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Memorial created 12-6-2008 by
Kelly Giffen
May 14 2006 - November 30 2008

Merry Christmas baby Duke! 
I miss you so much still that I can't stand it.  So does your Dad. 
I do have good news though, your Dad asked Britney to marry him.  She said yes.  I am happy for them and I know that you would be too.  I know how much you loved her, and she you.  But then again everyone loved you.
Eighty is doing fine, she misses you too.  Your Dad is hanging in there.  I hadn't mentioned you in a while, only because I thought if I wasn't always bringing you up that it would make it easier on him.  Last week I asked how he was doing, he said pretty good.  I asked "how are you doing without Duke?"  His response "Not good"  I told him that I was sorry that I hadn't asked but that I just didn't want to make it front and center,  he said "it's always front and center anyway, I miss him so so much"  A lesson learned I will ask him about you frequently.  We were just talking about you tonight after opening presents.  Britney said that your Dad still waits at the back door after Eighty charges in, he is waiting for you to come around the corner.  Britney says that it is still awful too. 
I love you so much.  Oh how I wish I could turn back time.  You could've been the ring bearer!  So many moments and opportunities lost.  It is not fair, you should still be here.
I truly hope that you are having a good time celebrating Jesus's birthday with him. 
Merry Christmas Duke!!  Say Hi to all of your new friends from your Grandma.

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