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Memorial created 12-6-2008 by
Kelly Giffen
May 14 2006 - November 30 2008

It has been two weeks today since you left us.  We all miss you like crazy.  The neighbor did not mean to hit you baby, she felt so bad.  Your Dad and Brit rushed home the minute they got the call.  They are both so sad.  Your Dad held you at the side of the road for the longest time, finally we were able to get you both up on the porch.  He held you for hours, just sobbing because he loved you so much.  They called Grandpa and I when they were on their way to you.  I got there as soon as I could, hoping to make a trip the emergency vet.  It was too late as the neighbor told your Dad that it was instant.  Your Auntie Kyra was at Nana and Papa's, I called them on the way.  I requested that she not come because it was late and very foggy.
We brought you up here, your first home.  Grandpa held you then too.  We were not sure what to do, but your Dad said that this is where you belonged.  We were going to bury you, no one could decide where, or bear the thought of you being in the ground.  At this time your Dad decided to have you cremated.  So, when your Dad was ready we laid you in his/your old room.  Your Dad and Britney came up the next morning and took you to Rest Assured.
I was in shock, the reality of it did not hit me until the next day.  I had to work so I had to keep it in check until I was off, then the flood gates opened.  I cannot tell you how much I miss you.  Even though we didn't see you all that much, there is a hole in my heart.  You were so good.  I still cry often.  I still feel as though I cannot breathe sometimes.
Everyone says that you are waiting for us, that you are playing with all of your new friends at the Rainbow Bridge.  For this I am so thankful.  I guess I am a selfish person because I want you here with us.
It snowed yesterday, we are supposed to get more tonight.  I wish you were here to play with Tucker and Ruby.  Your Dad took your truck up to the big snow today, I am sad as I know how you wouldv'e loved to go.  Your sister Eighty seems to be doing okay, we all love on her a little more now.  Your Dad is doing okay too.  He is coping the best he knows how.  You were his soul-mate, he will love you forever.  Nana called Sharon and she offered your Dad pick of the litter in the spring.  Your Dad is not sure if he wants to do that.  He said that no one could ever replace you.  We all know that, as you were one of a kind.
I went over to your house to help clean the carpets, what an empty home without you.  Your Dad even said that he was going to miss your hair all over the house!  He will miss showering with you, you climbing into bed gently, cuddling with you, truck rides with you, you greeting him after work and racing to the back door, and many other things baby.

I miss you so terribly. 
I miss the way you would run, barking, half way down the driveway when you arrived or someone else arrived. 
I miss the way you played with Ruby, your butt sticking up in the air saying "bring it on Ruby".  I miss Tucker hanging off your neck, even though your Dad didn't like it.. 
I miss the way you got so excited and so vocal when Grandpa, Auntie Kyra and I came to visit.  You were always so happy to see us.  Such a sweet boy
I will miss you when we are camping with your Dad, Brit and Eighty.  Grandpa will miss taking you down to the bay. 
I will miss the way you always knew that your Dad was leaving.  You standing at the door, waiting to be told to load up.  The way that you loved trips, not caring where, just happy to go.
You were such a joyful guy.  Your Dad said the other day that you were never in a bad mood.  You truely did enjoy life, as I know you are enjoying heaven.

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