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Memorial created 11-23-2008 by
ANNETTE Petchell
Chloe Bear
October 24 2002 - October 5 2008

60 weeks since you went to be in gods garden my special little  sweetheart , i amso sorry i had to loseyou, but i guess god needed you for some reason i still miss you like crazy. Love you my little Chloe Bear.


Love you always



My darling little girl 61 weeks since you went away. I feel so sad that that i had to leave you there at the vets and that i wasnt with you when you went to sleep, i have a lot of trouble with that, it makes me feel very very sad. Sorry my little darling girl.

All my love





So sorry to have lost you my little precious girl 62 weeks feels like a lifetime since i held you in my arms, Christmas will never be the same ever again without you my darling sweet girl, stay safe in Gods Garden.


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