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Memorial created 11-25-2008 by
Paula Pfeifle
May 11 2008 - November 3 2008


In loving memory of our KARLEY who we love so much. KARLEY will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Let me tell you about Karley. Karley was a 6 month old German Shepard/mix puppy. Her owners, Jeff & Shelley Toole, had to send this precious soul on her final journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Karley's story is a very sad one. On Nov. 3rd, 2008, Karley got out of her yard. She headed straight for one of the neighbors homes. When this neighbor started walking Karley back to her home, another neighbor stepped in & said that he would return Karley to her home. The original neighbor, Travis, had an odd feeling about allowing this person to take Karley but he let him do it anyway. Travis barely made it to his driveway when he witnessed the neighbor starting to beat Karley with CLOSED FISTS. Travis started running down his driveway to help Karley. He then witnessed this neighbor prying Karley's mouth open. When Travis got to the neighbors yard, Karley was being beaten with a large rock. Travis was able to distract the neighbor long enough for Karley to stumble away & fall into a bush.  Karley had the WILL to live but her injuries were so bad.   I can only imagine what Karley was thinking.  She was wondering what she had done to warrant this beating.  Had she barked at this person?  Had she pottied on his yard?  What??  What did I do?  And then she is wondering how anyone could do this to her.  Was she feeling alone?  YES.  Was she scared?  ABSOLUTELY.  That is the part that breaks my heart the MOST.  SHE WAS SO SCARED.  Unfortunately, Karley's injuries were so severe, that her owners had to let her make the journey to the bridge. Karley had severe brain swelling, a crushed skull, a broken jaw & other injuries. The person that did this to her is an ASSISTANT FIRE CHIEF with the Los Angeles County Fire Dept. After the incident, he went to the local hospital, seeking treatment for a bite wound to his hand. He then called his supervisor & told him that he killed his neighbors dog because SHE ATTACKED him. She attacked him??? It's more like HE ATTACKED her. According to the witness, Karley DIDN'T do anything to provoke this beating. The person that did this, GLYNN JOHNSON, has refused to cooperate with the local authorities. He is on PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE. The District Attorney is sitting on this case. According to California law...the beating that Karley endured is a FELONY. Yes, a felony. And this person is still walking around like he did NOTHING wrong. Meanwhile, the Toole family is in pain. They are missing their Karley so very much. They have held protests...they have contacted the media. They don't understand WHY this person is still allowed to NOT be charged with any crime.  And to be quite honest, I don't understand it either.  Are HIS rights more important than the LIFE of Karley?  I certainly DON'T think so.

 A wonderful person by the name of LISA HALVORSON, from this site, asked me to place Karley's story here. She felt that people needed to read this & help in any fashion that they can. There is a petition site for Karley with Care2. It's as follows: If anyone would like to sign this, I would truly appreciate it. We are doing whatever we can to get this monster put behind bars.

On behalf of the Toole family & Karley, I thank each & every person that visits her here & that signs her petition. Without you, justice won't be served. KARLEY...WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK!!!

11.27.2008...HAPPY THANKSGIVING SWEET KARLEY...your family will be giving THANKS for the short time they were allowed to be a part of YOUR life. And you will ALWAYS be in their hearts.  AND MINE. I won't let you down sweetie pie...I WON'T!!!  Now go have a fun day with Cole, Aker, Ursa, Mandy, Lady Wendy & Bucky.  Cole knows how you are feeling baby girl...this is his first Thanksgiving WITHOUT us.  And this is our first Thanksgiving WITHOUT him.  We miss him so much.  WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK!!!  xoxoxo 

12.03.2008...Karley, I know you are SO proud of your mommie & daddy.  They held the protest today in front of the Courthouse.  60-70 people were in attendance.  Of course, the DA would NOT show his face.  I am guessing he does NOT want to be questioned.  Well precious girl, that DA will be my next target.  IF he lets the ball drop, I will start a "RECALL" petition.  WE WON'T STOP Karley...we won't.  WE CAN'T!!!  Last night, your mommie & daddy were on John & Ken's show again.  And I thank John & Ken...they told everyone about your petition.  We had over 1000 signatures in less than 24 hrs.  Isn't that great???   I made a promise to your mommie...I WON'T STOP UNTIL WE GET JUSTICE.  You just stay with Cole & the gang.  I know Cole is making sure that I don't run out of steam.  

You have your wings now...I know they are BEAUTIFUL.  Rain lots & lots of love onto your mommie & daddy.  They miss you so much.  WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK!!!   xoxo 

12.05.2008...Hello pretty are you today?  You have about 70 people turn out for the protest.  People REALLY want justice pretty girl. No one is going to sit back & let this guy walk.  I want you to know that IF this DA sits on this case & allows this monster to pension out at $180 thousand a year, I WILL start a RECALL on the DA.  I promise you!!!  This is ridiculous.  Your mommie & daddy are hanging in there...missing you will ALL their heart.  WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK.!!!  xoxo

12.16.2008...KARLEY, WE DID IT!!!  Today, at 4pm California time, Johnson was arrested & charged with FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY.  He was taken from his home in HANDCUFFS!!!  We know that this is just hurdle #1 but it's a hurdle that we jumped so now we move onto hurdle #2.  You kept me going precious girl.  Your mommie wrote me the other night & said that she didn't know how much more she could take.  I told her that I would NOT let her stop the fight.  And I know that she wouldn't have stopped anyway.  They loved you so very much.  Their hearts ache alot.  I know that you are dancing at the bridge with Cole & his gang & all of your new friends.  Keep sending me the strength to fight.  The petition has done so well....we have over 9000 signatures.  Everyone loves you pretty girl.  WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK!!!...xoxoxo

12.22.2008...hello pretty girl. Well, today we had to listen to Johnson hold a news conference. Karley, you wouldn't believe what he said. They called you DANGEROUS & VICIOUS...those words would NEVER define you. Look into those beautiful eyes...there's NO danger in them. He said that YOU attacked him. That as he was ESCORTING you home, you turned on him & bit him severely on his hand, leg & arm. And then you placed a vice-like grip on his hand & that's when he HAD to defend himself. Can you believe this?  Your mommie & daddy were so uipset when they heard what he was saying. And I couldn't control my anger. I was yelling at him on the tv. His Attorney said that you were an ADULT dog with ADULT teeth. Are they kidding me??? AND his Attorney said that Johnson DIDN'T kill you. WHAT???  He may not have killed you right then & there BUT you had to be put down due to your injuries. So, YES HE DID KILL YOU!!! 

Don't worry pretty girl...we are NOT going to drop this. I ask that you send your mommie & daddy lots of loving smooches so they know you are doing OK. BUT I ask you to make Johnson have horrible dreams. When he closes his eyes, I want him to see YOUR face...I want him to see the face of a scared little puppy. NO ONE BELIEVES HIM.  WE WON'T LET YOU DOWN. 


12.23.2008...MERRY CHRISTMAS KARLEY.  Are you ready for the big celebration at the bridge? Is you voice ready for all of the singing you will be doing? It takes a strong voice to sing all of those caroles. And did Cole help you hang your stocking? This is your first should have been spent with your mommie, daddy, sister & brother. NOT at the bridge. But you are with Cole, Aker, Ursa, Mandy, Lady Wendy & Bucky not to mention ALL of our kitties. And you have made many new friends. Just take time out of your fun day to send your family lots of smooches so they know you are doing OK. And I would like a little brush from your wings too.


01.01.2009...HAPPY NEW YEAR are you doing today? I know you are having such a good time today. Today is Ursa's birthday & there's a BIG party at the bridge. I hope you are sending your mommie & daddy lots of love Karley. I spoke with your mommie the other day. They miss you so very much. And they won't stop. There are so many people who have read your story, signed the petition & more. They all love you & want your story to make a difference. Your mommie, daddy, brother, sister & myself are NOT going to let this story die. We are going to keep at it until Johnson gets what he deserves. So for now, you rest & have lots of fun. I know you will be there with us, giving us the strength to carry on with our mission. NO MORE ANIMALS ABUSED...EVER!!! 


Here is a link to a beautiful song written for Karley.  I hope everyone enjoys it.

This song will be on the second page of the MUSIC section.

KARLEY...Happy New Year pretty girl.  It's a new year...and much work to do to bring justice for your death.  We won't stop!!


01.13.2009...Well, today was day #1 for Court.  Your mommie & daddy couldn't even get into the Courtroom...there were NO seats...all were taken by the other cases in that room, the MEDIA(which was there for YOU), Johnson, his 2 bodyguards(OH PLEASE) & his 3 attorneys.  As we thought, he pled NOT GUILTY...still INSISTING that it was self defense.  Karley, ANYONE with a brain, will be able to see through this idiots story.  There are so MANY holes in it. 

When I was watching the news, I saw your mommie.  She has been so strong through this BUT today, she fell apart.  And it broke my heart to see the tears streaming down her face.  She told me that ALL of her emotions have come to the surface & that what you went through is coming, how you looked, etc, is coming back into her head. 

You had 100 supporters outside the Court.  All of them holding signs, so much support to your family & DEMANDING justice for YOU.

We will be back in Court on Feb 20th.  As you know, that's the 1 year marker for Cole being at the bridge so I KNOW that he will be with you in the Courtroom on that day. He will be there to support you, hold you up and make sure that everything goes in favor of your humans.  For Johnson, it's his "let's make a deal" day...meaning, his Attorney will be asking for the felony to be dropped to a misdemeanor, etc. All of which your humans will say NO to. 

So for now, I will say "talk to you soon". You are always in our hearts & prayers.


02.12.2009...hello pretty girl. I am so glad that they got your song to play. It still makes me cry when I hear it.

Well, yesterday, Johnson, counter sued your mommie & daddy. He said...that your bite to his thumb has caused him NEUROLOGICAL damage. And you know what I say to that??....OH PLEASE. That little bite he got on the tip of his thumb is NOTHING. And I still think he did it himself.  There's no way you caused any lifelong damage to him. AND he retired 2 weeks ago....WITH ALL OF HIS BENEFITS. I didn't think I could dislike him anymore than I do BUT......

We are holding a fundraiser/dogwalk/candlelight vigil for you on Saturday, Feb 28th. at Venice Beach. We will be holding a raffle...we will be playing YOUR song...and we have beautiful purple KARLEY pins for people who make a donation.

Karley...your mommie talks about you all the time. I know you are her strength. You are her love. And I know you sent Bella to them. I get to meet her at the dogwalk. You know I will be there for you & your parents. They are like family to me now.

We love you pretty girl. WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK!!!...xoxoxoxo

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY sweet girl...we love you...xoxoxo

02.20.2009...Hello pretty girl. Well, today was Court day. Nothing happened. The DA refused to make an offer & Johnson did not make any deal. So, the next Court date will be APRIL 13th. at 0830 in Dept. 41. This hearing could take 2-3 days. Keep watch over your mommie & daddy. They REALLY need to know you are there with them.

Next week is the dogwalk for you.. It is all for YOU pretty girl. We will be playing your song the whole time. At the end, we will light our candles for you. I KNOW you will be right there with us.  I will come home with the most beautiful purple KARLEY pin & I will wear it with honor. I will never remove it.

Give my Cole & Ursa a smooch for me. I miss them so much but I know all of you are having such a good time at the bridge.


03.03.2009...hello pretty girl. Today is a marker for you. You have been away for 4 months.  I know you are having a great time at the bridge. 

We had the dogwalk/fundraiser/candlelight vigil for you on Sat.  There were a lot of people being that this was the FIRST one.  There will be another walk on March 15.  I will be at that one too.  Your mommie & daddy & Heather & Brandon miss you so very much.  Your mommie was having a tough time this past week.  She said she cried a lot.  Watch over her Karley...her heart is breaking. 


Here is the link for BABYBOY...

03.15.2009...hello pretty girl. Today, we had the dogwalk/fundraiser for you. What a beautiful day at the beach. SOOOO many people came to remember you. People who didn't even know you but have heard your story. At the end of the day, we all held balloons. Then we played YOUR song, we released the balloons. The purple balloons had "justice 4 karley" on them. I know that when your mommie released her balloon, that you reached out & took it & that you are holding it close to your heart. Hold on to the balloon tight. We are going to get justice for you baby.

Mommie & Daddy have to go to Court on April 13th., 14th. & 15th. Be there with them. Your mommie knows that you are with her ALL the time. You make Cole & the gang go with you to Court. Tell Cole to give Johnson his "low" growl. He'll know what you are talking about.


03.26.2009...hello pretty girl. How are you today? You are keeping me busy with helping all of these poor fur babies who have not had the best of homes. I am asking the wonderful people here to sign another petition for a poor pitbull.

This is a very sad story. I will make this pit a page here soon. I named this baby...TRAIL OF TEARS...because I am sure that this baby left a trail of tears.

04.12.2009...HAPPY EASTER pretty girl.  I know you are having a wonderful party day. Make sure you send your mommie & daddy lots of smooches...they miss you so very much.  And thank you for keeping me going.  We miss you!!!   xoxoxo

04.30.2009...Here are some links from the local papers.  I will post more after Friday's day in Court

 Below are several links to articles written about the
Preliminary Hearing.  We appreciate everyone's continued support.

Neighbors detail fire chief's alleged puppy beating in testimony - Will Bigham, Staff Writer Fire official denies puppy attack in court testimony - Will Bigham, Staff Writer

 Today, was a WONDERFUL day.  Johnson was HELD TO ANSWER to a jury.  The Judge said that there's enough evidence to stand trial & to name Johnson as the suspect.  Johnson was caught in SOOOOO many lies that the Judge got extremely angry with him.

I want to thank you on behalf of the Toole's.  And Karley.

Karley...we love you to the moon & back!!!...xoxo

05.10.2009...there is a new petition for Karley.  Please visit, sign & pass it along to your friends & family.

Thank you.

05.19.2009...I am so sorry that this update is late.  On 5.15, there was another Court appearance.  Johnson is STILL pleading NOT GUILTY.  They go back to Court the first part of June.  At this time, the TRIAL date will be set.  The trial CAN start as soon as July 15th.  We CAN'T wait for this to get started & for this man to be found GUILTY & sent off to prison.

On behalf of the Toole family, I want to THANK YOU for everything you have done to help.  You have signed petitions, you have signed her guestbook here, you have showed the Toole's that you love them, support them, understand their grief & so much more.  Without ALL of you, I just don't think that we would have made it this far.  But I do believe that Karley has helped us keep this going.  Everytime I look at her face & think about that horrible night, I know that I can't let her down.

So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Karley...we love you to the moon & back.!!! ..xoxo


playing with her bunny

LOVING her bunny...xoxo


playing in her pool

LOVING her pool.


our precious ANGEL...xoxoxo

This is Karley when she was approx. 4 months old...xoxo


With her beautiful wings & halo...xoxo

Karley with her beautiful Angel wings & halo...xoxo


Gabby gave Karley & Cole their colorful wings for the New Year...xoxo

Here is my Cole & precious Karley playing with a deer at Christmas at the bridge.


In the hands of our LORD

 This was made for the Rainbow Bridge page at




Karley after the beating

I have had this photo from the start but never wanted to put it where people could see it. But it is in all of the press releases, etc. so here is what she looked like when she was taken to the vet.  There are other photos, but they will never be placed where people can see them.  I would never want the Toole's to come look at these pages & see the horrible photos of their precious Karley.



Justice 4 Karley walk at Huntington Beach, California.

My mommie...xoxo

I WUV you mommie.!!!  xoxo


My daddy...xoxo

I WUV you daddy.!!!  (he's the one in the middle)


My balloons

Yes, I did catch the one that my mommie released but I also caught the one my daddy released & the one my human sister released.  I WUV them all.  xoxo

These are her NEW wings...

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