloe



My Two Little Treasures

How i wish this could still be the same you and Meg still together. When i lost you Chloe i lost a spark, life isn't the same anymore, i am not looking forward to Christmas without you. But then again no day is the same anymore since i lost you. I just take each day as it comes and hope one day i can accept that i no longer have you with me, don't know how, don't know when or i don't even knoe if it will even be normal again. My heart has truely been broken. I miss you so much, a lot of people don't understand how i feel, when i lost you it was like losing part of my heart and and an arm and a leg. Miss you so much Chloe, run free in heaven and please don't be sad for me because all i need to know is that you are happy in heaven.

Love you now and always,



My Sweetist Little Girl

My little darling its christmas eve and i am feeling real sad without you my beautiful girl. It is so so hard without you now in my life, i feel so sad inside all the time, i miss you heaps Chloe, i will be thinking about you all the time my sweet girl.

Merry Christmas Beautiful

Love You Always Chloe Bear



Hi there Chloe Bear its Christmas Day and i am so sorry that you aren't with us today, we have put so many lights and candles on your grave it nearly lights up the whole street, but you deserve anything and everything.

Have a great Christmas Chloe Bear

Love you heaps Chloe

Love Mummy


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